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..Or Its Legal Equivalent...

Category: Society
Posted: 03/25/06 20:44

by Dave Mindeman

I usually just skim over the Tribune's Kate Parry column (the Reader's Rep), but this one caught my eye. Parry' column was titled "A Failure of Accuracy and Neutrality", and was a thoughtful admission that reporters are failing to fully embrace the facts regarding the so called "marriage amendment".

What everyone fails to include in their discussions about this controversial issue are 3 words included in the language of the amendment that changes its scope... those words are: "its legal equivalent". Those 3 words have a huge impact on the reach of this piece of discrimination. Those 3 words guarantee that the passage of this amendment will violate the rights of GLBT citizens.

The implication from Parry's article is that the Trib may try to more accurately portray this issue by using language that indicates this amendment would also ban civil unions... a situation that most Minnesotans may be a little more uncomfortable with. This language could also (as Parry's source points out) affect adoptions, inheritance, and other issues.

Everyone involved in opposing this amendment needs to be clear that we are talking about broader rights than the ability to legally marry whom one chooses. It is also about basic, legal rights that we all have taken too much for granted.

We are all diminished when we allow the rights of any group to be compromised. It is much more than a fight for a minority's rights, no, this is about legal documents, life decisions, and dealing with the hospital. To win that fight, we have to educate the electorate about 3 all important words.
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Minnesota GOP: Wanna Talk Ethics?

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 03/24/06 14:36, Edited: 03/24/06 14:37

by Dave Mindeman

You know, I almost feel sorry for some of the Republican staffers at the Minnesota House and Senate. Recently, they have had to wake up every day and find another way to bash State Senator Johnson. Soon, they will run out of options on that and will have to get back to defending their record. They probably like that job a lot less.

Let's see... this all started while Senator Johnson was down south, seeing yet some more young Minnesotans heading off to war. While he was there, the Republicans went off on whatever version of this they could come up with that sounded the worst.

Senator Johnson apologized and admitted it was probably a mistake. But, Republicans don't accept apologies -- learned that from Cong. John Kline.

So, off they go, figuring out how many different ways to call a person a liar. Then we get commercials -- isn't it amazing how fast they can put these things out? Sawing off the truth...hah! Their version is sawing off the facts.

Did you see Speaker Sviggum and Sen. Johnson on the Almanac program? Sviggum tells Eskola that he'd prefer not to talk about the controversy, but then proceeds to do nothing but talk about it.

Desperate to keep this in the news, they file an ethics complaint against Johnson in the Senate. They tell the press that the "story is constantly evolving"... well, mostly because they have so many people trying to make the majority leader look bad, that they can't keep it consistent.

The reality? The parties directly involved, Senator Johnson and the Supreme Court Justices have all made their statements. Senator Johnson has apologized. The only reason this keeps going is that the GOP leadership desperately want it to. Anything to distract the electorate from their own pathetic record.

But hey, you wanna talk ethics??? Let's take Pawlenty. He had the good sense to stay out of it.."let's move on" he says. Probably doesn't want to discuss his $600,000 in fines against his campaign. Then there's the CD the party sent out to "collect" data by using spyware. Or we could talk about the Senators who broke the "No New Taxes" pledge by voting for "fees", which even the Taxpayers League calls a tax. One of them is Senator Mike McGinn of Eagan -- he's one of the Republican Senators to file the ethics complaint against Johnson.
Or maybe Ron Carey would like to explain "improprieties" involving an autistic child foundation he's involved with. Or State Deputy Chair Eric Hoplin's fund raising scandal when he was Chair of the College Republican National Committee. Or maybe State Sen Pat Pariseau could talk about authoring legislation to reduce hunting violations that her husband happened to be charged with.

And hey, we haven't even touched on "W's" lies or Jack Abramoff or the indicted Congressman from California and Ohio, or Cheney's chief of staff in court, or....

Do I have to go on? Somebody explain how Republicans can even talk credibly about ethics on any level. Its pathetic!
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Doran Out?? Sheila Come Back!

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 03/23/06 18:57

by Dave Mindeman

The latest rumor from Checks and Balances has Kelley Doran withdrawing from the Governor's race. That seemed like an inevitability but not this soon. So where does Sheila Kiscaden go?

Please, please Sheila, go back to the Senate from Rochester. Make a strong case to deliver that seat for the Democrats and help Tim Walz in his bid for Congress. A strong Democratic run from Sheila in Rochester will help the entire ticket.

Run, Sheila, Run!
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