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God's Message to Palin

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 11/13/08 22:36, Edited: 11/13/08 22:38

by Dave Mindeman

Talking Points Memo makes a good point comparing these two news reports:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday she would consider serving in the Senate if God gave her the opportunity and Alaskans wanted her to take the job. :

Since any opportunity for Gov. Palin to serve in the Senate would require a Ted Stevens victory followed by his anticipated expulsion from the Senate, it was important to note that soon after she said that the report came out:

The state's senior senator, Republican Ted Stevens, fell behind as the count resumed in his re-election bid.

C'mon, God, if your telling us something, then you had better not leave any crack in the door.....she awaits with "plow" in hand.
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Coleman Drops Out of NRSC Race

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 11/13/08 15:44

by Dave Mindeman

Roll Call is stating that Coleman is pulling out of running for NRSC Chairman:

Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.) called Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) Thursday afternoon and told him he was dropping out of the race for National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman to focus on the recount in his 206-vote win over Democratic challenger Al Franken. -- Roll Call

You could make a few assumptions about his reasons for that decision:

1) Coleman is resigned to the fact that there will be a long delay before he can officially say he has been re-elected. Thus taking away any opportunity to make a credible case for being chairman.

2) Or, Coleman does not feel sufficiently confident about the end result of this recount process that he can justify a campaign for the position.

3) Or, Coleman feels the need to focus all of his efforts on this very close and anything but certain contest. Any regular Senate distractions simply can't be entertained.

Any or all of those reasons could apply.
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Around the Net....Stuff to Know

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 11/13/08 02:31

by Dave Mindeman

Little things that I think are interesting:

Ballots Sitting for Days in The Car? Nope...

The Coleman campaign has been spreading the story about the absentee ballots sitting in someone's car, to anyone who will bother to listen. Turns out that it is not even remotely true. David Brauer of Minnpost managed to find the real source and explained the entire incident. Watch it still get repeated everywhere. Fritz Knaack...we expect better from you.

Subject of HBO's Recount Gets New Job

Ron Klain, the character played by Kevin Spacey in the HBO hit movie, Recount, got a presigious new job or actually a return to a similar job. In the next administration, he will be Vice President Biden's Chief of Staff. (He was also VP Gore's Chief of Staff) Maybe he should still use his past experience in Florida and help out a little in Minnesota....yes? Maybe??

Dr. Phil Moments

Gov. Pawlenty was all over the talk show circuit yesterday. He appeared on Fox, CNBC, and CNN to name a few. His favorite line brings up the Republicans' going through a Dr. Phil moment. (Who does he test these ideas on?) But he did mention on CNBC that he thinks that the US Automakers should get public help, although he would caveat that with some big changes in labor agreements and management. One thing he said that makes perfect sense: "Drill, Baby, Drill, by itself, is not an energy policy." I would think Dr. Phil didn't have to help him on that one.

Palin....Please, It's Over, Shut Up

When Gov. Palin was nominated for VP, we were told that she wouldn't give any interviews until she was ready. Weeks went by without hearing an unscripted comment. Now that its over, she is letting it rip. Interview after interview. This is one highly ambitious person. But if she becomes the face of the Republican Party, the GOP may really finish themselves off. It is very hard to imagine that a candidate who won't set foot on the same stage as a pro-choice Republican or who still believes that using phrases like "pallin around with terrorists" is appropriate, can expand the Republican Party beyond its current dwindling base. She will certainly appeal to the homophobes, the religious zealots, the Anti-Choice wing, and the anti-science crowd -- but it is hard to imagine her ever drawing support from minority voters or from people with a lick of sense.

Democratic Senate Watch

Aside from the drama here in Minnesota, Sen. Ted Stevens in Alaska now trails Democrat Mark Begich by a few votes as early and absentee ballots are being counted. They seem to do things a little slower in Alaska -- if you vote early you get counted last. Georgia's runoff for Saxby Chambliss' seat is underway and the Democrats are reminding people that it was Chambliss who gave us the ugly 2002 ad against Max Cleland, the triple amputee Vietnam Vet... you know, the one with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden used as comparisons. Yeah, that one. Still, this is Georgia and that stuff still works down there. But it gets curiouser and curiouser that these 3 seats just don't seem to go away. Wow.
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