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Attacking Cindy Sheehan

Category: US Politics
Posted: 08/17/05 11:04

By Robert Lattery

The Republicans are angry and want blood, and little Cindy Sheehan is their target. Anyone who gets in the way of their agenda must be destroyed. There is no sympathy, there is no taking prisoners. This is the way the neo-cons operate under Karl Rove.

Cindy Sheehan has lost her son in George W. Bush's War in Iraq. This is not America's War in Iraq, it is wholely and totally George W. Bush's war. He designed it, he created it, it is his monster. And it has devoured Casey Sheehan. His mother is bitter, and with good reason.

However, the Republicans don't care. She is in their way. Matt Drudge does not care, he attacks her nightly on his radio show. Rush Limbaugh certainly does not care, he makes fun of her and her pain daily. The entirety of the neo-con blogosphere could not care less about her son or her feelings about his death. They simply want her out of the way. She is making too much noise and too much trouble.

"How dare she demand that our President actually meet with her. Who is she?" they say. "She must not be a patriot. She is villifiying our beloved President! What a crackpot!"

The damnations go on and on.

More mothers and fathers will feel her pain in the months, dare I say years, to come. The Republicans will try to destroy them as well if they dare speak out. They want the sons and daughters of the citizens of the United States to die for their cause and they want them to please stay quiet and out of George W. Bush's way. How dare they complain!

Now the American public must answer this question: Is this the compassionate conservatism you voted for?

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Education & Intelligent Design

Posted: 08/16/05 11:36, Edited: 08/17/05 09:26

By Paul Bartlett

So G.W. Bush thinks that "Intelligent Design" should be taught in science classes along side evolution, with equal footing. Why am I not surprised?

Perhaps Bush should just rework our entire educational curriculum. Let's see, how about these subject tweakers: geography texts must include the plausible theory that the earth is, in fact, flat; all chemistry classes must devote some time to the advancement of alchemy; astrology must be given equal status with the teaching of astronomy; no math class could be complete without including a good dose of numerology; and, most importantly, our science teachers must plant the notion in all impressionable young minds that the sun does indeed revolve around the earth.

Bush should keep his nose out of our science curriculum and do what he does best, things like: starting unprovoked wars, driving up the deficit, slashing the taxes of the most privileged, overseeing our continued environmental degradation, offending and alienating every historical foreign friend, giving major corporations free access to empty our national treasury, targeting gays and lesbians as our next state sanctioned group to be collectively harassed, and on and on. Hasn't he done enough damage to our public schools with his
wrong-headed "No Child Left Behind" debacle?

The next time you hear a news report that rightfully condemns the
Islamic madrasas, keep in mind that that is precisely the path that
Bush would have us take. Teaching "Intelligent Design" would be just the first step toward the "Christianizing" of the entire curriculum. While he lectures the Islamic world about the importance of modernity, Bush has us headed back to the Middle Ages.

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Could It Be Real Sorrow???

Posted: 08/14/05 21:41

by Dave Mindeman

This is going to be a strange post for me. For a long time, one thing has seriously bothered me about Bush and his handling of this war. His recent "no show" with Cindy Sheehan only reinforced that irritation. It has to do with what I perceived as a complete disconnect with the grief and destruction he has caused with this foolish war. I wanted to see some sorrow...some visible anguish. Somthing that indicates feelings for these families that endure so much. I wanted him to feel something.

Well, it was with enormous interest that I read the Newsweek article about that very subject. The President's "I'm sorry" is important in the midst of this foreign policy nightmare. And I understand that he is never going to apologize for his overall actions. But these families need to hear some measure of regret for what they endure...they deserve at least that.

The cynic in me still has lingering doubts that this is, indeed, just another staged political stunt. Because after all, if he can meet with these other families, why can't he meet with Cindy Sheehan? Still, I can't imagine that any President faced with the emotions of grieving families can hold back his own emotions. And in a very real sense, it must give him pause about the reality of what he is doing. So, I am going to choose to believe that he has emotions that cause him some pain... and believe it or not that gives me some measure of comfort. Anyone who feels the pain of such loss will hopefully at least think about the next action with some trepidation. I want to believe that... I have to believe that....
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