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"Save the Vikes" Has No Worries...None At All

Category: Vikings Stadium
Posted: 12/21/09 02:11, Edited: 12/21/09 12:22

by Dave Mindeman

Governor Pawlenty has been addressing the Viking Stadium requests of late.... he says that taxes won't be used to pay for the stadium.

But the door is open to options.

You know what that means. Its the "options" that get Ziggy a stadium while the Governor screws us over on health care and education. Yea, those options.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is downplaying expectations for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium, but he's also keeping the door open for some kind of state involvement.

Hmmmm...some kind of state involvement. Boy, I think I have heard that little phrase before. And we have Target Field, TCF Stadium, the XEL Center, and the Target Center to show for it. And in the next breath we get unallotment.

And then there is this double talk....

"Obviously there's some things they need. There's some thing we can't provide. I'm obviously, for example, not going to raise state taxes to get something like this thing done," said Pawlenty. "But there may be some things that can be done from a Vikings perspective that would help toward a solution. So we're just trying to focus the discussion on identifying on what each side can't do, and then focus on those things that we can do."

Notice he said "state taxes"....jut like "state taxes" has only contributed $50 million to Minnesota sports teams, while "public money" contributes nearly a billion.

Yea, let's "focus on those things that we can do." I see lots of fees in your future.

I am also getting a kick out of this "Save the Vikes" website which is telling all of us how chincy we are about not giving Ziggy whatever he needs.

Some IT character named Corry Merrifield has begun his crusade to keep Ziggy away from sunny Los Angeles, California. All we need to keep Ziggy in Minnesota is pay him the extortion money.

Corry seems to think that the Vikings are the answer to all our economic problems. Building a billion dollar stadium while we have a looming $5 billion deficit seems to have been lost on Merrifield's accounting methods. He tends to believe that the stadium should be a top state priority.

I sent Corry an e-mail in which I was wondering how we could deal with a stadium while cutting education and dumping people off of healthcare.

His answer;

I think there are several different funding models that can help offset burden to the taxpayer. I think all of those should be researched to exhaustion. Education and healthcare are completely seperate issues. You would be better of reaching out to a SME in those area's, as I am not. This stadium will turn a profit for the state. When was the last time people had a fit over a new library which has literally Zero ROI?

Aww.. those pesky libraries. No community value in those of course. However, we shouldn't lose sight of the redeeming social value of Viking gatherings. It might set the beer industry back much too far and how would we ever recover the sales of purple and gold paint?

And I think Mr. Merrifield is making good progress in his appeal to legislative leaders.....Speaker Kelliher is high on his list as this appeared on his Save the Vikes blog;

Rounding out my legislative corner of this report, I want to follow up on Margaret Kelliher. Margaret talked about forming a purple ribbon panel which I view as her first campaign promise. Margaret, my question for you is: Were you grabbing headlines or is there substance to your claim? Will you follow through on your first campaign promise made to Minnesotan?s?

You can reach Mrs. Speaker at rep.margaret.kelliher@house.mn or by phone at 651.296.0171 to ask her the question above directly.

Yes, do send a note to "Mrs." Speaker.

And he tactfully addresses Paul Thatcher at MSFC:

To email Paul Thatcher to let him know his rug looks horrible, that he is a stuck up ass who needs to take his medicine/apologize, and support the Minnesota Vikings publicly.

Corry thinks that politicians and the press are not taking him seriously enough...again, from his blog:

I have seen DFLers so afraid of losing casino-backed campaign money that they turn a blind eye to anything that might risk that, Sports Commissioners acting so independently their actions can only be seen as expedient. I have seen a governor renege on promises made to our team, a governor who now how has his sight set on national office, and whose attention seems everywhere but Minnesota. I have seen politicians so fearful of re-election, they?ve lost any sense of public servitude. I have had members of the media send me hate mail, hang up on me, respond belligerently?journalists who are anything but objective. Somewhere you have to draw the line.

Yes, somewhere you have to draw the line. Welcome to the club Corry. People who have been trying to bring some kind of line to bear on education and health care for years have been frustrated as well.

But, you know what, Corry? You will get your stadium. Guys like Ziggy Wilf always come out on top. People with nothing like the people who just got dumped from GAMC don't get a hearing. They don't have a fancy website. And they don't get to have lunch with the Governor on a moment's notice.

No, Corry, not to worry. There will be yet another stadium. And then you can go back to your IT life and ignore health and education and the poor and everything else in the state that doen't fit into your latest Fantasy Football pool.

No worries at all.
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