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Franken Gains Another 100 Votes

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 11/06/08 15:41, Edited: 11/06/08 15:42

by Dave Mindeman

OK, this is getting weird. Al Franken gained another 100 votes on Coleman over the course of the day, today...as of 2:40pm on Thursday. The difference is now;


This is getting into recount changing territory. I'm not kidding.
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Franken Had to Battle Both GOP and DFL

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 11/06/08 12:37

by Dave Mindeman

I know there has already been a lot of speculation and talk about the US Senate race and what was right or wrong about the Franken campaign.

But as I have said before, the DFL needs to undergo a little self analysis as well. Personally, I feel that the Franken campaign did just fine. They withstood an onslaught of negative campaigning from the Republicans. And because of it and the necessary response to it, Franken's campaign was labeled as "negative" as well. They absolutely did what they had to....you have to respond to it. In fact, I would argue that they didn't respond early enough and allowed Coleman to define Franken early on. Still, the message discipline and organization developed in the final weeks of the campaign were right on target.

So, let's get to the real problems here. This is my list in order of seriousness;

1. Betty McCollum. Anybody who has read this blog knows that I have been particularly critical of McCollum's actions around the time of the DFL convention. The Republicans had been trying to gain some traction on these crazy attacks about the New Yorker article that described Franken's "brainstorming session" about the rape skit. Franken never actually wrote anything... they were just kicking around ideas and a reporter who was there wrote about it. The characterization could have remained in the "partisan attack" column until Betty McCollum gave it credibility. To this day, I can't be certain if she was acting on "moral principle" or if it was simply trying to create an 11th hour opening for Mike Ciresi. The bottom line is that it gave the Republicans a great commercial.

2. Barack Obama. Forgive me Mr. President-elect but you contributed to the problem as well. The evidence is pretty clear that a lot of Obama voters were new voters...drawn to this historic election to specifically vote for the first African-American President. However, these people needed guidance on down ballot races. Many of them did not vote in the Senate race at all.
It leaves one wondering what one public appearance with Obama and Franken together could have done for the campaign. Could it have made up 443 votes? You bet your life.

3. Priscilla Lord Faris. Ego. That is all I can figure this was. The entire basis of this primary campaign was, "Franken Can't Win". Boy, there is an inspiring message. She pretty much parrotted the GOP attack ads. It would be a joke if it wasn't for the extra damage it caused.

4. DFLers Supporting Barkley. You know, the reality about Dean Barkley is that he is a good man. I don't begrudge him running. He elevated the debate in a race that sorely needed elevating. Dean made his case, but the Democrats who decided to support him were completely off the mark. He was not Jesse Ventura and therefore he had no chance to win. If you want to support the Barkley cause, then support IRV. But thinking that somehow voting for Barkley based on some kind of principle was not really a vote to help Norm Coleman was delusional. Seriously, support IRV, people.

That's the main list. If you consider the fact that Al Franken had to take on a relentless Republican attack machine and then wade through a mine field of problems within his own party, the fact that he is just 400+ votes behind is a minor miracle.

If there is any real justice in the world, Franken would pull off another miracle and win this thing.

I would like to thank Al Franken for a valiant effort....no matter what the final outcome is.

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Coleman/Franken Difference is at 443

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 11/06/08 10:12, Edited: 11/06/08 10:17

by Dave Mindeman

According to the Secretary of State website, the difference between Norm and Al is 443 votes. It dropped another 30 since yesterday.

Isn't it kind of odd that the majority of these corrections are in Al's favor? Wouldn't you assume that clerical errors could affect either candidate equally? Yet, the difference steadily drops in Franken's favor.

I'm just wondering out loud about the apparent one sidedness of mistakes made on election night. Just wondering.
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