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MN House GOP: I Voted For Transit Before I Voted Against It

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 05/15/07 15:14, Edited: 05/15/07 20:27

by Dave Mindeman

The transportation bill cleared both Houses by a 2/3rds majority. The Governor is expected to veto it and the House will be the first to attempt to override. Yet, some Republican House members are saying they will change their vote to No, to sustain the veto.

Let's see.... the Governor doesn't have to face the electorate in 2008, but every one of those House members does. So, my question is, do the House Republicans want to face the voters in 2008, especially the suburban ones, saying..."I voted for the Transportation funding bill, before I voted against it?" Didn't the last guy using that argument run into some problems?
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Under Cheney's Terms: Mission Accomplished

Category: US Politics
Posted: 05/14/07 00:06

By Christopher Truscott

If Vice President Dick Cheney's interview with Fox News is any indication as to the administration's goals, Mission Accomplished.

"We didn't get elected to be popular," Cheney said. "We didn't get elected to worry just about the fate of the Republican Party."

How refreshing! But one shouldn't forget that he and President George W. Bush were elected for a reason and do have non-political responsibilities they have shirked time and time again.

They were elected to worry about the fate of our country. They were elected to make us better off than we were when they took office. They were elected to strengthen America's standing in the world. They were elected to lead in a time of crisis ? even if it defies traditional ideological restraints.

By these standards the administration fails miserably. From the economy to losing Osama bin Laden to Hurricane Katrina and to Iraq, they have allowed their own rigid agenda to get in the way of the best interests of the country.

It's great that Cheney can admit ? much to Karl Rove's chagrin ? that he and the president weren't elected to be popular and advance their political party. But after more than six years, it's time they do what they were actually elected to do. America has waited for too long.

Christopher Truscott can be reached at chris.truscott@gmail.com. He wishes Cheney would throw his hat in the ring for the Republican presidential nomination. It would be fun.
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GOP May Let Iraq Decide Its Own Fate

Category: US Politics
Posted: 05/13/07 15:15

by Dave Mindeman

GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may have articulated the Republican method of getting out of Iraq....blame it on the Iraqi government.

From Reuters:

"So far, they've not been able do anything they promised on the political side," the Kentucky Republican said, citing the Iraqis' failure to pass a new oil revenue bill, hold local elections and dismantle the former Baath Party of Saddam Hussein. "It's a growing frustration. Republicans overwhelmingly feel disappointed about the Iraqi government...."

McConnell also added the following:

"I want to assure you, if they vote to ask us to leave, we'll be glad to comply with their request."

In the coming days it will be interesting to see if other GOP Senators start parroting those thoughts. If so, we may be looking at the way out of Iraq.

The GOP is getting nervous about 2008 and finding some kind of solution to this war is a growing concern for the leadership. If they can demonize the Iraqi parliament for their failures, then they can point to that as the reason for the Iraqi debacle. 'We did our job...they did not do theirs'.

The Iraqi government failures are not something new. It has been apparent for over a year that they are paralyzed. None of the reconciliation measures have been acted upon and basic government services are virtually absent. So for Mitch McConnell to suddenly come to this "realization" is more for political expediency than any discovery of a new policy change.

Indications are, that given a straight up or down vote, the Iraqi parliament would ask US forces to leave. The Al-Maliki government has used various parliamentary procedures to prevent that so far, but the pressure could increase to bring all of this to a final culmination.

Maybe the answer to Iraq lies within the halls of its dysfunctional government after all.

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