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Globe University Wants a Retraction

Category: John Kline
Posted: 02/06/15 22:14, Edited: 02/06/15 22:17

by Dave Mindeman

When you write a small blog like this, you, at times, wonder if anybody is reading it. You can get a general feel of how many people visit the site, but who is actually reading it, is still a bit of a mystery.

Well, I did find out one thing. The Globe University Media Department read this post - Globe U Ends Scam Justice Program - Kline Is Silent....and apparently are not fans.

I know this because I got this e-mail from them today....

From: Naomi McDonald
Director of Communication
Globe Education Network

Please see attached and make the necessary corrections to your story regarding the Globe University and Minnesota School of Business criminal justice program.

Thank you,


Here is the attatchment that she sent:

Date: February 6, 2015
Statement from Globe University-Minnesota School of Business
Re: Enrollment Discontinuation of Criminal Justice Program

On January 7, 2015, Globe University and Minnesota School of Business formally ceased enrolling new students in the Associate in Applied Science and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice programs at all residential campuses in Minnesota.

On Tuesday, February 2, 2015, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published the story "Twin Cities business schools halt enrollment for controversial criminal justice program," which inaccurately reported our colleges cancelled the criminal justice degree programs. Several updates have been made to the inaccurate report; the latest under the erroneous headline
"Globe University, Minnesota School of Business close programs and strand students."

The Globe University and Minnesota School of Business criminal justice programs are not and have never been cancelled. To cease enrollment means we will no longer offer the program to new students at this time. It does not mean we are ceasing course offerings or support to current students. The decision to cease enrollment of new students does not
impact students currently enrolled in our criminal justice associate and bachelor's degree programs. We remain committed to providing our criminal justice students with top-tier education and support through graduation.

The Star Tribune's article also infers that the decision was made due to "increasing scrutiny since Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson filed suit accusing them of using high-pressure sales tactics to mislead students about their job prospects after graduation." This is inaccurate. As a career college, we are committed to offering degree programs that align with student and employer demand. We continuously evaluate our degree programs based on enrollment, retention, and placement of our students and graduates. In this case, we determined we would not be able to continue to provide the same level of student experience in the criminal justice degree program due to waning prospective student interest.

We are committed to the success of our current criminal justice students and will continue to support these students as they work toward completion of their degree, and ultimately join the state's workforce. It is unfortunate the state's most prominent newspaper would publish a report without the proper facts.

Obviously, Globe's Media People are really after the Star Tribune story,(Click Here) but since I referenced it in my blog post, I guess they thought they might as well hit me with it too.

So, should there be a retraction?


There might be a "technical" correction. Technically, the Criminal Justice Programs are not "shut down" completely. Current students are allowed to continue. They will not be accepting new students because after the current students are finished, there will be no Criminal Justice Program. So, yes it is "shut down" for the future.

But what are the current program's students supposed to do? They continue to pay tuition for a program that has no future, has no recognition from state law enforcement, and most likely will have no job prospects. How is that a good thing?

Yes, the program is not cancelled....but maybe it should be....and give those current students tuition credit to move to a different program...now.

Globe also does not like the references made to Attorney General Lori Swanson's scrutiny of the University. Globe seems to be insinuating that this has had no effect on their decision making process - "This is inaccurate" - is the way they put it.

But seriously, it wasn't considered? I mean here is a program that has no future - Attorney General scrutiny; DOD scrutiny; negative media publicity. I mean, really, who are they kidding?

Media relations people often test the bounds of credulity when they question a story that puts them in a bad light. They will pounce on a word here or there, but it is hard to deny the factual impact of what happened with the Globe Criminal Justice Program. It preyed upon vulnerable veterans...convincing them that their program would give them a job in law enforcement and happily took their GI Bill money to pay for it.

Hey, Globe. As long as you're listening, how about sending your buddy, John Kline, a note and have him contact me with some retraction requests. I'd love to talk to him about how he gets all those campaign contributions from you and supposedly looks out for veterans.

We could have a nice talk.
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Globe U. Ends Scam Criminal Justice Program - Kline Is Silent

Category: John Kline
Posted: 02/03/15 22:08, Edited: 02/03/15 22:09

by Dave Mindeman

Globe University and its sister institution Minnesota School of Business abruptly shut down their criminal justice program. For years they have been recruiting students (many of them veterans) implying that they will move them into law enforcement jobs upon graduation. But that was a false premise....

