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GOP Awaits the "Messiah" or a Reasonable Reagan Facsimile

Category: GOP Presidential Candidates
Posted: 09/24/11 13:46, Edited: 09/24/11 13:46

by Dave Mindeman

The GOP Presidential race has some problems. During the debates we have had up to 9 candidates on the stage. We have had two candidates drop out - Pawlenty and McCotter (bet you didn't even know Thaddeus was running did you?). Mitch Daniels removed himself after a few flirtations. And we have a persistent Sarah Palin trying to inject her relevancy at every opportunity.

Now that Rick Perry has been show to have a kryptonite vulnerability, the "powers" that be want to push another body into the fray. So, again, Gov. Chris Christie's name gets pushed to the front of the line if he wants it.

What, exactly, are they looking for?

They claim that President Obama is highly vulnerable. And his approval ratings are quite low. However, if you match Obama up against any of the announced candidates, he polls 10 to 15 points higher than his approval ratings. Quite the oddity.

So what is the magic bullet here? After all, Bachmann has already been in consultations with the Almighty. Herman Cain has trademarked the number 9. Newt Gingrich has run away with the pompous ass vote. Rick Santorum has found new ways to make us cringe at his deviation pictures of marriage. John Huntsman tries to make old guys riding motorcycles relevant. Mitt Romney takes slipperiness to new heights. Ron Paul gets stuck under his Libertarian glass ceiling. And Rick Perry makes W look like a genius.

Surely there must be a 2012 candidate in their somewhere?

But the money people are not satisfied. They want the Republican equivalent of the Messiah. Someone who can turn water into wine and tax cuts into surpluses.

They want perfection or at least someone who represents their imperfect perception of what Ronald Reagan was supposed to have been after tweaking out all the stuff they don't like.

Good luck with that....and sorry, Chris Christie doesn't fit any of it.
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The Coming Romney-Bachmann Holy War

Category: GOP Presidential Candidates
Posted: 06/24/11 13:41

by Dave Mindeman

The Republican Presidential field is filled with contradictions and divergence. Here we have a front runner, Mitt Romney, who signed into law a health care system very similar to the Federal law that is now in place. A health care law that has roused the Tea Party into a frothing frenzy. A front runner who believes in climate change when the rest of the Republican Party is filled with the skeptic nuts. A front runner who is a Mormon in a party filled with purist Christian Evangelicals. A front runner who embraced a woman's right to choose at one time (although he insists he has "seen the light" ) in a party that is rabid about its anti-choice views.

As Mitt Romney moves toward the GOP nomination in 2012, how in the world will they resolve that conflict?

Politico talked about the Romney "Tea Party problem" and how there is a quiet but growing anti-Romney movement within the party among its most fanatic activists.

The possibility of Romney winning the nomination is even reviving debate about whether activists should embrace, or even form, a third party ? an idea that until recently had been dismissed as harmful to both the movement and the GOP.

Be still my heart!

Here is where Michele Bachmann plays the crucial role. She would be the likely instigator of a public revealing of the anti-Romney faction. She would embrace it -- even if it meant a split in the Republican Party.

Bachmann is immensely ambitious and Party loyalty is only deemed necessary if it furthers her own ends. "God" has a method of moving Bachmann's campaign in mysterious ways. Mysterious to us maybe, but cold calculation in the mind of Bachmann.

I have to believe that there are long time GOP backers that were hoping Bachmann would fail miserably and not force a confrontation moving into next year. But that hope is gone, because by sheer force of will, she has begun the process of dominating the debate in the far right atmosphere that is current GOP politics.

Romney has calmly massed his sizable lead in the monetary race, but if he thought he could dominate that part of seeking the nomination, that has also disappeared. The Bachmann money grab takes its cue from evangelism's infomercial style abilities and she "inspires" her supporters to give more than they dare to, for the "holy" cause.

This is the beginning of Bachmann's political Christian Holy War. And the Romney juggernaut will have to take that on, with a very real risk of party upheaval.

Who knew that Obama's re-election best friend would be Michele Bachmann?
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