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In Women's Athletics - Even Success Is Not Enough

Category: Women's Issues
Posted: 12/19/14 20:13

by Dave Mindeman

When you try to talk about women's equality issues, it is hard to correlate that with college athletics.

Take the case of Minnesota Duluth Women's Hockey.

Shannon Miller by any measure has been one of the most successful women's hockey coaches since women's hockey gained major college status.

She started the UMD program from scratch and has achieved 5 national championships in 15 years of coaching. Her current team is ranked 6th in the country and has won 12 of its last 13 games.

But apparently that is grounds for dismissal.

The UMD athletic director says ....

"UMD Athletics is not in a position to sustain the current salary levels of our women's hockey coaching staff. However, we remain committed to supporting the Bulldog women's hockey program."

Shannon Miller made $215,000 (her men's counterpart with less tenure and less success makes $235,000; and she offered to take a pay cut). She had two full time assistants (both also fired) and a part-time director of operations (who is also the softball coach- but will no longer be involved in the hockey program).

It is hard to imagine that UMD alumni can seriously believe that UMD is still "committed to supporting the Bulldog women's hockey program"....because if they were, you would not be removing the most essential cog in its success.

Yes, women's hockey does not attract nearly the same fan base that the men's program does....but do you seriously believe that turning out a highly successful coaching staff to begin a completely new program is going to improve attendance?

Not to mention the potential loss of star players, who came to UMD because they were recruited by this successful coach.

This is just more evidence that university athletic directors do not view women's athletics in the same way as the men's counterparts. They do not support them in the same way, they do not promote them in the same way, and they do not hire in the same way.

Yes, the women's programs do not bring in the same kind of revenues - but if your advertising and promotional budgets all go to men's athletics, what do you expect?

Currently women's athletics have to be successful to promote themselves. And apparently, in UMD's case, even that is not enough.

Women have come a long way? Well, in the final analysis, maybe not so much.
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Job Interviews Will Be A Changin'

Category: Women's Issues
Posted: 07/01/14 21:19, Edited: 07/01/14 21:22

by Dave Mindeman

Job interviews will be changing in the future..........

Sarah enters the Human resources office at Company Y. She is a top candidate for an executive position.

Company Rep: Thank you for coming Sarah. We are impressed with your resume and credentials and are willing to make you an offer today. Do you have any questions?

Sarah: Yes, what religion is the corporation?

Company Rep: Excuse me?

Sarah: What religion is the corporation practicing?

Company Rep: Well, uh, the owners are Orthodox Seventh Day Adventist, if you have to know.

Sarah: Well, then, in regards to health insurance, will my contraceptive be covered.

Company Rep: Well, we usually don't get into details on that....

Sarah: Well, sorry, these days we have to.

Company Rep: Well, let me check....yes, yes, we do have contraception coverage.

Sarah: I use an IUD - is that included.

Company Rep: Uh, (flips through handbook) well, I stand corrected. That's NOT covered. I guess it is considered an abortion product. So... not covered.

Sarah: I see.....you said Orthodox Seventh Day Adventist?

Company Rep: Yes, that's correct.

Sarah: Do I have to work on Saturdays?

Company Rep: What? Well, certainly - if it is necessary.

Sarah: But Seventh Day Adventists prohibit work on Saturday.

Company Rep: Well, uh, yes the owners do observe the Sabbath...but company work has to continue. Employees must report.

Sarah: So, you are telling me that the owners observe the Sabbath themselves but employees do not. Yet, employees are required to observe the same reproductive restrictions that the owners adhere to.

Company Rep: Well, now that you say it that way, I guess that sounds about right.

Sarah: Does that sound fair to you?

Company Rep: Hey, I just work here - I don't make the rules.

Sarah: Yeah...well I don't have any say in the rules either. But you would think that establishing rules would apply to everybody in the company the same way and not selectively. Or better yet, rules based on religious beliefs shouldn't be involved with the employees. Just a thought......sorry, I can't work here - but if the company gets bought out by a different "religion", I'll reapply.
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Corporate Overlords - The End Game Is Coming

Category: Women's Issues
Posted: 07/01/14 20:26

by Dave Mindeman

The more I think about this SCOTUS Hobby Lobby ruling, the less it makes sense. Are they using a round about way of creating a corporation ruling class?

It really is a new protected class. Entities that are complete legal constructs but have more rights than flesh and blood citizens.

Corporations are the new citizenry. They can use unlimited corporate cash to influence governmental control.....and, in addition, this corporate class can manipulate theocratic control over its employee's health benefits.

And this corporate class can do all of this without conscience...without guilt.... without shame....and without fear of retribution.

And because of their control of governmental influence they can avoid taxes altogether, hide profits offshore, change their country of origin at will, get unlimited governmental services, and can have the government pay for their employees living standard.

And without so much as the semblance of a "soul", they get freedom of religion protections. And it is not because of belief - but rather manipulation of the system for advantage.....and control of their flesh and blood employee minions.

Union rights are in the process of being deconstructed. The ability to sue corporations will soon be restricted. Consumers have no recourse for complaints. Workers are either eliminated by machine or by a cheaper work force on the other side of the planet.

And all of this is for the unadulterated pursuit of profit - monetary gain. Which has no other purpose than to gain more control, buy up more companies, and keep shareholders happy enough to not object.

Maybe it is no accident that there are so many people who don't trust the government. It is the perfect corporation cover.....

We have found the enemy -- and it is in a board room near you.
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