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SCOTUS Gives Kline An NLRB Win - But Without Substance

Category: John Kline
Posted: 06/26/14 19:49

by Dave Mindeman

John Kline was happy with the Supreme Court decision today. They ruled that Obama's "recess" appointments of NLRB board members was unconstitutional.

Kline says...(the decision) "will rein in his abuse of power and restored some checks and balances to our system of government,"

A bit grandiose, Mr. Kline.

The decision does not block recess appointments. The problem with the NLRB appointments is that they were made during a short break in the Senate session - not a full recess.

But the reason President Obama tried to do it was that the Senate was in its filibuster everything mode and the NLRB had no quorum to do anything. They were effectively eliminated as a body.

Which of course was fine with Kline. It blocked labor organizations from moving on any actions they might want to take. There could be no appeal to the NLRB.

The reality of this SCOTUS decision is that little will change. During the interim, the Senate changed the filibuster rules and the NLRB appointees have been legally confirmed.

There may be some question as to the decisions made by the NLRB during the lawsuit progression, but generally all it means is that the duly appointed board will revisit those decisions -- and since the make up of the board is the same, those decisions will just be reaffirmed.

Kline's GOP won on "points" but gained nothing of substance.

But Kline will crow never the less because Congressman Kline doesn't deal in substance.

It is just his way.
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Cong. John Kline - The Pork Fighter Has Joined In On the Bacon

Category: John Kline
Posted: 06/23/14 00:16

by Dave Mindeman

Remember when Congressman John Kline went on his "pork" crusade?

Please join me in this fight as we bring to light the federal government's wasteful practices by fighting to rid Washington of wasteful pork-barrel spending that is burdening our children and grandchildren with insurmountable debt and threatening our nation's future.

"Wasteful spending"....."burdening our children and grandchildren with insurmountable debt".....

Yeah. That stuff. You know what really fits that picture of waste and debt? For Profit Colleges.

Here's a description from David Halperin in The National Memo:

... the for-profit education industry,....is fighting to stop the Obama administration's "gainful employment" rule. That regulation, for which public comments are due this week, would hold predatory companies in the career education industry accountable for its heavily documented waste, fraud, and abuse of federal tax dollars and for the countless students across the country who have been left with worthless degrees and overwhelming debt.

For-profit colleges don't have any credible arguments against the gainful employment rule, so instead they use the thing that talks loudest in Washington: money. And they have plenty of it; despite declining enrollments and plunging share prices amid mounting public awareness of industry abuses, the for-profit colleges have cash to spend, because their industry has been getting as much as $33 billion per year from taxpayers.

Two members of Congress are the big recipients of that cash.. Rep. Virginia Foxx and Rep. John Kline.

Foxx, along with House Education Committee chairman John Kline (R-MN), another major recipient of for-profit college campaign cash, has led the effort in the House to oppose the gainful employment rule and other measures to curb abuses by for-profit colleges.

Imagine that. Mr. Pork Fighter is working to block a rule that would curb waste in a $33 billion taxpayer targeted industry. An industry that is a major factor in the enormous debt burden placed on students. A debt burden that sometimes includes useless degrees.

It is a taxpayer boondoggle, yet Mr. Pork Fighter is obstructing the fix - while he collects his donor checks from the for profit college lobbyists that benefit from his obstruction.

"Burdening our children and grandchildren with insurmountable debt"...

Funny thing about Kline - instead of fighting it, he has surrendered and joined the other side.
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John Kline - Protecting His For Profit College Buddies

Category: John Kline
Posted: 05/27/14 01:31

by Dave Mindeman


For profit colleges have given a lot of money to Congressman John Kline. And where do they get all that money???.....

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, for-profit colleges have donated over $7.4 million through PACs and individual contributions since 2010. In that same time period, they spent an additional $28.7 million lobbying congress. A small investment for an industry that receives up to 86 percent of their revenues from federal taxpayer dollars.

Well, I guess you could say that your student's debt is going partially into John Kline's campaign coffers....as well as your Federal tax dollars that support that debt and defaulted debt. And what does John Kline do with all that money? He protects the For Profit colleges....NOT your student.


You might see some dollar bills floating around with this stamp on them. When you see one, think of John Kline - it probably went through his campaign at some point in time anyway.
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