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John Kline: Bad Representation Part 3 - Torture

Category: John Kline
Posted: 12/16/14 09:19

by Dave Mindeman

Congressman John Kline decided that it was safe to talk to reporters after the mid-term elections. But did he really say anything?


He called last week's release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report that alleging torture against alleged terrorists "purely partisan."

"This is created by Senate Democrat staffers to criticize the CIA and previous administration," Kline said. "There may be things that are true concerning torture, and maybe not, but I don't like a one-party report. There's not one Republican drop of ink in that report."

Torture, he said, "Should not be a partisan issue. We should not give (this report) objective credibility."

So, apparently what Kline is saying is....since Republicans won't talk about torture and any Democratic report is by definition, partisan, then Kline has decided he won't talk about it period.

On the one hand he says there may be some truth about torture in the report, but on the other hand, Democrats are giving us that truth, so we should reject its credibility.

That defies logic.

Kline has one part right...torture isn't a partisan issue. It is a topic that should be discussed openly and our elected officials should weigh in on the matter. But Congressman Kline doesn't want to discuss it in a substantive manner, he simply chooses to ignore it.

Kline uses the "partisan" excuse all the time. And that is because he only thinks of things in partisan terms.

A torture discussion would be uncomfortable and cast the US military in a bad light.

So in Kline's world, the topic needs to be ignored.

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John Kline - Bad Representation, Part II: Pension Benefits

Category: John Kline
Posted: 12/12/14 09:32

by Dave Mindeman

In a major disappointment, the US House managed to pass that ugly budget bill that hands the big banks a repeat of deregulation that puts taxpayers at risk once again and also includes John Kline's pension benefits whack job.

Business as usual I guess.

Hopefully, Elizabeth Warren can "fix" the banking giveaway in the Senate, but she faces an uphill battle. But Kline's pension gouge is likely to survive.

I am always amazed at how the pension problem blame seems to get placed on the pension beneficiaries - as if they are somehow undeserving and wrongheaded.

But when these benefits were negotiated, there was mutual agreement on how it all would be implemented. And I didn't see Wall Street objecting to the money getting funneled into their playpen.

A number of retirees counted on pensions in their retirement planning and some even allowed other benefits and salary increases to be adjusted if the pension benefit was given a boost.

As some companies went bankrupt and the stock market wreaked its own brand of havoc on large plans, pension beneficiaries are more often getting left holding the bag. And now, many pensions that have survived will see their benefits slashed....because we certainly can't expect business to "live up to those obligations".

As usual, your Congressional representation is not siding with the pension recipient constituents.

Just an additional case of government corporate welfare getting a return on its lobbyist investment.

Thanks again, John Kline. The 2nd District gets another consequence for voting you in again.
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The Continuing Saga Of John Kline And Bad Representation

Category: John Kline
Posted: 12/10/14 09:32

by Dave Mindeman

Congressman John Kline must be feeling particularly frisky again, because he is back to his old social issues interference....

Last week Kline, head of the House Education and Workforce Committee, co-authored a scolding letter to the Labor Department for issuing new rules protecting the gay employees of federal contractors from discrimination. The rules now dictate that if a company wants to dine at the government trough, it can't fire, discipline, or refuse to hire based on someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.

But Kline claims the Labor Department failed to allow for a 60-day public comment period. This, presumably, would have given voice to compelling arguments on why discrimination is actually good, thus forcing the feds to rethink their position.

"Such a notice-and-comment period would have provided the public an opportunity to alert [the Labor Department] to problems that may arise implementing the executive order," wrote Kline.

Kline seems to believe that bigots need time to weigh in on such a policy? After all, discrimination has its good points?????

Is there something about John Kline that shields him from accountability? He keeps getting elected and keeps doing the same things. Have we reached the definition of insanity in this district? Do we really believe that Congressman John Kline is representing the entirety of this district?

He protects predatory practices of the For-Profit college industry. He supports boots on the ground military intervention. He votes Yea on every anti-choice measure that comes his way. The Second District continues to get shortchanged on its Federal dollars...getting back only 52 cents on every dollar we pay. Infrastructure continues to suffer from lack of Federal matching funds on local projects.

And yet, despite all that, John Kline continues to return to Washington and hides beside a facade of "getting things done".

He's not getting anything done. Its a lie. The simple truth is that John Kline is just a very bad representative for the interests of the 2nd District.

And so it goes.
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