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Timing is Everything...

Category: US Politics
Posted: 07/20/05 18:50

by Dave Mindeman

Timing. It is the essence of politics. When a person decides to run for an office or when he or she retires, it's timing. And timing is important in news cycles. Reporters need to meet deadlines and have time to analyze and follow up sources. They need to file their reports in a timely manner. Timing...

Our appointed President understands timing, too. He has a supreme court vacancy to fill and he could announce his choice at any time. He knows the press and the interests groups will mobilize in force to gather information and opinions. It will be time consuming and all encompassing. Why now?

Because it is an opportune way to divert attention from Karl Rove. The "leak" is suddenly old news. The crime... a back page story. Karl Rove is smiling at the attention heaped upon John G. Roberts, Jr. It is exactly what the doctor ordered. The timing is just right.....
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The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Category: US Politics
Posted: 07/15/05 11:18

by Paul Bartlett

Can you feel it: GOP fatigue? Its palpable; its everywhere. Just look around: Bush's and Pawlenty's poll numbers are sinking like a rock in a sea of GOP lies and hypocrisy; we're hopelessly bogged down in a war of Bush's making; the economy is headed to hades in a handbasket; Social Security is alive and well despite Bush's efforts to stomp-out our most successful domestic program; the American people don't want self-righteous hypocrites in their bedrooms or their hospital rooms; oil has skyrocketed due largely to Bush's disruption of Mideast geopolitics; and our jobs are being outsourced faster than Pawlenty can call a tax a fee. And now, the treasonous Karl Rove.

The nation is finally tiring of Republican lies, deceit, and ineptness. And despite Pawleny's opposition to the appointment of a state poet laureate, the words of Minnesota's legendary word-crafter ring true: "The times they are a-changin".
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The 2nd District Choice..

Posted: 07/14/05 21:11

by Paul Bartlett

I attended Coleen Rowley's formal announcement to challenge John Kline for the Second Congressional District seat. This will shape up as a study in stark contrasts. To employ a boxing analogy:

In the incumbent's corner, we have a displaced Texan with financial ties to the infamous and scurrilous Tom DeLay; in the challenger's
corner, we have a Time Magazine "Person of the Year" who will build her campaign around the issue of ethics in government.

Minnesota's new GOP Chairman mega-mouth, Ron Carey, is correct, the voters of the Second District will have a choice. They can choose to support a corrupt administration that bases its foreign and domestic policies on a growing pyramid of lies, lies that Kline eagerly supports, or they can opt for the imponderable: the truth.

Rowley has called for honesty from our leaders, a notion unacceptably repugnant to Tom DeLay, John Kline, Ron Carey, and let's not forget, Karl Rove.

Yup, voters will have a choice.
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