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Deliver Us From This Reformer

Category: US Politics
Posted: 02/05/06 12:29

by Dave Mindeman

I watched John Boehner on Meet the Press this morning. Yes, John Boehner, the champion of reform (not). What is really going to happen is that we will get token changes that will mean nothing but get hyped as substance.

Boehner likes travel... he believes "transparency" is the key. Unfortunately, Congressional travel is already public, but nobody digs enough to make the connections. Look how often Norm Coleman was "out and about" but nobody bothered to look at it. Russert asked Boehner why he couldn't just meet the lobbyists in his office and the response was that lobbyist groups get together in nice places and he has to go where they are. Places like Pebble Beach, California and Edinborough, Scotland -- no coincidence that these are two of the most famous golf courses in the world.. and also no coincidence that because Boehner is asked to address the group, his expenses get covered. Hmmmm.

Boehner has good relationships with lobbyists. And he claims this is a good thing. It is mutually beneficial... he gets money, they give him written bills. Sallie Mae likes John Boehner... federal cuts to student loans keep the big lenders competitive and profitable.... and students in heavy debt.

Boehner says he has never "earmarked" for his district. Earmarks are the specific line items that benefit one particular House member's district. Boehner says he will reform earmarks, but when Russert asked him about eliminating them.... well, that wasn't necessary; Boehner will reduce them "significantly".

So we are supposed to get lobbyist reform from this guy... a guy who handed out tobacco lobby checks on the House floor (he sends his regrets about that).... a guy who who has the most "efficient" PAC in Washington, in terms of moving money from K Street to Republican members (he bragged about that a couple years ago).... yea, this guy, who pushed No Child Left Behind through Congress and helped draft the "Contract With America"...

This guy is our reformer. Heaven help us.

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Kline vs. Klink

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 02/04/06 13:25, Edited: 02/04/06 13:26

by Ed & Erin Howell

Regarding the recent satirical photo of John Kline published on a internet website:

Max Cleland, triple amputee due to military service, is compared to Osama bin Laden. Not a word from John Kline. The Swift Boat Veterans smear John Kerry. Again, not a word from John Kline. Congressman John Murtha, a decorated veteran of Vietnam is called a coward. Again, silence from John Kline. Now a clearly satirical photo of John Kline appears and we hear howls of indignation. At least it's nice to know the Congressman has finally found his voice.

Stop whining, and get over it. After all, he is a marine.
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The 6th CD is Back in Play

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 02/03/06 23:39

by Dave Mindeman

It was good to hear that Patty Wetterling decided to return to the 6th Congressional race. One can understand how Elwyn Tinklenburg feels. He has worked hard on an assumption that the field would be clear and he has made some very real progress. However, from a progressive viewpoint, Wetterling is the clear choice to support.

There will be a contest... you can't expect Tinklenburg to just bow out after investing the time and effort he has made. And thats the way it should be... let the candidates make their case and then let the delegates decide. The shot Tinklenburg's campaign took by trotting out an old endorsement letter from the MN Democratic Congressional delegation was a bit of a cheap shot, but under the circumstances.. it is certainly understandable.

It looks like we will have contests in both the 6th and the 2nd this year ... the hope is that the blood letting will be held to a minimum. I hope they all remember where the real goals lie -- beating conservative Republicans.

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