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The GOP Has A Constitutional Remedy - PASS A BILL!

Category: Immigration
Posted: 11/21/14 14:06

by Dave Mindeman

House Republicans had a swift reaction to Obama's executive order on immigration....

They filed a lawsuit - on his actions on healthcare?


Boehner has been shopping this lawsuit idea for months and I guess he finally found a lawyer (Jonathan Turley) willing to do it. But this lawsuit is being pursued based on what Obama has NOT done on the health care law. And has nothing to do with executive action on immigration.

Is Congress really so broken that they can't even get their lawsuits figured out? This suit will fail and even if they do bring up one on immigration, that will fail as well. Obama isn't doing something revolutionary. He is doing what past Presidents have always done...and he is actually doing less of it than most. Executive orders are one means of executing laws in the best manner possible. And Obama is doing just that on health care and immigration.

If Boehner wants to stop Obama, he has a very clear Constitutional remedy. PASS A DAMN LAW! Instead of not doing anything and having sessions about once every other week, PASS A DAMN LAW!

In regards to immigration, you already have the bipartisan Senate bill sitting on your desk. All you have to do is move it to the floor. It will pass - maybe with more Democrats than Republicans - but it will pass.

And if you do that, immigration can be taken off the table as a divisive topic. Families can make plans for the future. And we can all get back to the business of governing.

But, Speaker Boehner won't do that will he? He can't. Because he has too many negative voices speaking much too loud.

It would take some political courage but the answer is right there on his desk. PASS THE DAMN BILL!
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Finally - Action on Immigration

Category: Immigration
Posted: 11/19/14 22:53

by Dave Mindeman

The arguments on the current immigration controversy are encapsulized in this statement from Cong. Paul Ryan....

"We've gone to the president and said, 'Give us time to do immigration reform, to work on the issue this year. We want to get this done.' And this is the reaction he has to that?" said Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the 2012 vice presidential candidate. "He had two years with a super-majority of his own party, and he didn't lift a finger. And now he won't give us a few weeks? He's basically choosing to give us a partisan bomb."

Ryan seems to have forgotten recent history. During Obama's first two years, yes, it would have been easier to address immigration problems - but the GOP was even more obstinate to it at the time....and Obama had invested almost all of his political capital into health care. And he needed every bit of it to get that passed.

What Ryan leaves out is that after a long and bitter battle, the Senate did pass an immigration compromise with Republican support in 2013. Since then it has been Ryan's House majority that has been the ones who have not lifted a finger.

But now, after the President has telegraphed very publicly that he would act on his own if the House did not...now, that executive action on immigration is imminent, Paul Ryan wants everybody to "slow down".

"Give us time" - says Ryan. Time for what? Time for more internal squabbles with the Tea Party factions? Time for more rhetoric about securing the border? Time for more of the same tired political nonsense?

The US House could move on this anytime. They could send a signal now that the Senate bill will be on the floor tomorrow and I would be confident that Obama would delay his announcement for that vote. But they won't do that will they. There is never a time that is enough time. The House cannot act.

So President Obama is going to stop the pain for these Latino families. He should have stopped it long ago, but at least he has reached that point where it is enough.

And it is not like Republicans don't need to still act. What Obama is doing here is merely a temporary stay. It is not permanent. The GOP can still pass a more permanent solution to their liking, but everyone knows they won't.

Their idea of working on immigration is to criticize the President and do nothing. That much is clear.

So, GOP, do your worst. Act on your threats.

But please don't insult us with claims that you had any intention of solving the problem.

We know better.
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There Is Only One Real Answer On Immigration

Category: Immigration
Posted: 07/22/14 14:15

by Dave Mindeman

Immigration rhetoric has deteriorated steadily since we had the more intelligent debate about undocumented residents. Now, everything is defined on the basis of "NIMBY" - not in my back yard.

These Central American kids, that are the basis of the current uproar, are just trying to escape a difficult and dangerous life. Why some people are "fearful" of them is a stretch of the imagination.

These kids are not really a situation of border "security". They are not trying to hide. They are not using tunnels or hiding in the back of trucks. They are seeking out border guards and simply hoping that they will be treated for what they essentially are - refugees.

For his part, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is rapidly turning into another comical icon. In an effort to make some political hay out of a very serious situation, he has decided that he needs to put the National Guard on the border to "secure" it.

Exactly what does that accomplish? These kids aren't hiding - so they can't help in search operations. They certainly are not an "armed" threat - so the extra "guns" aren't needed. They aren't really coming in the kind of numbers that would need "crowd control" - so the Guardsmen aren't needed for that either.

Essentially, Governor Perry is using his "army" for an expensive political stunt. Sounds like another "oops" to me.

And the small cadre of protesters have lost sight of the actual debate on immigration. These kids aren't any part of that problem. And the mean spirited signs and language are, quite frankly, embarrassing to watch.

All of this foolishness is just another reason for acting on real immigration policy. Something the Congressional House Republicans refuse to do. They talk a lot. They criticize a lot. But action seems beyond their capabilities.

Last night on Almanac, Congressman John Kline was asked about this situation on the border. He went into the usual stonewall answer. He went into his compassionate feelings for these kids but gave no substantive response about what to do. Which means, as usual, doing nothing but blame the administration. Obama has put in a request for funding to deal with the situation (action does require cost)....but Kline didn't even discuss it - always looking for specifics. Specifics that his own Party avoids outlining.

We keep saying that our "immigration system is broken"....on that everyone seems to agree. But we can't fix it because Congress is broken. If the GOP wants the power of the majority in Congress then it also needs to have the will to act. House Republicans do not have that.

And the only answer for anything in regards to immigration is to fix Congress.....and that means replacing the obstructive majority.

It has become that simple.
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