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Polymet: "We Only Have To Endure It Another 11 Days"

Category: Mark Dayton
Posted: 10/24/14 17:36

by Dave Mindeman

GOP Governor candidate Jeff Johnson continues to make unforced errors in his campaign. Here's another one regarding an ad the Johnson campaign is using in the Iron Range in regards to Polymet. Polymet, themselves, responded:

We have been informed that the Jeff Johnson Campaign for Governor has launched a TV ad in the Duluth/Range market which includes a statement that if Governor Dayton wins, the PolyMet project is dead...While it's difficult to determine what, if any impact the ad may have on the company, this assertion is simply not true.

It's unfortunate that the PolyMet project has become the focus of so much campaign rhetoric during this election season. The good news is we should only have to endure it another 11 days before the election. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and support as we continue to move this project forward.

When your supposed ally in your claim undercuts it almost immediately, you probably blew it.

Johnson blew it.

It seems to be a continuing pattern with Johnson's campaign. He throws out some over the top rhetoric, hoping that it will get accepted and repeated by the media - but not having much factual basis for what he is saying.

Johnson's campaign can only be described as "flailing" right now. It has little focus and not much direction. And it is running out of time.

As the Polymet Memo says - "we should only have to endure it another 11 days".

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Politics and The Exploitation of The Innocent- It's All Just Sad

Category: Mark Dayton
Posted: 10/22/14 23:54, Edited: 10/23/14 16:30

by Dave Mindeman

I feel sad tonight.

I feel sad for our political process. I feel sad that politicians feel that exploitation of families for political gain is within the boundaries of common decency.

Mostly, I feel sad for the family of 4 year old Eric Dean.

Eric Dean suffered repeated abuse and finally died at the hands of his stepmother....and yes, Child Protection failed him. The circumstances were awful and the whole situation makes you sick to your stomach.

It was a total system failure, especially in Pope County....

In all, between 2010 and 2012, Pope County had 15 chances to intervene, and perhaps save Eric Dean.

All of that is truly bad enough, but...


This 30 second ad was paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota. It is an independent expenditure and is being run outside of GOP Candidate Jeff Johnson's control. But Jeff Johnson needs to address this. He needs to say something. He has no personal control over its use, but he can condemn it - and he must. If he believes that the Republican Party of Minnesota can be allowed to use the horrible death of a 4 year old boy as a political proxy for a stupid political point, then shame on him. Shame on them all.

Obviously, there was a huge problem in child protection. Dayton can't control the levers of every county government, but there is no question this little boy needed someone to blow a loud whistle. And I am fully confident that if Dayton had an inkling of what was happening he would have intervened.

He will now. He is going to fix this immediately in the next session.

That doesn't help Eric Dean. That doesn't bring him back to us.

But neither does the ridiculous exploitation of this tragedy for a stupid 30 second commercial.

The family spoke....

The grandmother of 4-year-old Eric Dean, who was murdered by his stepmother in 2013, called on the Republican Party of Minnesota to immediately stop airing a new television advertisement which blames Governor Mark Dayton for the death of her grandson.....

In an emotional phone interview this evening, Yvonne Dean, the mother of Eric's father David, said Governor Mark Dayton was not to blame for Eric's death and was highly critical of the advertisement, calling it "unfair." Dean said the "system failed Eric at the county level...how could that be Governor Dayton's fault?"

Those quotes come from an article by Michael Brodkorb of all people....

When is the stupidity and vitriol going to stop? When are politicians going to learn that human tragedy is not an opportunity for exploitation?

When are we going to stop insulting the voters with commercials about hair, about candidates walking in the woods with thought bubbles regarding taxes dancing in the wind, about Congressman that age during their tenure as if its a bad thing, about how you duck hunt, about grainy, dark caricatures of opponents who get their records twisted by creepy voiceovers.....

When is it all going to stop?

But the Republican Party has stooped to the newest of lows - and we are at a pretty mossy bottom right now. They think their desperation justifies the ultimate risk - and the exploitation of a little boy.

Yes, I am sad. Sad for what we have become. Sad that no one had the guts to say, "this is a bad idea."

Sad that I even have to talk about this.

UPDATE: The Republican Party has now removed all references to Eric Dean from the ad.
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IP's Nicollet Snubbed For Duluth Debate - And She Knows Why

Category: Mark Dayton
Posted: 10/13/14 15:21

by Dave Mindeman

There is going to be a gubernatorial debate on Tuesday in Duluth - but this time Independence Party candidate Hannah Nicollet is NOT invited. And for a pretty dubious reason.

Nicollet says on her web site that David Ross, head of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, which is sponsoring the debate, said he excluded her because it "would be a violation of the trust we were afforded by the Dayton and Johnson teams. It is that simple."

What the hell does that mean?

Violation of trust? Why is inviting the IP candidate to a debate a violation of "trust" for the other major parties.

I smell a rat.

And I think Hannah Nicollet figured it out.

Nicollet's statement says that Dayton wants her in all the debates, "but many Republican strategists believe her participation would draw fiscally conservative voters from Jeff Johnson with her policies of abolishing the state corporate tax and eliminating the influence of special interest groups." And she notes that the Duluth Chamber, sponsoring the debate, is a branch of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, which has endorsed Johnson.

Frankly, I think she nailed it.

Johnson and the Chamber are getting pretty desperate to find a way to catch up with Dayton. They want a direct one on one - and Hannah Nicollet has been an inconvenient distraction, as far as they are concerned.

Frankly, she has actually done better in these debates than I anticipated and she made some very legitimate points about Dayton policy. Johnson has been so lackluster that Nicollet has looked like a better candidate in some ways.

But after being invited to the previous debates, to snub Nicollet in Duluth is just petty, partisan politics. Dayton has certainly not shied away from the extra competition, so why does Johnson?

Ahh, heck, I think we KNOW why.

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