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Meet The New Image Of The GOP - Stewart Mills the III's Hair

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 06/23/14 20:03

by Dave Mindeman

The Brad Pitt of the Republican Party.

Can you imagine that? Politico, apparently getting bored with John McCain tirades about Iraq, has a feature article about Stewart Mills III and his run for Congress in the 8th. They applied the label in the first sentence.

Brad Pitt - Stewart Mills III...really?

We know the GOP is trying to change its image....after all, this picture is the face of the current Minnesota GOP...


But what is the difference between those characters and Stewart Mills III?


A bit longer hair? A willingness to wear something other than business attire? (or the Packers shirt? Grrrrr...) Maybe. But you know what? That's it. That's the extent of the differences for this "new image" guy.

He's farther right on guns. Wants more guns in the schools. He's an ardent anti-abortion advocate. Refuses to talk about same sex marriage, but he doesn't state any support for it. What's different?

In fact, Politico asked him that question...

Mills was asked by POLITICO to explain what he meant by his oft-repeated refrain that he's a different kind of Republican.

Pretty direct question. What say you, Mr. Mills, the III?

"In a few different senses; certainly my appearance is one part of it," was his first reply, before he went on to cite his business experience and status as a political outsider. He is the scion of a prominent local family that founded the successful Mills Fleet Farm chain, which sells sporting goods, among other wares.

His appearance? That's it? And "status as a political outsider"? His way of saying he's a rookie. First timer. Rich business guy, buying his way into Congress. A member of the 1% running to protect the 1%.

If Republicans think that slightly longer locks is the "new image" in Republican politics, then they have some more work to do.
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Stewart Mills III - Wealth And Privilege

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 06/20/14 15:41

by Dave Mindeman

There is an arrogance to Stewart Mills III that transcends his personal persona. Oh, the long hair is a throwback and the youthful appearance has its own imagery, but what he says and does tell a very different story.

The idea that he worked his way up the company ladder has been a hollow story from the beginning. There is a difference between the stock guy who is the heir to the company fortune and the stock guy who struggles to pay his rent and lives from paycheck to paycheck.

A difference between a guy who could lose his job and it will never matter to a guy who loses his job and is out on the street.

That's a difference that Stewart Mills the third will never be able to fathom and for him to talk about it in his biography as if it is a real concept and something that he could ever relate to is offensive.

It's offensive to blue collar, everyday working Minnesotans just as much as paying taxes seems to be offensive to Stewart Mills the third.

Yeah. Stewart Mills the third thinks that what he does for the community exempts him from paying a fair share of taxes. A share that helps the state put the infrastructure in place that moves the goods and services for his successful company. A share that educates and trains his work force.

To Stewart Mills the third, what the rest of us do doesn't compare to what he contributes. Our charitable contributions and our volunteer service are incidentals, while what Stewart Mills the third does "for the community" is worthy of the tax breaks and incentives given to those with privilege.

Stewart Mills the third is running for Congress. And he is running as if it should be handed to him on a silver platter. He runs with an arrogance rooted in privilege and sustained by privilege.

Even though he has never had to "depend" on working for a living and even though he has never had to worry one minute about the next days rent or food or gas, he believes he can fully relate to the working class citizens of the 8th District.

Yes, Stewart Mills the third is offended. He is offended that the State of Minnesota and the government of the United States would dare ask him for a tax contribution commensurate with his wealth... his status....his privilege.

He has no trouble supporting tax policies that make the rest of us pay more. He has no trouble supporting mining companies without any caveats for the environment. He has no trouble with unlimited and unrestricted access to guns without background checks and without common sense regulation.

He has no trouble with the persona that he understands all that is needed to represent the 8th District. Wealth has its privileges and Stewart Mills the third definitely understands privileges.
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Obermueller's Dance Party Is Pure Gold!

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 05/16/14 13:30

by Dave Mindeman

If Democrats want to make a dent regarding Congress this fall, this is the ad that should run everywhere............

The GOP focus has been Obamacare and Democrats need to embrace it head on. This ad does. It hits all the key points....

1. Emphasizes "Fixing" Obamacare. People know enough about the issue by now that they understand that there are good things about the ACA. Once you move them past the ugly roll out and into the actual workings of the law, the ACA becomes a net positive....if you talk about fixing it.

2. Links the Anti-ACA sentiment with the shutdown. It is a good move to remind people that the House GOP was the culprit in regards to the very unpopular government shutdown. And John Kline did us all a big favor by broadcasting the strategy in real time.

3. Links the incumbent to corporate money. Kline has a lot of money. It is an advantage as far as campaign coffers go. But that money came from somewhere and if you keep pointing out that insurance companies and for-profit colleges are Kline's corporate sponsors, people are not going to support him.

4. And its fun. The visuals are great. People will enjoy the vitality and the humor involved with this spot. Insurance executives are not winning any popularity contests and a good spoof of that business segment is gold.

(Note: I actually know some of the "dancers" in that commercial and it had me in stitches. Hey guys, Travolta's got nothin' on you!)

Democrats have been tap dancing around the ACA long enough - embrace the law and let's party!
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