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Cong. John Kline - The MVP for For-Profit School Exploiters

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/25/14 18:25

by Dave Mindeman

The brazenness of John Kline is incredible.

Earlier this month. legislation which would close an exploitative loophole in Federal student aid died without a hearing. Its intention was to block For-Profit colleges from violating the 90-10 rule. And what is that you ask?

At issue was the so-called 90/10 rule, which bans for-profit schools from receiving government funding if they draw more than 90% of their revenue from federal student aid programs. The rule excludes tuition assistance from the GI Bill for veterans and from the Department of Defense, which funds education for active-duty military.

The legislation proposed to include the exempted Veterans student aid in the GI bill....which has been a large amount of exploited funding in these For-Profit colleges.

One man shut it all down and allowed the For-Profit debacle to continue.

Congressman John Kline.

As Chairman of the Committee he quashed the bill by ruling it non-germane to the topic of financial aid being discussed at his July 10 hearing.

GI Bill for Student Loans -Not germane?

Here is an example of what is happening....

Critics say the loophole leads for-profit schools to aggressively target veterans to draw additional federal funding. Many analysts believe closing it would push some for-profit college chains over the 90% cap, gutting their support system. The University of Phoenix, for instance, receives 83% of its funds from federal programs, according its most recent filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. That figure doesn't include the nearly $1 billion the company received from the post-9/11 GI Bill over the last five years.

And why is this a problem?

The (Univ. of Phoenix) San Diego campus' overall graduation rate is under 15%, according to the federal Department of Education, and more than a quarter of students there default on their loans within three years of leaving school. No one from any state or federal government agency knows how many veterans who go to school on the GI Bill graduate or find jobs.

These students and veterans are "recruited" to these campuses with promises they do not deliver. The loans are guaranteed by all of us-the US taxpayer. With those kind of default rates, we are losing huge sums of money.

And we have one person to thank for this debacle.,,,

Congressman John Kline.

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For-Profit Colleges Continue To Exploit-Will John Kline Comment?

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/24/14 00:38, Edited: 07/24/14 00:39

by Dave Mindeman

Globe University, a Minnesota For-Profit College, is again (and I do mean again) under scrutiny for its marketing practices. Attorney General Lori Swanson made the case....

Swanson described a "sales-oriented culture" on their campuses, which she says aggressively pursued potential students with deceptive claims about jobs they would land and their ability to transfer credits to other schools. "This school left some people deep in debt with promises that did not materialize," Swanson said as she announced the lawsuit.

Globe University is a constant contribution to the campaign of Congressman John Kline. So, let me ask the question. Where's John Kline?

And like I said, this isn't Globe University's first foray into trouble...

Swanson pointed to other legal troubles for Globe over the years, including a jury verdict last year awarding $400,000 to former dean Heidi Weber, who said she was fired after raising concerns about the school's recruitment practices and other issues.

Again, the question needs to be asked....where's John Kline?

Not only is Kline taking money from these For-Profit charlatans, but he continues to protect them as chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee. He is aware of these scam practices but not only does he do nothing about it, but he defends them when efforts are made to reign them in.

Since these For- Profit Colleges target veterans and low-income students, Kline claims that putting restrictions on them would only hurt the students.

So, where is the statement from John Kline?

Meanwhile, the For-Profits rake in record amounts of guaranteed Federal loans which they profit from even with student default. In fact, they account for a majority of all student loan defaults.

Students rack up mountains of debt while, in the case of Globe University, they can't even get an accredited degree for the field they have chose.....

She (Swanson) said school recruiters steered students who wanted to become police officers into bachelor's programs that lacked Minnesota accreditation. In addition, they recommended two-year associate degrees to would-be probation officers, although the state and most counties require at least a bachelor's degree for such jobs. A criminal justice associate degree program at the two schools costs $35,100; a bachelor degree program costs $70,200.

Is somebody asking John Kline to comment?

John Kline's footprints are all over the student debt problem. He is responsible for interest rate increases. He defends his donors when they exploit students. And he looks the other way as the loan defaults add to our debt burden.

When it comes to For-Profit colleges, the person that should be asked about solving the problem is never asked to comment.

Where's John Kline?
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SCOTUS Gives Kline An NLRB Win - But Without Substance

Category: John Kline
Posted: 06/26/14 19:49

by Dave Mindeman

John Kline was happy with the Supreme Court decision today. They ruled that Obama's "recess" appointments of NLRB board members was unconstitutional.

Kline says...(the decision) "will rein in his abuse of power and restored some checks and balances to our system of government,"

A bit grandiose, Mr. Kline.

The decision does not block recess appointments. The problem with the NLRB appointments is that they were made during a short break in the Senate session - not a full recess.

But the reason President Obama tried to do it was that the Senate was in its filibuster everything mode and the NLRB had no quorum to do anything. They were effectively eliminated as a body.

Which of course was fine with Kline. It blocked labor organizations from moving on any actions they might want to take. There could be no appeal to the NLRB.

The reality of this SCOTUS decision is that little will change. During the interim, the Senate changed the filibuster rules and the NLRB appointees have been legally confirmed.

There may be some question as to the decisions made by the NLRB during the lawsuit progression, but generally all it means is that the duly appointed board will revisit those decisions -- and since the make up of the board is the same, those decisions will just be reaffirmed.

Kline's GOP won on "points" but gained nothing of substance.

But Kline will crow never the less because Congressman Kline doesn't deal in substance.

It is just his way.
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