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Do Your Job

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 02/14/17 12:51

by Dave Mindeman

The silence is deafening.

With the Michael Flynn resignation, questions upon questions come to the surface and cry out for answers. Yet, with the Republicans controlling the reins of power, their lack of curiousity is troubling.

For over a year and a half, the House Investigations Committee with Chair Jacob Chaffetz scrutinized to the minutest detail, everything about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. No stone was left unturned. It hurt her campaign and hurt her credibility. Yet, they found nothing.

But, in the case of Flynn, we have had troubles brewing below the surface indicating that he was compromised long ago. He has had unpublicized Russian contacts that were looked into even prior to the election. The Justice Department, the FBI, and most of the intelligence apparatus were aware of the possibility, prior to the election, during the transition, and now openly stating it. Why they didn't give public statements on that, while insisting on broadcasting every move in the HRC investigation is still a very disturbing mystery.

But even with all of these revelations, the GOP Congress refuses to act. They have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and these United States....and here, we have a real national security threat that they choose to ignore.

You can't take partisanship into this realm. This is beyond Republican and Democrat. It is about our country. I guess the idea of America First doesn't apply if it is about a potential Republican embarrassment.

In the 1973-74 Watergate investigation, it was a Republican Senator, Howard Baker, who led the charge and asked the hard questions. To him, it wasn't about what was best for his Party - it was about the country.

That is the real America First attitude that we need right now. We do not know how far this reaches and what may have already been compromised by this White House and its web of deceit and chaotic function. But we can find out. We can ask the questions. We can have a government that actually does look out for the interest of the people and not some partisan protectionism.

Come on Congress -DO YOUR JOB!
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Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 01/13/17 05:04, Edited: 01/13/17 05:04

by Dave Mindeman

Just for an example of why Republican oversight is a joke, here are two headlines for today:

Key Senate committee won't probe possible Trump-Russia collusion.

Also today....

Chaffetz threatens to subpoena federal ethics watchdog over Trump criticism.

Don't think too hard - which would you think should be an actual topic for an investigation?

The Congressional Republicans need to figure out what they stand for.
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Honest Truth: Senate Democrats Are Getting This Wrong - For Now

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 01/12/17 19:58, Edited: 01/12/17 20:06

by Dave Mindeman

Alright, I am going to explain something. This is about facts not partisan foolishness.

You are going to hear from Democrats (in fund raising letters) that the GOP Senate in Washington took away the ACA coverage on pre-existing conditions.

Actually, this is not true.

An amendment failed that would guarantee pre-existing coverage but it failed because of procedure....not any wish to actually kill this coverage.

The process that the Congressional Senate is using to repeal the ACA has to meet certain criteria to avoid the use of filibuster to block it. If that amendment had passed, then the bill would be changed enough to warrant a filibuster attack.

The bill (this is a procedural bill, not actual repeal) passed with 51 votes (Rand Paul voted against because, so far, it does not include replacement language).

So fundraising on this vote is a little dishonest. Yeah, stuff like this goes on all the time, and Democrats will get attacked in the future because they may need the same tactic.

But I want readers of this blog to know what is true.

I have decided that this will be the true purpose of this blog...that to the best of my ability, the writing here is going to give you the facts as I know them. Sometimes my understanding may be wrong, but it will not be without effort of finding the reality of a situation. And if I find what is wrong, I will correct it.

I know I have a liberal slant. I freely admit to that and won't change that. But one thing I hate most is hypocrisy. I call Republicans out on it a lot, because they do it a lot. Democrats do as well and when it is the wrong thing, I will call that out as well and give a fair representation.

The process for repeal of the ACA is going to be an ongoing process and you need to know the realities of it, not the spin.

Personally, I believe that a lot of people are going to be hurt by this repeal. And most of them will be the rural voters who were so sure that Trump was the answer to all their problems.

Trust me on this one....he is not.

The Congressional Senate will soon move to the next phase and their is no actual guarantee that pre-existing condition protection will be included, but it is not dead yet. Trump has indicated he still wants that, but the irony of that is, that any replacement plan with these popular ACA protections but without the payment provisions will NOT give more access - will NOT guarantee you get to keep the same coverage - and will absolutely NOT be costing less for anyone....absolutely.

So feel free to contribute to the Democrats...that is still a necessary thing because they are at a clear disadvantage in this fight - but don't do it because of scary language that is not true....just yet.

I will give it to you straight on this blog and on my Twitter account. I'd appreciate your readership and your following.

We have a lot of very serious work to do.
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