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For A Clean CR Bill - Don't Count On Paulsen

Category: Erik Paulsen
Posted: 10/07/13 23:09, Edited: 10/08/13 08:56

by Dave Mindeman

On the Rachel Maddow show tonight, she went through the list of GOP Congresspersons that have stated publicly that they are willing to vote for a clean CR if it comes to the floor.

Maddow pointed out that, clearly, the votes are there to pass the bill if the Republican Congresspersons do what they say.
Erik Paulsen was on that list.

And that immediately makes me suspicious that that list is solid. Congressman Paulsen has a history of saying one thing and doing another.

Let's compare Kline (conservative reputation) and Paulsen:

Rating Group---------------------Kline--------------- Paulsen

Family Research Council--------100%---------------- 100% (2012)
FreedomWorks---------------------50%------------------45% (2012)
Club for Growth---------------------74%------------------65% (2012)
John Birch Society-----------------63%------------------68% (2012)
Americans for Prosperity----------68%------------------68% (2012)
Heritage Action-----------------------64%------------------63% (2012)
National Right to Life--------------100%----------------100% (2012)
Eagle Forum---------------------------61%------------------53%(2011)
National Rifle Associaton-----------92%-----------------92% (2012)
MN Chamber of Commerce-------100%----------------100% (2012)
Sargent Shriver Ctr on Poverty...17%.......................17% (2011)
Nationl Journal-House Liberal......10%......................25% (2012)

Pretty similar - wouldn't you say? Although Paulsen gets a little higher on the Liberal rating, he exceeds Kline's rating with the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. Yikes! Abortion, NRA, Chamber of Commerce ...in all of those ratings, Kline and Paulsen are stride for stride.

All of this leads me to believe that Paulsen's recent "moderation" is a showcase to his district. I would not be surprised if Paulsen had talked to House leadership and gotten some assurances that the "clean" CR will never get to the floor. And Paulsen probably can hold off the Tea Party if he talks "moderate" but doesn't have to actually vote.

Now if pressure mounts on Boehner and he ends up letting the CR move to the floor, then Paulsen will have the harder choice.

My money is on Paulsen voting against it to appease the immediate problem coming from the most vocal elements.

My money would also get placed on Paulsen getting beat in November...the moderate mask would be off for good.
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"Pressure" on Paulsen? Really?

Category: Erik Paulsen
Posted: 10/06/13 01:37

by Dave Mindeman

Congressman Erik Paulsen is taking some heat. The Tea Party is upset with him. Why? Because he is sounding reasonable.....

"I will look at anything that comes in front of me to end the impasse, because we do need to put an end to it," Paulsen told the Star Tribune shortly after the shutdown commenced.

That's a controversial statement? Is the Tea Party insinuating that he can't even LOOK at finding an end game?

Well...guess there must have been a lot of pressure coming to bear....

On Thursday morning a dozen conservative activists, including GOP state Rep. Cindy Pugh, gathered in U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen's Eden Prairie office seeking an audience with the congressman.

A dozen? 12 people? That's the "pressure"?

Heck there were over 20 people protesting the Republican stance on the shutdown in the Progressive No Man's Land of Savage a few days ago.

12 people are enough to force Paulsen to back off an end to the shutdown?

Isn't this getting more than a little ridiculous?

Let's get a realistic look at this. The Tea Party is a minority group. They are even a minority group in the Republican Party. Nobody would pay attention to them if they didn't have corporate money backing up their primary challenges. And even the corporations are getting tired of a government shutdown.

Activists at Paulsen's office expect him to jump when they call.......

GOP activist Sheila Kihne, who helped organize the visit to Paulsen's office, expressed frustration at his accessibility. "He hasn't had town halls. We haven't had a chance to let him know what we think face to face, and it's frustrating," Kihne said. "I just want to talk to my congressman."

Hey, stand in line sister. I'm in Kline's district and we haven't had a sighting in months.

Congressional Reps like Paulsen are getting nervous. Holding fast with the Tea Party is getting to be an unpopular position. And the polls are not very favorable in regards to who's to blame for this shutdown.

It is getting to a point where Paulsen has to make a choice. Does he stick with a vocal minority extremist group or does he move beyond that and keep fooling the District as a whole that he is some "kind of a moderate".

Better watch out Paulsen....they might bring 13 people next time.
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Paulsen Says Device Tax "Onerous" - Industry? Not So Much

Category: Erik Paulsen
Posted: 04/09/13 17:35, Edited: 04/11/13 10:49

By Dave Mindeman

Word of the day: Onerous

ONEROUS (DEFINITION): Unreasonable, oppressive, or cruel, or excessively trying condition, duty, or task whose disadvantages or costs outweigh its advantages or benefits.

Let's use onerous in a sentence....

"Last year, the House overwhelmingly passed legislation repealing the tax, and I'm confident we'll do so again," (Rep. Erik) Paulsen said in a statement. "Now it's time for the U.S. Senate to follow the House's lead, vote to repeal this onerous tax, and ensure the continued leadership of American medical device manufacturing."

Rep. Paulsen has used many words to describe the Medical Device Task....none of them complimentary. But to use "onerous" as his newest adjective is another stretch.

What is especially inconsistent is that Paulson's remedy via his House Republican colleagues is to repeal the tax and replace its $30 billion in revenue with cuts to the health care subsidies which will allow the uninsured to get affordable care.

In other words, another indirect attack on the Affordble Care Act. Because Medical Device manufacturers have a large presence in Minnesota, Paulsen has been able to convince the Minnesota delegation that this "onerous" tax is hurting this industry.

But in what way? What is the "onerous" result? After all, the tax is in effect. It has been since January 1st. Outside of layoffs that were already planned from last year for these companies, where are the cutbacks?

What is particularly interesting is the results of this survey done by the Emergo Group analyzing the outlook of the industry itself:

The 2013 Medical Device Industry Survey was conducted in January 2013, with a total of 3,509 respondents. Only one response per person was allowed. Survey questions were emailed to an in-house list maintained by Emergo Group. A publicly available online link to the survey also solicited responses from industry via social media channels.

Due to the nature of our business, QA/RA professionals make up a much higher percentage of respondents than they would otherwise represent in the industry. Some results should be interpreted bearing this in mind.

Question: When you think about the overall business environment for the medical device industry, which statement best describes your personal outlook for 2013?


Only 12% of the industry has a negative outlook for 2013. 71.1% had a positive outlook. And yes, the Medical Device Tax is currently in effect.

Rep. Paulsen, please tell us what is "onerous" about that?
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