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About That Collection of Voter Information....

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 07/15/17 02:51

by Dave Mindeman

When Trumps trumped up commission on voter integrity asked for voter information from the states, the vast majority of them refused. I think Arkansas and New Jersey are the only ones so far.

One of the troubling aspects of the announcement was a statement about making all of the information public, apparently as some kind of nod to transparency. They quickly retracted that, but still wanted to "house" the information at the White House.

Well, that led to public comment and the public weighed in heavily against it. Not knowing what they would do with the data being the most common complaint.

Now the White House, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make those comments public - again, probably in the interest of transparency.

Unfortunately, they did exactly what everyone feared....

Unfortunately for these voters and others who wrote in, the Trump administration did not redact any of their personal information from the emails before releasing them to the public. In some cases, the emails contain not only names, but email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and places of employment of people worried about such information being made available to the public.


This administration is so incompetent that no one should trust them with anything.

But they do have the nuclear codes.
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Hillary Clinton Is The Legitimate 2016 President

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 07/12/17 00:04

by Dave Mindeman

Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.

I realize that that is somewhat inconsequential at this point, but I do not make that statement lightly. In 2000, I believed that George W. Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court - the Florida election system was so incompetent, there was no way that vote could be an actual count.

But once it was declared, I accepted it. I didn't like it, but I accepted it. This blog came about soon after that election. This year was also very disappointing. But we have an electoral college system and despite winning the popular vote, the electoral college seemed to favor Trump.

The recriminations within the Democratic Party came swiftly and everybody blamed somebody for the outcome.

But as these past 6 months have unfolded, I am becoming convinced that this election of Donald Trump was an illegitimate outcome. This election was interfered with...and at first I did not think it was enough to change the outcome, but now I do. I am convinced that Hillary should be our President.

Here is how I arrived at this. First, Hillary's popular vote margin was 2.9 million votes. That is a lot...for any election. It could still be close but to actual lose the electoral college by that large a margin almost seems impossible. And to lose key states, all by the same 1% margin begs incredulity. But I learned to accept that outcome as it stood then.

But then the Russian hacking became more than just a sidebar. Putin hated Hillary Clinton and did not want her elected - and as an added bonus, Trump was more than a willing dupe. That is becoming more and more evident as the new revelations become public.

Then evidence surfaced that 19 to 30 states had their voter roles hacked into. That is a sobering thought. Republicans are never afraid of purging voters - especially minority ones. And to have an outside hacker messing around in there is very troubling. In addition, if they can get into the voter database, you have to wonder what else they can access.

But yesterday's revelation about the Donald Trump Jr meeting with a Russian lawyer talking about dirt on Clinton was the final straw. That is clear evidence of the campaign's cooperation with Russian meddling. And if this initial meeting (pre-Wikileaks) peaked their interest, you know that there was more cooperation in the offing. Trump's appeal to Russia to disclose Clinton's e-mails takes on new meaning. Trump Jr's indignant defense of any insinuation about Russian cooperation just a month after he had the meeting....and to also have the audacity to accuse the Clinton camp of lying "all the time" and "doing anything to win"...is particularly galling in light of what we know now.

You add the regular Breitbart yellow journalism and the fake news sites that popped up overnight -- well, it just becomes a lot of things for any campaign to overcome.

Despite working against all of that, Hillary Clinton got 2.9 million more votes than the Trump/Russia coalition.

We have an illegitimate President right now. The first one in the history of our democracy. Trump did not win - he is there because a foreign adversarial power wanted him there.

Question now is....what are we going to do about it?
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ACA: NY State AG Gives Us Facts In Answer To Trump

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 06/13/17 18:49

by Dave Mindeman

Donald Trump has a lousy understanding of public policy and how things work. The NY State Attorney General took down a Trump tweet on the ACA, masterfully....

Trump Tweet:

2 million more people just dropped out of ObamaCare. It is in a death spiral. Obstructionist Democrats gave up, have no answer = resist!

Answers from Eric Schneiderman...

1: This obscene distortion is part and parcel of @realDonaldTrump's deliberate campaign to undermine our health care. Here are the facts:

2: FACT: Since the #ACA's inception, the number of New Yorkers without health insurance has fallen from 10% to 5% in 2016--a historic low.

3: FACT: Trump is talking about people who signed up for policies but didn't pay for coverage. That's normal--the same # did this last year.

4: FACT: The #ACA is not in a death spiral. It continues to insure and protect millions, despite @POTUS's attempts to sabotage.

5: FACT: Where costs are rising, @POTUS bears responsibility. His threat to end critical subsidies could increase premiums by up to 21%.

6: I'm using every legal tool at my disposal to protect NYers. If @POTUS signs the House's #Trumpcare bill, I'll sue.

Yes, our President continues to get everything wrong.

Thank you Eric Schneiderman for your truth.
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