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Boehner = Delay Without Indictments

Category: US Politics
Posted: 02/02/06 14:42

by Dave Mindeman

John Boehner is now majority leader in the House. K Street wins again!

Boehner is up to his eyeballs in lobbyist crap...just as much as Delay was. Boehner's "sugar daddies" are the for-profit education companies and the private sector student loan companies. As indicated in the Washington Post:

"Boehner has sponsored legislation strongly supported by private student lenders to restrict the ability of the U.S. Department of Education to make government student loans less expensive by cutting fees. Student loans constitute a multibillion-dollar market in which the nonprofit government and for-profit private lenders compete."

I am sure that the $292,570 that Boehner's PAC got from employees and lobbyists for private student lending companies and for-profit academic institutions, had nothing to do with advocacy for their cause. (wink... wink)

Boehner was also the House member that pushed for the No Child Left Behind legislation. Bush signed the bill into law in Boehner's home district in Ohio.

This guy is an enemy of public education and a pretty blatant influence peddler. But hey, compared to Delay he looks like a reformer.

Business as usual.
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Contributions vs. Influence Peddling

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 02/01/06 17:52

by PDW58

When political analysts assess candidates, they always focus on money. But in this age of Jack Abramoff, we need to examine where the money comes from:

Take the 2nd Congressional District for example:

John Kline took 40% of his money from PAC's.
Coleen Rowley took 4% in PAC money.

Kline got contributions from the following:

Freedom Project -- $5,000 (PAC formed by John Boehner, candidate for Majority Leader)
Drug Companies -- $16,000 (Medicare Part D???)
Defense --
...........Lockheed $ 3,000 (lucrative defense contracts)
...........BAE Systems $ 7,500
Trucking Industry -- $16,000 (can you say CAFTA?)

So, if you were going to choose the person that would be influenced the least by lobbyists...whom would you select?
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Klink Minus Uniform = Kline

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 02/01/06 14:24

by PDW58

Colonel Kline's (he likes being called Colonel) outrage and indignation at being compared to Colonel Klink on the Rowley website was actually quite amusing. The only outrage he expressed was the comparison between him and a person in a Nazi uniform. He didn't mention anything about the real point-- the comparison with Klink, the character.

Ok, let's take the uniform away from Klink. That character in Hogan's Heroes was hardly your classic Nazi anyway... his motives were clearly aimed at promoting himself and getting through the war as easily as possible. He was a bumbling, comedic foil which seemed to get a pass from the TV viewers of the day. Most people never focused on the Nazis or Gestapo in that series -- they saw the humor for what it was... people using people to further their own ends. If that show had depicted the prison camps as they really were, it would never have lasted so many seasons and Bob Crane would never have been a household name.

So, let's look at Klink, the character, without the uniform. Here was a guy put in a leadership position that he was forced into, but desperately wanted to succeed at. His superiors were to be flattered and cajoled... and he would jump at the chance to do whatever demeaning activity they requested of him. He remained oblivious to the real activity of the camp -- which was covert activity by the prisoners led by Col. Hogan. He would feign anger whenever he discovered the espionage but, most of the time, he would let it pass if it meant he wouldn't get into trouble personally.

Colonel Klink was the ultimate yes man. Worried more about personal image than helping the war effort. Never hesitating to promote himself whenever possible. He would protest loudly at any intimation that something was his fault, even when he knew for a fact it was. He didn't want to be bothered with details and constantly searched for the easiest way to get by. He could be manipulated and controlled...while maintaining a facade of running a tight ship.

So, how does Colonel Kline compare to Klink -- without the uniform. Colonel Kline is a very dutiful yes man. His record of voting with President Bush is the highest in the Minnesota delegation. His anger at being compared to a "Nazi" pales against his pandering to the Swift Boat attacks on Kerry and the lies put forth on John Murtha. His defense of men and women in uniform seems more concerned with his personal image rather than others. Colonel Kline's relationship wih Cong. John Boehner is classic Klink. Kline will do the bidding of Boehner's power grab and that follows on the heels of supporting Delay's attempts to alter the ethics rules to keep power.

Kline is oblivious to what's best for Minnesota; preferring instead to do the bidding of House leadership or his lobbyist friends. He never takes any initiative on his own... waiting for his "bosses" to tell him what he needs to support.

When it comes to Iraq, he has mixed up support for the troops with blind loyalty to the administration. He makes visits to Iraq but gives the same message -- "we're making progress"... even though first hand accounts from the media clearly indicate otherwise. In fact, Colonel Kline has more in common with Sgt. Schultz when it comes to Iraq -- Schultz and Kline could both conclude.. "I seeeee nothing!"

So, the Rowley campaign can apologize about a uniform...maybe.. but when it comes to the crux of a comparison, Klink and Kline have a lot in common.
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