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Kurt Bills: Going Sexist Rogue

Category: Amy Klobuchar
Posted: 09/28/12 13:21, Edited: 09/28/12 13:23

by Dave Mindeman

I think that if there was any doubt that Kurt Bills quixotic quest for the United States was over, campaign manager Mike Osskopp has removed any doubt.

Even Minnpost's David Brauer, who has no love for the Star Tribune, couldn't hold back on the ridiculous "Daddy's girl" comments from the former John Kline campaign staffer.

Not only did he make the sexist comments off the cuff, but he doubled down and put it into a fundraising letter.


Kurt Bills is ultimately responsible for all of this and it verifies the ever present speculation that Bills is in over his head. Bills had one term as a Rosemount City Councilman and then moved up to be the state rep for Rosemount/Apple Valley. He was one of the House Reps for my own Senate District (the opposite House side of mine).

Since he was a school teacher in Rosemount, nobody understood the full ramifications of his Ron Paul politics. To a lot of people, he was the nice guy economics teacher.

I had an inkling that we were in trouble with this guy when I found out he was an early endorsee of the "Liberty Caucus" - the Minnesota Ron Paul wing of the party. He won that seat and was off to the races with his nutty currency ideas. And then he became a spokesperson for the Ron Paul campaign. One thing led to another and suddenly he is the US Senate nominee for the Grand Old Party.

He never had a clue.

He still hasn't figured out how to do a state wide race. Fundraising has been awful. He still thinks he can teach his class while campaigning. And he has to explain why he has ended up supporting Mitt Romney....after wavering for several months.

And now..."Daddy's girl"?????

And the reason this all comes up is that the Minnesota Poll shows a 29 point gap that Bills has to make up to catch Klobuchar. And somewhere in the deep recesses of their campaign strategy they feel that holding onto the perception of a polling spread of 15 points is important encough to risk sexist remarks.

Pretty bad when Minnesota Republicans are wishing for the good old days of the Mark Kennedy campaign.

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Kurt Bills - Stuck At the Starting Gate With Wobbly Wheels

Category: Amy Klobuchar
Posted: 08/29/12 18:12

by Dave Mindeman

Kurt Bills and his Econ 101 Senate campaign is getting a rude introduction to Politics 101.

The latest drag on his campaign is that Michael Brodkorb blogs that he should end his campaign now.

Let it be said that nobody needs to listen to advice from Michael Brodkorb anymore....his checkered background should allow one to take it all with a grain of salt. But Brodkorb does have considerable experience in political campaigns and strategies and he finds Kurt Bills as a non-credible candidate.

One of the problems Brodkorb sees is the idea that Bills thinks he can operate a Senate campaign and still teach high school. That might work in a county commissioner situation or a legislative race, but the US Senate is a full time committment....and then some.

Bills is also a very visible symptom of a state party with internal problems. He got the endorsement riding the Minnesota Ron Paul wave. That wave worked the mechanics of the endorsement process but seems to be lacking on party machinery to operate a statewide campaign. The backlash was very evident in the primary where Bills could only muster 51% of the vote.

His fundraising has been anemic. His message is almost incoherent. And the perception is growing that he has no chance of winning.

The Klobuchar campaign is keeping up appearances and on the surface, taking Bills seriously, but she has the opportunity to broaden her campaign umbrella to affect other races and she probably will soon work on that as well.

The wheels on the Bills campaign are pretty wobbly and I suspect that the state Party will be adding this to their growing list of concerns....if not already hitting the panic button.
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Kurt Bills: A Mark Kennedy Redux?

Category: Amy Klobuchar
Posted: 05/19/12 12:50

by Dave Mindeman

Rep. Kurt Bills is the Minnesota GOP nominee for US Senate against Amy Klobuchar.

Once you get past that statement, we don't talk about the Senate race itself, because there is little chance that Kurt Bills will defeat Senator Klobuchar.

No, the topic becomes how will Kurt Bills affect the rest of the GOP ticket.

The MN GOP is going to have limited resources and let's face it, Kurt Bills is not going to attract much donor money outside of the Ron Paul network.

The important thing to realize is that the Paul network can raise decent money, but it never gets spread around. Bills will get his share but there won't be broader donations. Unless the GOP State Party fully embraces and invests in a Bills candidacy, they are going to be left out of the Paul "money bombs".

And that presents another dilemma. After we flesh out the Kurt Bills policies that he will present against Klobuchar, how much of the down ticket will really be on board. Will the MN GOP adopt an isolationist foreign policy? Will they embrace the "end the Fed" activity of Ron Paul monetary policy? Will they go back to health care that not only repeals Obamacare but eliminates Medicare and Medicaid as well? And will they all be singing the Social Security is unconstitutional mantra?

The MN GOP will have Romney at the top of the ticket with Kurt Bills occupying the state lead at US Senate. A candidate that is lukewarm in his support for the Presidential nominee and also a candidate that may disagree with Romney's foreign policy.

And where does that put the legislative races. Certainly, they will be affected by the top tier races and their visibility. Do they really believe that Bills is going to help them?

There is a good chance we may be heading for another Mark Kennedy fiasco. And that was a very good year for Democrats.

.....58% to 38%
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