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Really A Rogue?

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 02/02/10 11:35

by Alan Anderson

Sarah Palin told us in her book that she was going ?rogue.? Her book describes her roadmap: In order to progress, ?we must return to our founding principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and strong national defense.? To that end, SarahPAC is devoted to supporting ?fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation.?

This week we learned that her PAC has raised $1.3 million dollars. Interestingly, according FEC filings highlighted by the National Journal?s Hotline, Palin?s PAC spent more money on her Going Rogue book than on conservative candidates. She spent almost $48,000 on book purchases to Harper Collins, to be given to donors (hoping they will give to her), and $43,000 on conservative candidates seeking federal office. So much for supporting candidates.

This action certainly places her in the rogue category, but I?m not sure that is exactly where she wants to be. I find it interesting that she insists on being ?rogue,? unless of course, she doesn?t really know what rogue means. I certainly wouldn?t want others to know I was rogue?..especially if I wanted to be President of the United States.

Maybe Ms. Palin needs a reminder of what the word actually means. When you check a dictionary you find it has several meanings. Unfortunately, not many of them are flattering. For example: a rogue is an unprincipled person; a scoundrel. For a Republican it is especially unbecoming, meaning ?a vicious and solitary animal, especially an elephant that has separated itself from its herd. The Republican symbol is an elephant, so it has a special meaning in that context. It also refers to being mischievous. Worst case scenario, a rogue?s gallery is a ?collection of pictures of criminals maintained in police files used for making identification.

So, for Sarah Palin, a governor who has been charged with unprincipled behavior, tax evasion, and corruption of her power and position, to declare herself a ?rogue? is rather self defeating. In a sense, it is acknowledging the truth of the term?.she is someone who plays loose with the law and who ?separates? herself from her peers and social group.

Let?s accept Governor Palin?s assessment at face value. She wants us to know she is an unprincipled person who is a scoundrel. And she is running for President. Based on her actions, I believe her?she really is a person who is vicious and separated from her herd. Next time someone declares herself to be a rogue, run the other way. There could be a herd of elephants following!
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Sarah Palin: The Book Selling Icon

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 12/07/09 17:43

by Dave Mindeman

I wasn't going to comment on Sarah Palin's mass merchandising visit to the Mall of America, but Doug Grow's article in MinnPost begs for elaboration.

It is pretty clear that Palin's book tour is about making money, not about conservative politics....

...Palin, it should be noted, was not speaking with the press on this day. She didn't even make any announcement to the masses ? estimated at about 1,400 people by a mall official ? when she arrived for the signing 20 minutes early, 11:40 a.m.

No press....no comments.... Just a book signing machine.

Sarah Palin has all the makings of a tabloid writer's dream. She makes controversial statements. She plays the press martyr role as well as anyone can. And, she has a nutty extended family.

Politics was just her vehicle to fame and fortune. Who cares that she has no clue about how the country actually works.

Grow's article talks to a couple who traveled from Nebraska (???) to have a chance to get a book signed....

"We love Sarah," said Bonnie (Collins). "She's honest, trustworthy, a genuine person."

It amazes me that people just adore this woman and attribute qualities to her that have questionable validity. Honest? Almost all of the people she discusses in her book dispute her version of events. Trustworthy? She renegged on her promise to serve the people of Alaska for a four year term. Genuine? What is genuine about a person who calls herself a good ol' "hockey mom" yet spends or accepts over $150,000 in Saks Fifth Avenue clothing?

Hey, I'm not disputing the idea that there is a genuine love for Sarah out there. I'm just trying to get a handle on why.

During the MOA visit, some other politicians tried to bask in her aura. But this comment is over the top....

Phil Herwig, who is running for governor, was in the orange line because he believes she's a true conservative, not like so many of those who he says campaign conservative but then turn moderate following election.

"She seems to mean what she says," said Herwig, who compared her to Paul Wellstone and Martin Luther King as people of conviction.

Please...and I'm serious. What in the world would Sarah Palin have in common with Wellstone and Martin Luther King? I see why Herwig is about to be voted off the island in GOP Guv Survivor. He's delusional.

If the office of President is strictly a popularity contest, maybe Sarah Palin would be a contender. But in election years, the people generally begin to examine competency for the office as well.

I have not seen any evidence that she can pass that test yet.

But to Ms. Palin, that really doesn't matter. If people want to equate her as a possible Presidential candidate, it is just fine with her.

It sells more books.

