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John Kline: Bad Representation Part 3 - Torture

Category: John Kline
Posted: 12/16/14 09:19

by Dave Mindeman

Congressman John Kline decided that it was safe to talk to reporters after the mid-term elections. But did he really say anything?


He called last week's release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report that alleging torture against alleged terrorists "purely partisan."

"This is created by Senate Democrat staffers to criticize the CIA and previous administration," Kline said. "There may be things that are true concerning torture, and maybe not, but I don't like a one-party report. There's not one Republican drop of ink in that report."

Torture, he said, "Should not be a partisan issue. We should not give (this report) objective credibility."

So, apparently what Kline is saying is....since Republicans won't talk about torture and any Democratic report is by definition, partisan, then Kline has decided he won't talk about it period.

On the one hand he says there may be some truth about torture in the report, but on the other hand, Democrats are giving us that truth, so we should reject its credibility.

That defies logic.

Kline has one part right...torture isn't a partisan issue. It is a topic that should be discussed openly and our elected officials should weigh in on the matter. But Congressman Kline doesn't want to discuss it in a substantive manner, he simply chooses to ignore it.

Kline uses the "partisan" excuse all the time. And that is because he only thinks of things in partisan terms.

A torture discussion would be uncomfortable and cast the US military in a bad light.

So in Kline's world, the topic needs to be ignored.

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Voting. Just Do It.

Category: GOP 2014
Posted: 12/15/14 19:20

by Dave Mindeman

Michael Brodkorb used this as his "quote of the day" at his politics.mn webside:

"Speculation is a really low turnout - all are apathetic, we are hoping that it favors our races." Source: Republican Party of Minnesota State Executive Committee notes, October 30, 2014

Isn't there something inherently wrong with a political party "hoping" that voter turnout is low? It is kind of pathetic when the modern day Republican Party has apparently decided that they cannot win if people get out and exercise their democratic rights and vote.

And, having decided that this is the case, that Party has proceeded to find ways to suppress that turnout in the cynical attempt to acquire power rather than a majority vote.

At the end of just about every election cycle, the Republican Party of Minnesota will almost certainly send out a flock of negative campaign mailings that distort the voting record of their opponents. This does two things - it casts doubt on their opponent and it suppresses votes because people are just tired of negative politics.

Combine that with Voter ID rules (which have been successful in other states but not Minnesota) and you get the kind of turnout that Republicans crave - a record low number.

If your electoral victories count on people NOT voting, are they really victories? Have you really acquired the will of the people?

It is frustrating to listen to John Boehner, John Kline, Mitch McConnell, et al. talk about doing the "will of the people"....as if they really have some kind of mandate.

They are doing the will of certain people - wealthy people - special interests...not the will of the people people.

When roughly a third of the electorate participates....well, it lacks dignity.

But I can't say it is all the Republicans fault - when people don't bother to vote, they "participate" in that political "victory".

Voting is the essential basis of democracy. Do it.
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First Test of MN House GOP's Greater MN Priorities

Category: GOP 2014
Posted: 12/15/14 10:00

by Dave Mindeman

The new Minnesota House Republican majority will have its first test about the needs of greater Minnesota. And it involves marijuana.

We have 8 sites for distribution of medical marijuana. Four of them are in the Twin City metro - St. Paul, Minneapolis, Eagan, and Maple Grove. That should cover the seven county area - a little inconvenient for some but certainly reasonable coverage for the area.

In greater Minnesota there are just four other outlets. Hibbing, Moorhead, St. Cloud, and Rochester. Does that sound like full coverage?

People in the southwest corner of the state have long drives (hours long) ahead of them to find the nearest distribution center. And the Northwest corner won't have it much better.

If the MN House GOP is truly concerned about fairness for rural Minnesota, then this situation should be addressed.

But will they?

Medical Marijuana distribution is probably a low priority for the MN GOP legislators. And there are probably not a large number of constituents who will be using this service....at least at the beginning.

But it still raises an issue which they themselves have promised to address. And that is a more direct fulfillment of the needs for greater Minnesota.

Here is a prime example. Who wants to speak up first? We are listening.
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