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Gov. Scott Walker: The Dead Deer Guy

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 04/21/15 17:00

by Dave Mindeman

Wisconsin has a new tourism promotion in the works. Thanks to the innovative thinking of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin may soon be adding to your travel fun with the Dead Deer Spotting Game.

Well, let's hope not. But Walker has sunk to another new low. In an attempt to push the responsibility for removing dead deer from the highways.. away from Wisconsin State government and presumably onto the backs of local government agencies, he believes he has found another means to demonstrate his "fiscal responsibility".

We take it for granted in Minnesota. If we see a deer lying by the side of the road, we know that it will be removed and disposed of in a timely manner. Outside of maybe a moment of pity for the poor animal or what might have befallen the motorist who may have crossed paths with it at the wrong time, we do not have to worry about what happens next. It will be taken care of.

But in Wisconsin, that may not be the case. Highway jurisdictions can get a little tricky....and since Wisconsin state government keeps cutting local government funding, why should we assume that their budgets can just pick up the slack?

Will Wisconsin be dealing with rotting deer carcasses? Will bloated dead animals dot the Wisconsin scenery?

I'm not making light of this - this is a serious question. Gov. Scott Walker wants to be a national candidate, but I hope people soon realize that we have to hope he doesn't plan to run the nation, the way he is running Wisconsin.
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Scott Walker - Budget Innovation Part II

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 02/18/15 18:02, Edited: 02/18/15 18:05

by Dave Mindeman

I can't seem to stay off of Scott Walker these days. But this is a move only our Congressman John Kline could love.

A state board that oversees for-profit colleges would be disbanded, allowing colleges that hve come under sharp criticism nationally and in Wisconsin to operate more freely in the state under a proposal in Gov. Scott Walker's new two-year budget.

Under the guise of "too much regulation", Scott Walker ends oversight of the For-Profit colleges in Wisconsin. John Kline is smiling.

Want the reason?

Walker's proposal to disband the Educational Approval Board, an out of the spotlight agency that decides whether for-profit colleges can operate in the state, comes after the board appeared to conflict in recent years, with Republican lawmakers over a proposal to set standards for retention and job place at for-profit schools.

Imagine that. An oversight board wants these For Profit Colleges to meet retention and job placement standards. I guess that's outrageous in Walker's view.

Well, maybe it was a budget thing.

An estimated 60,000 Wisconsin students attend 244 for-profit colleges annually, according to Dies. The board has the equeivalent of 6 1/2 full-time positions and an annual budget of about $600,000 paid entirely by fees assessed to the schools they oversee.

Self sustaining? No budget effect? Yet, Walker slams the door.

You don't suppose Walker is looking for campaign donors? Kline can give you great advice on that.

I can't believe this guy is still governor.
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Scott Walker - Innovative (?) Budget Moves

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 02/18/15 17:46, Edited: 02/18/15 18:03

by Dave Mindeman

Gov. Scott Walker has a unique perspective on budgeting. I'm not talking about the $300 million cut to higher ed - that is almost self explanatory as to its detrimental effect on Wisconsin.

But there is also this....

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, facing a $283 million deficit that needs to be closed by the end of June, will skip more than $100 million in debt payments to balance the books thrown into disarray by his tax cuts.

Wow. How innovative. Got debt? Don't pay it.

And just to throw in another gem - he doesn't have to have legislative approval to do this.

The move doesn't require legislative approval, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau said in a Feb. 13 memorandum. The terms of the debt sale allow Wisconsin to defer the payment in any given year, a procedure known as a restructuring, without defaulting.

Kind of like saying a tax is a fee. This default is a "restructure". Are there any consequences???

Walker's plan would increase debt-service bills by $545,000 in the next budget year, which starts July 1, and by $18.7 million in the one after that.

Of course, we all know where Walker will be "in the one after that". Of course, he will be running for President.

Remember the skit from SNL 40? Where Dana Carvey plays Poppy Bush and Jon Lovitz plays Michael Dukakis in a debate. Love the quote that Lovitz delivers as "Dukakis". He says, "I can't believe I'm losing to this guy!" Opponents of Walker can be saying the same thing.

Just think of the outcry if Gov. Dayton would unilaterally default on a loan and kick the responsibility down the road.

But somehow, when Scott Walker does anything with the Wisconsin budget, he gets a pass.

I can't believe this guy is still governor.
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