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More on Freedom's Watch

Category: Iraq War
Posted: 10/09/07 19:20

by Paul Bartlett

Their name is Freedom?s Watch. They propagandize support for the Iraq war, and their mouthpiece is Ari Fleischer, President Bush?s former press secretary.

Minnesota is one of 20 states targeted by this ?Swift Boat?-style
group. The ads attempt to bolster public support for the Iraq war and pressure members of Congress to toe the pro-war line. The ads are remarkably similar to the ?Swift Boat? attack ads on John Kerry in 2004.

I recently saw the first ad on the local airwaves, on the same day a
tongue-tied Fleischer was unable to name even the badly maimed vet featured in an ad (interviewed by Mike Barnicle on MSNBC?s ?Hardball?).

The Freedom?s Watch ads are a disgusting perversion of the truth. They show the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center and declare: ?They attacked us and will attack again,? and, ?We?ve already had one 9/11; we don?t need another.? When asked by Barnicle if he believes that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attack, Fleischer admitted, ?No.?

As we?ve seen time and again, the neocon ideologues will say and do anything to advance their agenda. The truth ? that Iraq was not
responsible for 9/11 ? is irrelevant to them. There is no place in the neocon world for historic fact or accuracy.

George Bush?s, and of course Karl Rove?s, fingerprints are all over
this propaganda campaign.
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Minnesota Guard Victim of "Supportive" Administration

Category: Iraq War
Posted: 10/09/07 12:35

by Dave Mindeman

We have had a number of rhetorical arguments about "supporting the troops" over the past few months. Republicans jumped on the MoveOn ad which played a game on Gen. Petraeus' name. That, coupled with Limbaugh's idiotic "phony soldiers" comment, have kept the news media microphones buzzing.

But, words are not the problem. It is the actions of this administration that sends the real message. And that support is sending a clear message of non-support.

Our own Minnesota National Guard, (CNN is covering this) the unit with the longest deployment in our state's history, has fallen victim to this administration's action shortage. Members of the guard are one lousy day short of qualifying for GI benefits and now they are caught up in the bureaucracy of a civilian military that can't deliver on anything.

John Kline is on the case....he talked to the Army in August; he is introducing legislation in October. Ninety days later and nothing happening yet....but he is very supportive in his press releases. Michele Bachmann doesn't even talk about it on her web site, but her "heart" is with them, I'm sure.

The Pentagon issued this statement from Lt. Col. Daryl Darden:

"We know there has been an injustice and we have put together a process ... to seek redress for this bureaucratic mixup. ... We believe that by January 8 they should be able to receive their benefits."

When asked why the soldiers couldn't receive the money now, when they need it for their college expenses, and why the orders can't be fixed without each case being reviewed individually, Darden insisted,

"You've got some of the greatest minds up here working the issue. ... The best course of action is for each one of these soldiers to go through this board."

"Some of the greatest minds" in the Pentagon are working on this. Don't you find that immensely reassuring?

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Regarding Desmond Tutu

Category: Society
Posted: 10/09/07 03:10

by Tom Hammond

The University of St. Thomas has refused to permit Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu from speaking on campus. Reverend Dennis Dease and his administration felt that Tutu?s remarks might offend the Jewish community.

Not long ago, right-wing spokesperson and author, Ann Coulter, was permitted to speak on campus. Apparently she was not considered a threat to offend anyone. Here are some of her views:

- ?I?m for public flogging.?
- ?Don?t pray. Learn to use guns.?
- ?Let?s say I go out every night. I meet a guy and have sex with him. Good for me.?
- ?I think [women] should be armed but should not [be allowed] to vote.?
- ?God said, earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It?s yours.?
- She referred to presidential candidate John Edwards as a ?faggot.?
- Commenting on four women who had lost their husbands on 9/11, she said, ? I?ve never seen people enjoy their husbands deaths so much.?

Thank goodness Reverend Dease and St. Thomas is protecting our community from offensive thoughts and remarks. Maybe as an encore they can hold some book burnings on campus.
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