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CD2 Round One Now - Obermueller Leading

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 04/28/12 13:39, Edited: 04/28/12 13:42

by Dave Mindeman

OK - got some reports from the floor of the CD2 convention. The first ballot is going on and unofficially the order is this:

1st - Mike Obermueller
2nd -Kathleen Gaylord
3rd - Patrick Ganey

Some notes....it looks like Gaylord is the favorite of the super delegates and one thing I forgot to consider is that the new northern part of the district is probably most familiar with Gaylord and probably voting as a block.

Also during the Q&A, Obermueller revealed that he has raised about $45,000 over the past few weeks. Gaylord didn't say and Ganey estimated about $10,000.

All of this is unofficial right now....

More as it comes in.....
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Congressional District 2 DFL Convention Opens

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 04/28/12 12:41, Edited: 04/28/12 12:42

by Dave Mindeman

Today is the Congressional District 2 endorsing convention. While I am stuck at work, I'm trying to get some reports via telephone.

Early impressions (and these are just impressions) are that this will be a race between Ganey and Obermueller. It sounds like Ganey made a great opening speech and may have made some converts.

My guess is that if Obermueller doesn't win outright in the early balloting, the support could shift to Ganey as times goes on.

Remember, because of the speed with which campaigns had to organize, what happens at the convention has more meaning than usual. The delegates are in flux and looking for certain impressions that they can translate into a solid campaign.

The actual voting occurs later in the day, I'll try to get numbers later on.
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Excerpts From MPR Forum For CD2 Candidates

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 04/26/12 19:26, Edited: 04/26/12 19:36

by Dave Mindeman

MPR hosted an online chat with the CD2 Congressional Candidates. You can access the transcript here .

Here are some excerpts:

Kathleen Gaylord has a conflict and won't be on the chat, but she did send the following opening statement.

"I?m Dakota County Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord. It?s time for new representation in the new 2nd Congressional District. Voters of all political persuasions are fed up with elected officials who put partisanship ahead of progress. They want common sense government that works for people to resolve the backlog of issues that have languished in Washington far too long. I've been at the heart of making government work for my constituents as commissioner and as a local government leader for nearly three decades and it will be an honor and a privilege to continue those efforts in Washington, DC on behalf of the entire 2nd District.

"This online forum provides an excellent opportunity to hear from the MPR listener community. Given the short notice, I regret that I am unable to participate personally in this one hour session. But I look forward to the next opportunity to interact with all of you as this campaign moves forward. Please take a chance to visit me online at KathleenGaylord.com and join me at www.facebook.com/KathleenGaylord and @KathleenGaylord to continue this conversation."
by Michael Olson, MPR News4/25/2012 4:58:36 PM 11:58 AM


I am running for the DFL endorsement in Minnesota?s 2nd Congressional district because critical issues are being ignored or attacked by an inflexible Republican party. I believe that government is about people, and that no matter how many dollar signs and zeros are attached to the bills before Congress, the 435 Representatives must be able to answer the question, what are we doing to improve people?s lives, what are we doing to make tomorrow better?

Especially when decision making feels rushed or based on sound bites in this age of Twitter and Facebook, the core value of helping those who need help has to inform the many and complicated issues our United States Congress addresses.

I will work for strong education in this country, recognizing it as the foundation of our ambitions for a vigorous economy. Making college, skilled trades training, and community colleges affordable must be a priority for this country. We must invest in people so that an innovative economy can flourish. Local transportation and infrastructure issues also have been neglected, from roads and bridges to rail and transit.

A reasonable approach to government is needed and I will work with everyone in the district for balanced representation.

by Patrick Ganey4/25/2012 4:57:01 PM 11:57 AM yesterday


Thank you all for joining us today. I got into this election after incumbent Congressman Kline voted to end Medicare as we know it. We in CD-02 deserve better. We deserve someone who will stand up for the middle class, for students and for seniors. Who will work to provide better health care, jobs, education and protect women's rights.

