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Running With The Party Of Trump

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 06/24/16 17:57, Edited: 06/24/16 18:02

by Dave Mindeman

Here is a lit piece for a Republican candidate for Senate in Eagan. Take a look at the biography....


That is a powerful story. And it has a lot of compelling background for a candidate. But look closely....

He talks about living under the "damaging effects of socialism", yet freely admits that his family "initially survived on public assistance". Was that type of socialism acceptable? Apparently so.

"He began a new life in Minnesota as a refugee."

First thing that came to my mind is...would he have that same opportunity today? Would his family be allowed to come here? Would they not come under immediate suspicion? And the more important thought is "how can this candidate be on the same ticket as Donald Trump?"

His family has the real American success story. They built a business from scratch...a successful business. Probably have a number of employees.

But, considering the Party he has chosen, would he fight to give a similar immigrant family the same support? It is a question worth asking.

He says he is worried about our children's future. He wants to restore "economic opportunity for Eagan and Burnsville residents" and is "passionate about preserving our freedoms."

But the big question is does that desire apply to everybody? Can the Party of Trump fulfill that quest for everyone...or just the select few.

Victor Lake wants to become a Republican State Senator - but if Republicans are successful in November, a candidate like Victor Lake would not be running because he probably would not be here.

He is running against incumbent Senator Jim Carlson...a Senator who would support giving an opportunity to a family like Victor's...a Senator who understands where true opportunity for all really lies. A Senator who has supported the efforts to strengthen the economy of the State of Minnesota. A Senator who believes in a compassionate and inclusive America.

We can congratulate Victor on his successful story. We can admire what his family has endured and succeeded in. But Victor's choice of the Party he has decided to embrace counters everything that has allowed him to succeed. Choosing the Party of Trump.

I think we need to consider that in November.
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The Warning Of Brexit

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 06/24/16 12:38

by Dave Mindeman

The Brexit vote is dominating the news (and the markets), but the disturbing thing is how this has been characterized as a clash of economic class.

It is a bit disheartening that the economically disadvantaged can be tricked into believing that these rich moguls and charlatans are looking out for their best interests. Using a background of nativism and protectionism, the truth comes down to xenophobia and a false idea that immigrants are taking things away from the people already here.

The news is filled with people who are shocked that Britain's economic health could be jeopardized by this vote. They never bothered to educate themselves on what it all really means. Jobs are threatened, not by immigrants, but by their own voting hand.

Donald Trump's rhetoric has something to do with it. The Brexit backers used the same false promises to win this referendum. Promising things will be better without explaining how. Promising a better economy without a means to actually do it. Promising better treatment and more respect without actually giving it.

Consider the Brexit vote a warning to everyone. Don't just listen to rhetoric - examine it. Don't just believe what is said - find the underlying truth. Don't just blame other people - look for actual solutions.

I have always believed that a democracy is only as strong as the education of the electorate. That doesn't just mean education in the sense of schooling but a willingness to be informed properly. To seek out real truth in an internet age takes some patience and an open mind.

That is the crossroads we have in this "age of Trump".

Be careful out there.
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Speaker Kurt Daudt Is Just Bad At His Job

Category: Transportation
Posted: 06/22/16 14:19

by Dave Mindeman

Now the House GOP is moving the goal posts on a special session:

But instead of getting closer to an agreement, things went backwards on Tuesday when Republicans brought language for two "controversial" proposals into the mix, Dayton said. One proposal would block local governments from passing their own wage and employee benefit laws, and the other would provide tax credits for private schools, a proposal that had prevented lawmakers from agreeing to a special session before, back in January and February.

Kurt Daudt is just bad at his job.

Once more, he completely ignores any possible compromise with the Democrats, and instead, adds more items to his list. And then he is "surprised" that progress is not being made.

Why would you demand a limitation at the local level on wages and benefits? Are you afraid that workers might actually get a raise? And bringing up tax credits for private schools - seriously, you know that has been hashed and rehashed before and is controversial enough to go nowhere. Especially now.

You don't add bargaining chips after the fact.

Kurt Daudt is just bad at his job.

And I realize that it is important to Daudt to blame the other side for anything and everything, but have a point. If you think this is about politics, maybe you should have thought of that when the session was ending. Then you had the choice - you had the power to make it work. Now, you do not. You abdicated that power. It is now in the governor's hands, so stop acting like you still have it.

Really, really bad at his job.
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