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And The Award Goes To....John Kline!

Category: John Kline
Posted: 08/15/15 06:00

by Dave Mindeman

There is one key guy in Congress that could really do something about student loan debt right now. He chairs the House Committee that deals with it. He could have a direct effect on everything that deals with students and higher education.

That guy is Congressman John Kline, 2nd District of Minnesota.

But he is AWOL on the subject. He does nothing.

So it is not surprising that he was AWOL when a group of Democratic students trudged up to his Burnsville office to offer him an award that indicated how they felt about his "actions" regarding students.


The award is an honorary "Doctor of Sticking It To Students" Award.

And well deserved I might add. Unfortunately, however, "Dr." Kline was not available to receive his prestigious award. The "confrontation" was described by Haylee Hilton, Chair of the Minnesota College Democrats, in this way:

"The receptionist seemed excited at first until we mentioned that the diploma was for "sticking it to the students." Her face fell and she requested we quit taking pictures and video and told us we did not have permission to use her likeness in any public way. She composed herself rather quickly, however, and kept pleasant conversation and had the constituents fill out forms."

That is kind of the way the Kline office operates. They only really engage people who have the proper ideological bent. A group of students, who are not happy with Kline's policies, are probably not going to get a lot of cooperation. But then, the receptionist didn't kick them out...as has been known to happen on occasion a few years ago.

As for the "diploma" award? Haylee tells us....

The diploma was briskly set behind the desk and out of sight.

Guess it is not going on the wall any time soon.

Funny....the students got a much friendlier reception from Angie Craig...


Guess you could say a Congresswoman Craig would get a much different type of award? Just an assumption.
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Rep. Kline: Rhetoric Without Action or Blatant Obstruction

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/07/15 18:01

by Dave Mindeman

City Pages had another good posting on our Congressman John Kline. The opening lines gave Kline a little boost....

John Kline, Minnesota's Most Reprehensible Congressman (TM), has tried to come across as more cuddlier in recent months. He's toured dilapidated Native American schools and supported student loan relief for kids ripped off by for-profit colleges.

Which is true, except for the fact that he has not delivered for the Native American Schools (ironically, the State of Minnesota has) and his loan relief only applies to students at the bankrupt corporate Corinthian Colleges. Mr. Kline seems to have forgotten the millions of other "ripped off" students.

But Kline has reverted quickly back to form...opposing Obama's executive order that would increase the number of workers who would get overtime pay. It is worth noting that these are workers who have already put in overtime, but are not getting paid because their company classifies them with a bogus salary title.

Kline, who himself works about a hundred days a year, can't fathom why these working class people would need to the extra compensation - even though they did the actual work.

And also in keeping with Kline's flippant support (meaning none) of equal pay for women, it turns out that 56% of the people affected by the overtime ruling are women.

That's the pattern with our Congressman.....sympathetic rhetoric with no action for some issues and blatant opposition for others.

It is getting to be a tiresome pattern....(sigh).
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CD2 - Mary Lawrence: Pro-Business Candidate

Category: John Kline
Posted: 06/30/15 03:56

by Dave Mindeman

It is hard to figure a candidate's positions from fundraising letters, but they often give clues to what kind of a legislator they might be should they get elected.

Here is a quote that came in a campaign e-mail regarding the Mary Lawrence for Congress campaign (via her husband Jim Lawrence)....

For more than 50 quarters as CFO of Northwest Airlines, General Mills and Unilever, I sweated through the last few days of the quarter-end. Sales orders need to come in, and the guys and gals in the warehouses need to work long hours to get the goods out the door. (Slightly different in the airline business, but you get the idea.)

Now, I am sweating for my wife, Mary, who needs your dollars before midnight tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30.

This is not a letter to persuade you to contribute. This is a call to action!

If you believe that a centrist, pro-growth, pro-business congresswoman would better serve this country than a far-right (or left) partisan ideologue, then we need action today.

That last paragraph is interesting. It was subtle but what is said in parentheses is probably a veiled attack on Angie Craig. And the nice little code words of "pro-growth" and "pro-business" give us a little more insight into what kind of Congressperson Mary Lawrence aspires to be.

Lawrence is attempting to position herself as a "centrist" candidate. And that's fine, if you think replacing John Kline with a very slight twist to the left from his right wing positions is the only way to win in the 2nd District.

And while Lawrence doesn't make a direct reference to Craig as a leftward partisan ideologue - it is hard to imagine that there is anyone else on the horizon who could remotely bring up the (or left) subject unless Lawrence sees something out there that the rest of us don't.

It is getting more clear that Lawrence is going to run and legislate as a Blue Dog Democrat. Let's just say-- more of a Collin Peterson than a Betty McCollum. And, frankly, that's OK if you think that is what it will take to beat John Kline.

Personally, I'd rather see a more transparent and complete ideological change from what Kline has been delivering. Moving from a Congressman who is owned by the corporations....to a person who has a corporate ear...is probably not enough for me...but that's just me.

Jim Lawrence gives us a corporate view for the Mary Lawrence campaign and I doubt this would be "paid for" by the Lawrence campaign unless that is clearly where she stands as well.

To be fair, I think Angie Craig has pretty close corporate ties as well. After all, she comes out of the Medical Device industry with their device tax repeal agenda. But Lawrence aspires to get that corporate sympathizer label all to herself.

Pro-growth and pro-business. Pro-growth depends on where that growth goes and we all know it is NOT going to the 99%. And if being pro-business is the way to get there....well, we have heard enough of that from the other party. Don't need to dump Kline to get that.

Mary Lawrence applauded the Supreme Court's same sex marriage ruling, supported the Obamacare ruling, and is a strong advocate for Veterans.

But if pro-business is your method of fundraising in the Democratic base, then more questions need to be answered.
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