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The Real "Troubling Aspect" With Susan Rice

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 11/28/12 13:57

by Dave Mindeman

The Republican Senate accusations regarding Susan Rice as a potential Secretary of State nominee seem to center on an idea that she was being political when she went on some Sunday talk shows and gave the administration position on Benghazi at the time.

But as Rachel Maddow pointed out on her show, this opposition by the Senate Republicans has political implications of its own.

Rice has gone out of her way to give information to top Republicans on the various committees....and each post meeting news conference is like a broken record -- her answers are troubling, they need more information, and John Kerry would be a much better choice.

It is extremely interesting that almost to a person there is always a quote that John Kerry is the "preferred" choice.

Senator Susan Collins had a particularly strange accusation....

Collins (R-Maine), the top Republican on the Homeland Security Committee, accused Rice of playing a ?political role? during the presidential election by going on five Sunday talk shows and incorrectly describing the deadly Sept. 11 assault as something spurred by spontaneous protests rather than a deliberate terrorist attack.

And Collins said Rice?s response to Benghazi had an ?eerie echo? of the 1998 bombings of two African embassies, which occurred when Rice was an assistant secretary of state for African Affairs.

Is Collins insinuating that Susan Rice somehow invited the embassy bombings in Africa? Is there more to this, than the coincidental fact of Rice holding a position that involved Africa with her state department job? Senator Collins needs to explain herself as well.

But with each individual Republican statement of how "troubled" they are is the ever present solution they see....

?I think John Kerry would be an excellent appointment and would be easily confirmed by his colleagues,? Collins said.

Why the emphasis on John Kerry? If he vacates his Senate seat to take a cabinet position, that leaves an opening once more for Scott Brown to be a candidate in a special election.

There lies the real political reason for the "firestorm" about Susan Rice. An opening in the Senate.

Susan Rice was not in charge of any embassy. She was not involved in Benghazi decisions. She was merely an administration spokesperson to give the current information that intelligence wanted to make public. She couldn't and shouldn't have veered away from the talking points she was given. She could not delve into classified material. So she did nothing wrong.

Her only sin is that she does not provide the Republicans with a political opportunity to a Senate seat.

And that is the "troubling" part.
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Business Will Do Fine With The Democrats In Charge

Category: Economy
Posted: 11/26/12 19:10, Edited: 11/28/12 16:10

by Dave Mindeman

The business community worked hard to get Republicans elected during the last election. They spent a good deal of money on the project but it failed miserably.

Now they say they are nervous about DFL Legislative control.

As usual, business gets it wrong when it comes to which Party is best for business. And, frankly, most of the perception problem stems from the fact that business always does better when government policies are promoted which favor their clientele and customers...not themselves.

Republicans and business generally collaborate on the superficial. They want property tax breaks....they want to limit taxes on the wealthy....they want tax incentives. All of that can free up cash and maybe increase the bottom line to a temporary extent....but they are not really pro-growth policies.

The dynamics of the economic engine are heavily fueled by demand. Business can create demand to some degree but unless there is a thriving middle class that has the means to purchase the goods produced, the economy goes nowhere.

As you can probably tell from the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy, business can create demand by focusing on lowering price points and generating publicity....all of which costs them profits. But over the long term, generating sales that will keep the business afloat throughout the year means to produce goods that are needed by the middle class and lower middle class. Sales and services that are consistent and fairly priced.

Giving businesses property tax breaks and other tax cuts may be a short term help but the middle class will have to make up the difference. Extra taxes paid by them will take away purchasing power and eventually affect demand.

When Democrats are in power, business may not get the preferential treatment they are used to by the GOP, but the broader economy usually does better. The criticisms of the Obama economy have been largely unjustified. Comparing Obama's 4 years to the previous 4 years in an economic sense is no comparison at all. Although growth has been slow, it has still been growing. One only needs to look at Europe to see what might have happened under heavy austerity programs.

Governor Dayton and the Minnesota legislature aren't looking to punish the business community. They are as much pro-growth as any GOP hard liner. Although the last legislature talked of slowing spending and "fixing" the deficit, it is clear that what they did was a series of bandaids which will keep things in check for a brief time...only until school shifts and tobacco interest comes due.

Structural fixes are key to the Minnesota budget and new revenue is imperative. The Governor and the legislature are not just going to raise taxes as a solution to everything, but they will use that tool if needed.

That is the real difference in the Democratic vs Republican approach. The Democrats will put everything on the table and make things work for the State as a whole, not just one aspect.

The business community doesn't need to be fearful. It would be wiser to join this growth opportunity.
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Quotes of the Day

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 11/26/12 18:03

by Dave Mindeman

Genius quotes of the day.....

Number one.

Donald Trump on Monday said Mitt Romney?s ?maniacal? and ?crazy? policy of ?self-deportation,? alienated Asian and Hispanic voters and helped cost him the election.

Duh...ya think? Where was your sage advice during the campaign?

Number two.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said on Monday that any attempt by Democrats to change filibuster rules would "poison" party relations in the upper chamber even further, adding that it would "undermine the very purpose of the Senate" and amount to "an affront to the American people."

Question: Do you think Mitch McConnell would hesitate for one second to change the rules if they get back in charge, so they can prevent the Democrats from doing the same things they have done for the entirety of President Obama's first term?

Hint: It's a rhetorical question.
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