Minnesota's law enforcement licensing board does not recognize Globe and MSB's criminal justice program accreditation, meaning their degrees, which can cost upward of $40,000, are virtually meaningless for jobs at most state law enforcement agencies. Critics have charged that the schools do not make that clear to prospective students.

Many veterans used their GI Bill money to enroll in these programs, only to be left high and dry with a useless certificate and their money wasted.

Globe University, a for-profit institution, has utilized this false pretext to garner huge sums of government money with no accountability.

One way this could have been lessened would have been to force these for-profit schools to make GI Bill loans part of the 90/10 rule which forces these for-profit schools to count Veteran enrollment/GI Bill money as part of the 90% maximum they can take from governmental funds. (Currently this money is exempt.) This wouldn't end their charlatan recruiting practices but it could lessen the number of students that would be affected.

That 90/10 rule expansion has been blocked by a key individual in the Education and Workforce Committee - our very own Congressman John Kline.

The pressure on Globe's criminal justice program has been building as the State Attorney General, Lori Swanson, has begun investigations. And Globe has obviously decided that this lucrative scam has become too volatile to continue.

And in addition there is this....

In October, the Department of Defense placed Globe and the Minnesota School of Business on probation, meaning the schools could no longer accept some federal military educational benefits.

John Kline is a military veteran. He chairs a committee that deals with education issues. Why don't we hear from Kline in regard to this issue? Why isn't Kline, the "pork buster" concerned about the waste of government money being defaulted paying for worthless programs?

I'm sure we will get the usual Kline response - silence..... while he counts the Globe University's campaign money that bolsters his coffers.

Scam money given to a scam Congressman.
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John Kline Has Not One, But Two Challengers For 2016

Category: John Kline
Posted: 01/26/15 18:16, Edited: 01/26/15 18:25

by Dave Mindeman


by Dave Mindeman

Here we are. It's still only January (over 21 months away from the 2016 election) and Congressman John Kline already has TWO challengers to his re-election campaign.

One comes from within his own party - David Gerson. This isn't something new; Gerson has already run twice to wrestle the GOP endorsement away from Kline. The only thing notable about this time around is that he is making his intentions known much earlier than before. Worth some observation, but otherwise not really relevant --- yet.

But the other announcement is a little more surprising. A St. Jude's Corporate executive, Angela Craig, has announced her intentions to seek the DFL endorsement for 2016. She has already stepped away from her VP position in HR to make this run, although she will still stay with the company in a lesser management position.

A few things to note.

1 - Ms. Craig has virtually no political experience. This is good in some ways- bad in others. Her only foray into politics is being a Precinct Chair in Eagan..a position she took on in 2013 - so very recent. Her only other connection is that she and her spouse (Cheryl Greene) held a significant fundraiser for Rep. Laurie Halverson of Eagan. A political novice against the ultimate political animal, John Kline is a tough match-up. However, she also has some long term experience in the other political game of climbing the corporate ladder.

2 - She is gay.... and that is something John Kline has never dealt with very well in a general sense. Oh, we know how he feels about gay marriage and gay rights in general (he's against all of it), but he seems awkward in dealing with it in a political way.

3 - Corporate Exec in the Medical Device Industry. I find that very interesting, which makes me very interested in her political stance on the Medical Device Tax. I would assume, as an executive in the Med Device industry, that she favors its repeal - and that position is not an unusual Democratic position in this state. After all, all 10 of our Representatives are now on record as favoring that repeal. What is more important is the position she takes on the ramifications of that repeal. Because the revenue from the Med Device Tax is one of the financial pillars that pays for Obamacare. Will she insist on some kind of revenue offset? or will she just insist on the repeal and leave that multi-billion dollar hole in ACA financing? Those are questions that need to be answered.

4 - Women Winning Board Member. Craig is on the WomenWinning board, but only recently. The website notes her as a board member since 2014. But I would assume that she would not make this announcement unless WomenWinning was fully on board for support. That is also significant.

There are other questions which will be answered in due time. Does she plan any self financing? Does she have a significant financial network in place? Has she developed any political networking over the past few years? And what are the feelings of other Medical Device Companies execs and board members about her candidacy?

All of that is fodder for another day. But the fact that challenges to Kline are coming out of the gate so early will make 2016 an interesting challenge for our favorite corporate shill, John Kline.
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