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Fred Thompson: Advocate for Change?

Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 08/27/07 14:50

by Dave Mindeman

One of the bloggers on Politico (Jonathan Martin) talked about the "exploratory" candidacy of Fred Thompson. He gave a speech at the Midwestern Republican Leadership Conference. It was a somber speech and Martin explains the highlights this way:

There are three major challenges, Thompson said, and none are being given appropriate attention or sufficient commitment. National security ("our country's in danger; it's going to be that way for a long time to come" ), the economy ("we are doing steady damage to our economy, that if we don't do things better it's going to result in economic disaster for future generations" ) and the polarization, cynicism and incompetence gripping the capital ("in order to have leadership you got to have somebody who's going to follow; our people follow, but they don't have any confidence in what's being said or who's saying it")I simply believe that on the present course that we're going to be a weaker, less prosperous, more divided nation than what we have been," Thompson told the crowd in a deep baritone that rarely strayed from an even tone. "I do not say that lightly, but I think it's the truth. And I think the American people are ready for the truth." " ).

Now I think former Senator Thompson needs to be reminded that since 2000, it was the GOP that controlled the legislative process for most of that time.....and the White House for all of that period.

So if Senator Thompson is concerned that the danger level has not dissipated, or the economy is being damaged, or there is no confidence in our leadership.... well, excuse me, Fred, but you are talking about your own party's performance.

If that "present course" needs to be changed, it would seem that electing the same people who have been in power would not produce the desired result.

Wouldn't you think?
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Gonzales: Dragged Thru Mud Of His Own Making

Category: US Politics
Posted: 08/27/07 12:29

by Dave Mindeman

?His good name (Gonzales) was dragged through the mud for political reasons.? --G.W.Bush

There are two ways to turn good soil into mud. There is the natural way with a gully washer of a rainstorm... and then there is the man-made way-- by getting out the hose and pouring water into a localized area of dirt. Using the second method, you can create as much goo as you want.

Gonzales may have been dragged through the "mud" but it was a black, thick goo of his own making. Gonzales was "dousing" the Justice Department with a deluge of political chicanery. He was "carrying water" for the President, turning the office of Attorney General into an extended version of White House counsel.

The entire career of Alberto Gonzales has been one Bush political stunt after another. From getting Bush out of jury duty to hide his DWI; to harassing John Ashcroft, his predecessor, while incapacitated in the hospital; to politicizing the entire Justice Department at the behest of Karl Rove.....Alberto Gonzales has been the stooge in one political act after another.

The end game for Alberto Gonzales is justice in a sense -- more justice than he brought to his own Department. For if you make mud production the focus of your career, it is no surprise that in the end, you get dragged through it.

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Warner's Message to Al-Maliki is the Right One

Category: Iraq War
Posted: 08/26/07 13:23

by Dave Mindeman

During the discussion about Senator Warner's call for a message of some troop withdrawal by Christmas, Senator Cornyn of Texas said this:

Senator Warner is a great patriot and a student of history, and he's clearly sending a signal to the Iraqis that our patience is not unlimited, and that's correct," said Cornyn, a fellow member of Senate Armed Services Committee. "But I don't think it's in our best interest to put so much pressure on the new Iraqi government that it absolutely collapses."

Frankly, I would contend just the opposite. It IS in our best interest for the Al-Maliki government to collapse. The Iraq government is paralyzed and it would seem that no amount of "surging" is going to move the obstacles..... because Al-Maliki, himself, is the main example.

One of the areas that Bush keeps talking about as a "success" story, is in Al-Anbar province. This is where US forces and the Sunni tribal sheiks have reached an alliance. Yet, Al-Maliki responded to that with alarm rather than support. It is becoming clear that Al-Maliki is attempting to move his government into Shia dominated coercion rather than unification. If US forces are propping up such a government, then we are spinning our wheels and can never leave.

Senator Warner is right. Start moving troops out now. Al-Maliki must adapt or his government will fall. Either way, at least there will be movement.
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