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Take On Impeachment

Posted: 07/18/07 17:48

By Tom Hammond

Dear Lou Dobbs,

When I was a small boy during WW II, I would climb out of bed and stand at attention when I heard the Star Spangled Banner played on the radio. I have always loved this country.

I never thought I would witness America torturing prisoners, illegally spying on our citizens, suspending the writ of habeas corpus, lying us into war,and all the other incredible events that have taken place under George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Lou, you have done such a wonderful job of championing issues like illegal immigration, I beg you to take on the challenge of impeachment. Rally Americans to impeach Bush and Cheney before they destroy our beloved country. I realize that impeachment is a drastic measure meant only for drastic times. But these are the drastic times our founding fathers were talking about.

You have the courage and the platform. Sound the call for IMPEACHMENT! Help restore our country to where young children will be proud to stand at attention when the National Anthem is played.

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Norm Coleman Vindicated? For What He Didn't Do?

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 07/18/07 16:40

by Dave Mindeman

Norm Coleman feels vindicated. The Pioneer Press talks about it.. Coleman says paper validates his probe.

Vindication is his word. Norm says the British examination of George Galloway justifies his probe of the alleged oil for food scandal that occurred before the Iraq War. Norm initiated this probe as Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

But does it vindicate Norm for the investigations he didn't pursue?

During his tenure, he could have investigated:

-- the Intel reports on WMD's
-- Halliburton's excess millions in overcharges
-- the Jessica Lynch coverup
-- the Pat Tillman coverup
-- the production problems for MRAP vehicles
-- the Valerie Plame leak
-- the secret wiretapping program
-- Abu Ghraib
-- Guantanomo
-- loss of Habeas Corpus
-- anything about Dick Cheney

Vindication may be too strong a word here, Norm. You may want to think twice about examining your obligations as chair of that committee.

Vindication isn't the word I would choose.
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Iraq Reports: Folded and Mutlitated

Category: US Politics
Posted: 07/18/07 12:19

by Dave Mindeman

Republicans in the Senate are all hiding behind the September report of General Petraeus. They are stalling.

Just like all the other reports that come out of the administration, we will be asked to accept administration interpretations rather than facts on the ground.

The recent Intel reports have stated that Al-Qaeda has regained strength. Instead of an administration apology for their ultimate failure against terrorism, they spin the idea that it is all the more reason to trust them to continue the fight.

Recent reports also state that Iraq has become a springboard for attacks elsewhere. Terrorists can use Iraq as a training ground.. a place for combat experience... a place to try new tactics and modify weapons. We have given them the ultimate laboratory. Yet, the administration would have us believe that because these terrorists are in Iraq, it means we must stay.

Recent reports concluded that the Iraqi government has failed in all 18 benchmarks outlined by the Bush administration. However, when published, the report was modified to state that "progress" has been made in 8 of the 18. The administration uses that as their excuse for "needing more time".

General Petraeus may bring a report to Congress in September, but the truth will be folded and mutilated within it.

The Senate held an all night debate on Iraq last night. Maybe nothing was accomplished as Minority Leader McConnell would have us believe. But one thing is clear.... the Republicans are blocking any attempt to get our troops home.

This war is on their heads and there is now no way to modify or spin that fact. Senator Coleman, are you listening?
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