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Sarah Palin: An Inspiring Author

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 12/07/09 12:25, Edited: 12/07/09 14:01

(In honor of Caribou Barbie's MOA visit...)

by Alan Anderson

?The interest by the press and the public in Sarah Palin?s new book, Going Rogue, has inspired many people to follow her lead. Several leading Republicans and leaders of American institutions are writing their own stories, like Sarah?s, of their American tale. Here are just a few examples of books to come in the next year.
Chief Supreme Court Justice Roberts has decided to write his story after he steps down from the court in 2010. Calling his book, Roberts The Rogue, the Chief Justice will detail his rise to power and his work on the court. He is quoted as having said he ?stepped down from the court because he had only 40 years left in his term, and as a somewhat lame duck, or jilted justice, he would not subject his colleagues and the nation to the instability caused by his precarious status.? He simply wanted to do his duty as a father and be able to stay home with his children, Trigger, Gun, Colt, and Bullet, all named for his favorite childhood hero, the Lone Ranger.
Former President George Bush has also been inspired to write his own personal story, Going Broke, By George, he plans to detail his poor upbringing and rise from emotional poverty to become the emotional poverty leader of the country. Bolstered by his mentor and ghost writer, Richard Cheney, Bush explains how he was placed in office by friends of his father and how he managed to destroy a baseball team, two foreign countries, and his own nation before stepping down as a blamed duck, shirking responsibility for any of his actions during his lifetime. Bush called his book a ?mem moi? (using his lavish fluency in the French language?.being affluent in seven languages) suggesting that the book was about ?me? and nobody else?.and would describe the personal side of his struggle with alcohol, English, and wild horses.
Former (and some think still) Vice President Cheney has also been inspired to write his personal story about a soft-spoken Wyoming westerner who served his country in many capacities (from acquiring several military deferments?.which was actually a noble public service because he knew he would make a poor soldier?.but could send others to war) to becoming the actual President of the United States (serving in a shadow capacity). He will detail the difficult time he had moving from a variety of governmental offices (Secretary of Defense, etc.) while he strongly promoted the notion that government bureaucrats were inept, overpaid, and unnecessary. Cheney claims his own work proved his point?.thus making him a martyr to himself. He did manage to salvage a small salary from a company named for two major movie stars, Hallie Berry and Richard Burton. Yes, Cheney?s work at Berry Richards made him a wealthy, powerful man who could ?out? any CIA agent he desired. He has decided to retire and lie down to rest his failing heart (which he seldom used). He will write his own American tale, called, Going to Lie.

Even business magnet (he attracts lots of metal money) Donald Trump has decided to follow Palin?s lead and pen his own story (with the help of a ghost writer, Jacob Marley), to show how he grew from a poor upbringing to become a wealthy son of a bitch who could hire and fire with the best of them. He will describe how he represents the true American success story, rising to the top the old fashioned way (with help from his wealthy family and connections). While never rising above the rank of apprentice, he was able to wield great power and influence before deciding, like Sarah, to quit because, as a maimed duck, he could do more good as a private citizen than just being The Donald. His book will be titled, The Bridge to Nowhere, or Two No Trump.

Palin has even inspired Democrats to follow her lead to write their contributions about the American saga. Former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore has decided that, he too, needs to end his lame duck status as world leader working to end global warming and turn, like Palin, to the world of avarice and greed and make as much money as he can in his remaining years. You don?t make much trying to fight companies like Exxon and BP, nor do polar bears or Eskimos send large donations in appreciation for trying to preserve their habitat and way of life. Rather, Gore will be making lots of book deals to promote such efforts as polluting the oceans more so we can destroy fisheries and drive up the cost of meat, to personal accounts of impressing cute restaurant wait staff in works titled, ?I?m a Big Tipper.? His personal story about turning from a lifetime devoted to peace and environmental stewardship to unadulterated greed in the material world will be simply called, Going Green.

And Michael Moore has decided to make the last movie of his career about Sarah and her prophetic impact on America and the world. He will describe how people from all over have come to seek Palin?s wisdom, from the Pope, to the Dalai Lama, to Glenn Beck, to Yogi Berra. She has inspired him to call the movie, ?I Don?t Know, But Alaskher.? Then Moore will pen a final piece about his work as a trashy move producer who finally discovered that, through Sarah, life is made blissful by focusing on the simple things: money, fame, fortune, lying, and ego building. The book will be titled, Roguer and Me.

Alas, Sarah Palin has taken the literary world by storm. Her inspiration and model will help millions of Americans to think about their own stories?how they can lead lives of simplicity and moral purity. And, of course, she will thank John McCain and his staff profusely for selecting her as vice-president, allowing her to show the world that a small town girl with small town values can demonstrate to the world what being small really means.
But, beware of her critics. They are mean and simply jealous. They suggest if you examine her closely, and take away her looks, as represented by the ?l? in the spelling of her name, you have the real Sarah. Ouch.
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