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Trump Is A Frankenstein Monster; Years In The Making By The GOP

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 07/20/15 19:17

by Dave Mindeman

The Republican Party is worried that Donald Trump is doing so well. Worried that he leads the polls and gets all the attention. But, really, they shouldn't be surprised. Donald Trump is a "monster" of their own creation.

Donald Trump is just cultivating a segment of the Republican Party that they have tolerated, if not encouraged, for years. The Tea Party, the immigrant bashers, the conspiratorial nuts, the fearmongers, and the war lovers. They are out there and the GOP has always used them while keeping them just at arms length.

They have always been around. And the GOP has always counted on them to be an active part of their base. To respond to anti-Democratic rhetoric, extreme language, and racial and religious division.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump comes along. He acts and thinks just like these fringes and now they have found the candidate that not only talks like them, but promises to act like them as well. The "monster" is now out of control.

The GOP is now hoping that Trump has gone too far by denigrating their great war hero, John McCain. What they fail to realize is that McCain has become a symbol of "establishment". He has been a Senator for decades and though he tries to benefit electorally from the extreme right, he is gradually becoming a target himself -- especially on immigration.

All the condemnation of Trump's talk about McCain by the rest of the GOP field may end up isolating Trump from the GOP establishment -- and he will take that right wing right along with him. This split could actually get worse and Trump might even benefit from being criticized.

If he stands firm which he almost always does, he plays the victim and his extreme followers will sympathize with his pain - because they believe that the GOP establishment has done the same to them.

Trump is opening up all the old, ugly wounds that have plagued this country for a long time and has simmered under the surface during a long, futile war. The old immigrant mistrust. The hate regarding those that are different "from us". The ugly bigotry.

It is rising out of the muck and out into the open. The more extreme Donald Trump gets the more these characters will respond to him.

And the longer this goes on...the more Donald Trump feels like this is all about him, the bigger the danger that Trump could strike out on his own. If the GOP tries to pop the Trump bubble, he will take that as a mandate to start his own independent bid. He has the money and he is building the electoral following.

He is your creation, GOP. You will have to figure it all out.

The rest of us will be content to watch.
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Beware The Clergy Running For Office

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 07/13/15 14:05

by Dave Mindeman

No offense to ministers but your profession would make lousy legislators.

David Lane, a born-again Christian and self-described "political operative" who has organized four large-scale training sessions in which evangelical pastors are tutored in the practical aspects of running a political campaign.

Yes, we have had ministers in Minnesota who have been excellent legislators, but they never emphasized their profession. Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson never talked much about "God's law" on the floor of the Senate. That's because he didn't want religion to be part of policy discussions.

What David Lane wants to do with his "Issachar Training" project (by the way Issachar was one of Jacob's sons and a tribe of Israel) is to get ministers to become pastor legislators. To bring the law back to being "God's law".

Lane makes some provocative comments...

"Somebody's values are going to reign supreme," Lane said, an observation he made repeatedly in talking about his project. "We want people with our values to be elected to office and to represent our interests there. That's what we're doing."

So in a country that supposedly values its separation of church and state, the idea here is to make one's own particular "values" the dominant one.

It's no accident that the emphasis on this project comes shortly after the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. Apparently gay marriage is the one "sin" that Lane cannot accept in, what should be, secular law. So, he has decided that if the state won't accept the church, then let's infiltrate the church into the state.

Imagine evangelical pastors entering the political realm and forcing Christian "values" into the realm of politics and law making. What happens to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and the like? Who represents them in the new American "theocracy"?

In America, Christians have come to expect and even demand that their view of the world is the "American" way. It is truth and justice and the only "value" worth having. Never mind that America is the gathering place of religious freedom. Where everyone is supposed to be able to practice any religion they wish without fear of legal suppression or coercion.

Truly, the idea of freedom of religion has been grossly distorted in American. We still tend to react with revulsion at the idea of Middle Eastern theocracies...where religious leaders are ruling autocrats.

So it is particularly alarming to see that same premise being pursued by Christians in America. This country is supposed to shine a light to the world about how religion can have sacred personal value....and yet we can live and work in a society that values many faiths in all walks of life.

I certainly won't reject a pastor's legislative candidacy out of hand. But I will investigate the motives much more deeply from now on.
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Hey, Sign Up For the Student Debt Lottery

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 07/07/15 12:50

by Dave Mindeman

Hurry, hurry, hurry. Step right up ladies and gents. Come one, come all and buy your ticket for the New Jersey Student Loan Debt Relief lottery.

Yes, ladies and gents, it is your golden opportunity to unburden your load. Get free of those loans. Put yourself on easy street. For the mere pittance of $3.00 you can get a chance at casting aside your worries.

You could be that lucky guy or gal. You could get yourself out of chump city and on the path to financial easy street. Three bucks is all you need and you can change your life.

And why not increase your chances? Buy more tickets - increase your shot. You could be that big winner...(Disclaimer: just remember not to buy more tickets than amounts to 15% of your debt load).

Yessir, you could be that guy or gal among the millions of New Jerseyites that could get through the rest of your life, student debt free.

And remember, this suggested opportunity is thanks to your New Jersey legislature... the state where gambling solves all our problems....one person at a time.

(Kline would probably sign off on that one!)

Really? That's a solution to these guys?
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