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How Many More Levees at Risk Are Out There?

Category: US Politics
Posted: 09/03/05 14:53, Edited: 09/03/05 17:19

by Dave Mindeman

It all depended on the levee.

Listening to the Bush administration's words of "comfort" in the aftermath of this complete debacle, my mind keeps going back to the levees.

A city below sea level has a unique problem when a hurricane approaches, especially when a sizable lake is poised to pour its additional watery contents into the mix. It doesn't take an engineering genius to know that levees become all important in such situations.

But levees weren't protected. Levees weren't shored up. Levees were kept out of budgets and maintained on a shoestring. It was all dependent on some place else getting hit.

Mother Nature didn't smile on New Orleans -- the worst has happened and neglected levees broke. There was some time to do something as the storm approached. But where were the engineers? Where were the disaster teams? Who was watching the levees?

The water came pouring through and washed away lives, careers, and a nation's confidence. Budget cuts keep putting off critical maintenance of our infrastructure. One has to wonder how many more of our citizens are poised on the brink because our government has decided their "levee" can wait.

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$3 Gas Politics

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 09/03/05 14:19

Paul Bartlett

Three bucks a gallon and still rising .... why have Phil Krinkie, Steve Swiggum, Tim Pawlenty and all of the other jaw-flapping neocon ideologues been so recently silent about that great socialist menace -------> PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

Even their exalted leader, "W", recently uttered words of such profound insight that they will surely be repeated in future editions
of Bartlett's quotation books (nope, no relation): "Don't buy gas if you don't need it."
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Vast Incompetence

Category: US Politics
Posted: 09/02/05 14:04, Edited: 09/05/05 08:52

by Robert Lattery

I hardly know the words to describe the horror and embarassment we Americans are feeling as we watch the daily crisis in the city of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

This storm was well forecast to deal a body-blow to the city three days before it hit. The local government, the state of Louisiana and the national government had those days to prepare for the inevitable destruction and to prepare a proper response.

The response has, until today, been horribly mismanaged, inadequate, and just plain bungled. The incompetence on the state and national level is beyond compare.

To think that a large city like New Orleans could be so easily reduced to chaos in this day and age and in our advanced society is almost beyond belief. The Republicans are in control of government on practically every level in this nation, and their "compassionate" response has been to sit on their hands while gangs of thugs roam the streets, looting, raping and murdering the victims of this storm.

Finally, today, five days after the storm devastated the entire central Gulf coast, we are seeing an appropriate response. The troops have finally spilled into the area to restore order and deliver aid.

What the hell took so damn long?

The American public is going to demand an answer from President Bush and his entire administration. This should never have happened and those in power are to blame for the lack of proper response to a disaster foreseen well in advance.
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