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YouTube Swings GOP Farther Right

Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 11/28/07 23:28

by Dave Mindeman

I do believe that Mike Huckabee just won Iowa tonight. Those YouTube questions were almost scripted for a Huckabee show. All in all, the Republicans gave a lively show as they tried to see how much furthur to the right they can take each other.

Fred Thompson is finished. He got in a few one liners but he stumbled around on red meat issues so much, I think he just eliminated himself.

McCain is back. Watch him in New Hampshire now. Great responses on the torture question. He spoke with authority.

Ron Paul continues to move himself farther away from the field. That Libertarian run is going to be too hard to resist.

Mitt Romney seemed to be on the defensive a lot. His answers were probably OK for GOPers but he was clearly defending rather than moving down the field.

Finally, Giuliani had to get more specific on his positions and I think it will hurt him with this crowd. His answers on gun control and abortion are just not going to win him any converts. And the evangelicals are boarding the Huckabee bus.

Tancredo was grinning from ear to ear with all the immigration questions. Hispanic voters are waving bye bye to all of them.

Hunter still seems to blend into the background. Non-entity.

This debate seemed to be a stronger indication that we are moving toward a brokered convention in St. Paul next year.
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Minnesota Christmas Lists....

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 11/27/07 20:33

by Dave Mindeman

Just got back from the North Pole and got a peek at some Minnesota political and sports wish lists.....

Tim Pawlenty

A glowing economic forecast
A Republican convention with no one noticing Bush or Cheney
Taxes.... that don't involve collecting money
A new veto pen (mine is wore out)

Carol Molnau

A long vacation (but not too long)
A transportation project that finishes on time and on budget (ha!)
Senate confirmation (hey, it is a wish list)
To be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars (It's not all politics)

Marty Seifert

Carrot Top's box of props
A slew of Dem retirements in the House
Mark Olson's resignation or a preaching job (whatever comes first)
A voting system where I can simply vote for the whole caucus.

John Kline

An actual heart
More Pentagon money, less for People (5th year in a row)
Permission to wear my uniform on the House floor
Bring back the nuclear football

Michele Bachmann

A dinner date with the President
A map of the Middle East (with pronunciations)
A bridge bill & an SCHIP bill that Bush likes, so I can vote for it
Campaign debates where candidates have to speak in tongues

Norm Coleman

More money. Care to make a donation, Santa?
Issues that are easy to be for and against...at the same time.
A GOP convention where the media always interviews me.
A MN Wild Stanley Cup so I can talk endlessly about Xcel Center

Ziggy Wilf

A playoff run that nets a new stadium
A quarterback
A defensive secondary
A real wide receiver (who can catch)

Carl Pohlad

A pocketbook that isn't rusted shut
A team that can still be recognizable for 2010 stadium opening
A realization that good players = lots of season tickets.
A player who will work for peanuts....literally. (got lots of those)

Glen Taylor

A trade where Kevin McHale doesn't get taken to the cleaners.
A fixed coin flip for the lottery draft pick.
Draft rights to any of Kevin Garnett's progeny
...and hope that we have a competitive team by then.
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Peace On Earth

Category: Society
Posted: 11/27/07 18:31

by Dave Mindeman

I have been accused of being too cynical at times so you can take this with a grain of salt, but as Christmas approaches, a lot of you will be getting Christmas cards from friends and relatives. You will pay attention to whom the cards come from and put in a time permitting effort to read what the card says. A number of those cards will say, "Peace on Earth -- Good Will to Men".

That phrase comes from the Bible. It was said by an angel. We all adhere to the principle.... or do we? To aspire to "peace on earth" we actually have to participate in the goal. To bring "good will to everyone" requires an action... a desire... a responsibility.

Does that phrase really have meaning? Does "peace on earth" have any qualifiers? Does it allow for revenge, for pre-emption, for national security? Does "good will for mankind" exempt Darfur?...Muslim nations?... the poor?

As we enter the 5th year of war in Iraq and as we argue about how resources are utilized for community needs, how relevant are those "Christmas card" values?

I wish for "Peace on Earth --Good will to man"; but wishing alone is not going to make that angel's desire a reality.
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