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Quick Takes on Gopher State Politics

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 03/21/08 23:52

by Dave Mindeman

Quick takes on Minnesota Politics:

Unions in the Attorney General's Office

The controversies coming out of the Minnesota Attorney General's office are a little disturbing. AG Lori Swanson has been shortchanging us on information. If the attorneys in that office want to form a union, then you would think AG Swanson, who actively sought union support for her candidacy, would at least try to accomodate.....law or no law. The people who voted for her deserve a full explanation.

US Senate Race

Al Franken has solidified his front runner status, but doubts about his candidacy continue to dog the candidate. Norm Coleman is making it quite clear that he will make Franken the issue as much as he can. Until the Franken campaign can counter this strategy effectively, the door will remain ajar for Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. Norm shouldn't be let off the hook, so Al needs to seal the deal with some clues as to what his counter tactics will be.

The Pawlenty Court
The Minnesota Supreme Court has become the Pawlenty court for the forseeable future. He sealed his appointment majority with his former law colleague and judicial screener. Although his credentials are not questioned, it still seems that the Governor's appointment this time served a personal purpose. To move him directly to the Chief Justice sets the court agenda and gives the governor an indirect influence in the judicial branch. It would seem that Pawlenty has his legacy in place.

3M Outsourcing/Possible NWA Merger

Another company is moving one of its headquarters out of the country as 3M moves it lucrative optical division overseas. With NWA looking to merge with Delta (although the pilot seniority problem may kill it) and possibly abandon all of its Minnesota agreements, it looks like promises to the state are not worth the paper they are printed on. You have to wonder why the Pawlenty administration keeps giving tax breaks and incentives to these wealthy companies. They have no loyalty to us, why keep giving them incentives to dump on us.

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Franken Still Producing on the Minnesota Senate Money Front

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 01/07/08 14:16

by Dave Mindeman

Al Franken had another outstanding campaign finance quarter, taking in nearly $1.9 million. It is obvious that Franken can compete with Norm on the money front.

Lots of other questions are still out there, but you can't fault Franken for his work ethic. He has been relentless and the evidence is strong that he helped make the difference in that Senate District 25 upset victory for the Democrats.

Caucuses are on February 5th.... we will see how well Franken has been doing on the organization front then.
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Al Franken Tries To Be Funny. Stop the Presses!

Category: Al Franken
Posted: 08/16/07 13:04, Edited: 08/20/07 13:38

by Dave Mindeman

City Pages can go from hard hitting investigative journalism all the way down to ridiculous tripe. This piece about Al Franken ranks with the latter.

A letter to the writer, Ben Westoff:

To Mr. Westhoff:

Wow. Somebody acting nutty working out on a treadmill.
Boy, there is a story.

I don't suppose your self-described Republican volunteered her version of it for you, did she now? Especially that corroborating evidence about a politician putting his own bumper sticker
on his car. The nerve!

And just imagine, a "crowd" of 4 people think it "strange" with only 2 going on the record.

Great investigative journalism when you can catch a comedian trying to be funny. Stop the presses!
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