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There Is Only One Real Answer On Immigration

Category: Immigration
Posted: 07/22/14 14:15

by Dave Mindeman

Immigration rhetoric has deteriorated steadily since we had the more intelligent debate about undocumented residents. Now, everything is defined on the basis of "NIMBY" - not in my back yard.

These Central American kids, that are the basis of the current uproar, are just trying to escape a difficult and dangerous life. Why some people are "fearful" of them is a stretch of the imagination.

These kids are not really a situation of border "security". They are not trying to hide. They are not using tunnels or hiding in the back of trucks. They are seeking out border guards and simply hoping that they will be treated for what they essentially are - refugees.

For his part, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is rapidly turning into another comical icon. In an effort to make some political hay out of a very serious situation, he has decided that he needs to put the National Guard on the border to "secure" it.

Exactly what does that accomplish? These kids aren't hiding - so they can't help in search operations. They certainly are not an "armed" threat - so the extra "guns" aren't needed. They aren't really coming in the kind of numbers that would need "crowd control" - so the Guardsmen aren't needed for that either.

Essentially, Governor Perry is using his "army" for an expensive political stunt. Sounds like another "oops" to me.

And the small cadre of protesters have lost sight of the actual debate on immigration. These kids aren't any part of that problem. And the mean spirited signs and language are, quite frankly, embarrassing to watch.

All of this foolishness is just another reason for acting on real immigration policy. Something the Congressional House Republicans refuse to do. They talk a lot. They criticize a lot. But action seems beyond their capabilities.

Last night on Almanac, Congressman John Kline was asked about this situation on the border. He went into the usual stonewall answer. He went into his compassionate feelings for these kids but gave no substantive response about what to do. Which means, as usual, doing nothing but blame the administration. Obama has put in a request for funding to deal with the situation (action does require cost)....but Kline didn't even discuss it - always looking for specifics. Specifics that his own Party avoids outlining.

We keep saying that our "immigration system is broken"....on that everyone seems to agree. But we can't fix it because Congress is broken. If the GOP wants the power of the majority in Congress then it also needs to have the will to act. House Republicans do not have that.

And the only answer for anything in regards to immigration is to fix Congress.....and that means replacing the obstructive majority.

It has become that simple.
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"Selective Morality"

Category: Immigration
Posted: 07/09/14 16:19, Edited: 07/09/14 16:19

by Dave Mindeman

Here is an interesting statement from John McCain....

"What about people in other parts of the world? Don't they need this kind of relief? Aren't they persecuted? What about the Middle East? What about Africa? This is selective morality that's being practiced here," McCain said on the Senate floor. "We want people to come to this country legally, we want them to come if they are persecuted. But we want [it in] an orderly fashion."

Selective morality.

When you get down to the heart of the matter, the entire immigration system is based on "selective morality".

Why do Cuban baseball players get immediate immigration attention? Why do skilled IT professionals from all over the world get immediate immigration attention?

And from a legal stand point, the 2008 law that George Bush signed about minors who enter this country does apply. There aren't kids from the Middle East or Africa or Europe showing up in Texas....they are kids from Central America and the law applies pretty darn directly. Is that "selective morality" or is it just applying the law?

But getting back to immigration issues.

H1-B visas are used by employers to get special status for workers who have special skills they need. These workers get H1-B status that gets them 3 years in the US with renewals and a special path to a green card and eventually citizenship if they want it. Their families can get in on an H-4 status as long as the original employee is granted the H1-B status.

So, we know that employers can get what they want. Is that "selective morality"? Maybe - maybe not.

There is an F-1 visa for a foreign student. A B-1 visa for someone wanting to do business in the US. A J-1 visa for foreign instructors or researchers.

A number of these specialty visas might expire without the individual leaving....and they become undocumented. But our rhetoric centers on "brown skin" undocumenteds with the false assumption is that this is just a Mexican or Central American problem.

So, education and skills play a factor. Is that "selective morality" when the poor and unskilled are rejected?

When it comes to these children coming through the border, I can't help but think how desperate the parents have to be to send these kids away from their home on the slight chance that they can a) survive the journey and b) be allowed into this country. They are sending their kids away on the roll of the dice. How hopeless do things have to be where you live to even consider a life changing event like this?

Our immigration "values" used to be based on helping the desperate and giving a chance to the disadvantaged. Now we only consider those already privileged for legal status.

Isn't that the real "selective morality" in play here?
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For the GOP - Day Of Reckoning On Immigration Is Coming Soon

Category: Immigration
Posted: 02/25/14 18:38

by Dave Mindeman

The US House Democrats are trying to circulate a discharge petition to bring the immigration bill to a vote. For those of you who don't know, a discharge petition can bring a bill to the floor of the House if it can get 218 signatures - a majority of the members.

Republicans continue to avoid bringing this up for debate. It is an avoidance that will be futile in the future.

Let's look at some demographic data:

Florida (27 electoral votes) has a white population of 57.9% at the moment. Hispanics make up 29.6% of the population.

Texas (34 electoral votes) has a white population of 45.3%. Hispanics make up 37.6%.

California (56 electoral votes) has a white population of 40.1%. Hispanics make up 37.6% of the populace.

Arizona (10 electoral votes) has a white population of 57.8%. Hispanics now make up 29.6% of the total.

Nevada (5 electoral votes) has a white population of 54.1%. Hispanics are at 26.5%

New Mexico (5 electoral votes) has a white population of 40.5%. Hispanics are the majority at 46.3%.

Those states have a total of 137 electoral votes. Over 1/2 of the amount needed to elect a President. Three of those states have minorities making up a full majority of the population (Texas, California, and New Mexico).

Some other demographic notes to ponder.....

Maryland has a 54.7% white population. Louisiana is at 60.3%. And even Mississippi has a white population that is 58% of the total. Even more interesting is that Hawaii has a white populace of 22.7% - the majority of the state has Asian descent.

Republicans can continue to wish all of this away, but these trends show no sign of discontinuing.

And to let immigration inaction burn as a minority issue (an issue for which they can bear direct blame) in this country is political suicide for the GOP. Pure and simple.

In 2014, the Republicans may think that they can stall on this...obstruct on this...and continue on their merry majority way. And odds are that they can - at least for now....one more time.

But the day of reckoning is close at hand. And burying your heads in the sand won't protect you.

Hear that John Kline? Hear that Erik Paulsen?

Don't say you weren't warned.
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