I think I am in a unique position to win back this seat. I also know how to win in a tough district like this. In 2008, I unseated Tim Pawlenty?s hand-picked successor ? a very popular three-term Republican incumbent. Like I did in 2008, I?ll be able to connect with voters all over this district because I know their values and the way of life their trying to protect.
I?m also up to the task of raising the funds it will take to introduce the real John Kline to this district. This campaign will be my full-time job, reaching out 60+ hours per week? reaching out to voters, describing the future we all deserve, and raising the more than $1 million necessary to beat John Kline.

I hope you will consider supporting me in the upcoming days and weeks.
by Mike Obermueller4/25/2012 5:01:18 PM 12:01 PM yesterday


MPR Question:
Is there an issue you don?t generally agree with your party on?


I support single-payer health care, which isn't universally supported in the party. I think we have to work within the party to find agreement on difficult issues.
by Patrick Ganey4/25/2012 5:03:27 PM 12:03 PM yesterday


It's not so much of a disagreement, but there's not enough talk about balancing our budget. There's no question we have to balance the budget, but we need to make sure it's not being balanced on the backs of middle class families, students and seniors. We have to make sure we are doing things like eliminating government redundancies, such as were cited in the recent GAO report. This would save us $10s of billions
without compromising our priorities.
by Mike Obermueller4/25/2012 5:05:00 PM 12:05 PM yesterday


MPR Question:
What differentiates you among the field of candidates also seeking the DFL nomination?


A whole career of service. I've made choices about my career and all of them involve serving the public, which I will continue to do if endorsed and elected to Congress.
by Patrick Ganey4/25/2012 5:05:56 PM 12:05 PM yesterday


While I have a great amount of respect for the other candidates, this election is about who can win in November. I took out a three-term Republican incumbent to represent Tim Pawlenty's old House seat in Eagan. I've pledged to work the 60+ hours it will take to raise the money and connect with voters to beat Congressman Kline.
by Mike Obermueller4/25/2012 5:07:12 PM 12:07 PM yesterday

Question: Jim Copeland in Apple Valley is a Kline supporter, and raises a question on many voters minds: ?What specifics do you propose to bring the deficit in balance? What specific proposals do you have that will encourage business to invest in growth??

We need both a short-term and a long term approach to job creation. First we need to incentivize small businesses to conduct R&D that will lead to new innovation, which will create jobs. Also we need to make sure we are giving businesses incentives to invest in American jobs, and disincentives for shipping jobs overseas. Third, we need to cut spending by eliminating redundancies in government programs and streamline services.
by Mike Obermueller4/25/2012 5:53:39 PM 12:53 PM yesterday

We have to focus on three strategies to reduce the deficit. First, we have to look at taxes and make sure everyone is paying fairly. Supporting the Buffett rule will start that process. Second, we have to look at spending, and one place to do that is the defense budget, which is about $700 billion dollars. I think that there are places in that budget to reduce spending. And third, the most important way to address the deficit is to support growth by investing in our future. People with jobs support our economy.
by Patrick Ganey4/25/2012 5:53:49 PM 12:53 PM yesterday


MPR Q: Rep. Klien (sic) has a significant fundraising advantage. What would you do to be a competitive candidate in the general election should you win the primary?
by Michael Olson, MPR News4/25/2012 5:54:01 PM 12:54 PM

I'm the only candidate running for the DFL nomination that can put in the 60+ hours per week it will take to beat incumbent Congressman Kline. I will have a laser-like focus on raising money and connecting with voters to get our message out there. We intend on having the resources to introduce the real John Kline to CD-02.
by Mike Obermueller4/25/2012 5:56:57 PM 12:56 PM yesterday

A strong organization is necessary to be competitive against John Kline and I've been building one since I started this campaign! Additionally, I am an experienced fundraiser - we've had strong DFL candidates in the past who weren't comfortable raising the money needed to run a strong race. But it'll be tireless campaigning and the work of many supporters who will assist in this effort to win!
by Patrick Ganey4/25/2012 5:57:42 PM 12:57 PM yesterday


These are just a few exceprts....access the whole transcript at the link above.

I'm trying to make as much information available as possible. We all have to do our homework.

Also...just a note: Do not put too much stock in the online polls on the MPR site. It is just a reflection of which campaign got the most people to participate. On the other hand, it is also a possible reflection of a campaign's ability to organize. In any event, take it with a grain of salt.
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