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The GOP Is Being Held Hostage To The 20%

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 08/20/15 20:59

by Dave Mindeman

A deputy chair of the 2012 Romney campaign publicly stated the results of polling information that their campaign did in 2012 on the part of the GOP that is so passionate about immigration.

What they found is that this portion of the GOP amounts to less than 20% of the GOP primary voters. They are vocal about it and it is probably the only issue that drives their vote - but it still is a minority subset of GOP voters. And since Democrats do not look at the immigration issue with the same rigidity, this minority ends up being less than 10% of the general electorate.

This Romney campaign official admits that the "self deportation" rhetoric during the debates cost them a large number of Latino votes and put them in a difficult position to win the general election.

So here we are today. The rhetoric about immigration in the GOP is even worse than the 2012 version....which I didn't think possible. Trump keeps ratcheting up the fervor and the rest of the field seems unwilling to confront the situation enough to change the message.

When you look at the polls, Trump is leading....but the numbers sit at that 20 to 25% number. He is getting that anti-immigrant subset. He does better than that 20% figure in head to head match-ups with Democrats because the assumption in that type of polling is that he IS the nominee....and he, of course, gets wall to wall news coverage as the front runner.

But even among Republican analysts, the consensus seems to be that for the GOP nominee to win the general election, he or she would have to get at least 40% of the Latino vote. Romney won 27%. And I doubt that anyone is thinking that the current immigration rhetoric is going to produce anything close to what Romney got.

So why is the Republican field sliding along to self-destruction? Why does this issue have to be led by Trump? Why isn't there softer stands and softer rhetoric coming from somebody?

This is just more evidence that the Republican Party has been hijacked by its most extreme elements and the GOP is either unwilling or just totally powerless to change the dynamic.

You would think that someone in a field of 17 would challenge what seems to have become the party line.
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Trump: He's Not Funny Anymore

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 08/19/15 20:59

by Dave Mindeman

This is a political platform for an American political party:

(1) Repeal of all Naturalization Laws.
(2) None but Americans for office.
(3) A pure American Common School system.
(4) War to the hilt, on political Romanism.
(5) Opposition to the formation of Military Companies, composed of Foreigners.
(6) The advocacy of a sound, healthy and safe Nationality.
(7) Hostility to all Papal influences, when brought to bear against the Republic.
(8) American Constitutions & American sentiments.
(9) More stringent & effective Emigration Laws.
(10) The amplest protection to Protestant Interests.
(11) The doctrines of the revered Washington.
(12) The sending back of all foreign paupers.
(13) Formation of societies to protect American interests.
(14) Eternal enmity to all those who attempt to carry out the principles of a foreign Church or State.
(15) Our Country, our whole Country, and nothing but our Country.
(16) Finally,-American Laws, and American Legislation, and Death to all foreign influences, whether in high places or low.

This was the official platform of the "American" Party of 1849. Better known in history as the "Know Nothing" Party.

Actually the Know Nothing term was not meant as a symbol of their intelligence, but rather about their secretiveness....

The origin of the "Know Nothing" term was in the semi-secret organization of the party. When a member was asked about its activities, he was supposed to reply, "I know nothing." Outsiders called them "Know-Nothings", and the name stuck.

Looking back on this historically, there was a vocal (although a minority) American backlash at the rise of Irish Catholic immigrants in those times. This was a protestant, protectivist, anti-immigrant party that forced Americans into a fear of immigration.

Substitute the Catholic references with Islam, or maybe Latino Catholics, in that platform, and you can see the baseline beliefs of citizens that Donald Trump is tapping into to. It is a platform based on American citizen protections and for the most part, fear... and protection of what is "mine".

We are beginning to approach another dark area of American politics. And if the Republican Party is unwilling to reject it, or is afraid to confront it, we could be approaching a division in America that might make all the other divisions appear trivial.

Trump is moving out of entertainment into a dark state of fear.

It's not funny anymore.
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The Essence Of A Donald Trump News Conference

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 08/16/15 13:57

by Dave Mindeman

When Donald Trump gives a news conference, these are the answers that seem to come out of his mouth.....

Q: Mr. Trump, what is your plan for undocumented workers?

T: They have to go back.

Q: But won't that offend the Latino voters?

T: Latinos love me. I will win the Latino vote.

Q: What is your plan for American Jobs?

T: I will bring them back from China, Mexico, wherever.

Q: But what about the free trade agreements?

T: China loves me. Mexico loves me. We can do business.

Q: What about the problem of the Ukraine?

T: Putin and I get along. Let Germany play the bad guy and I'll make the deal.

Q: Rand Paul says you would be a disaster for civil liberties.

T: Rand Paul is stupid.

Q: Scott Walker is a strong competitor in Iowa for you.

T: Scott Walker is a disaster and he's stupid.

Q: What about ISIS?

T: We'll bomb the oil, they'll have no money, and then we can take them out. Everything else is stupid.

Q: But won't oil prices skyrocket with that kind of plan?

T: I'll make a deal with oil producers. And then I'll frack the hell out of this country and produce more oil than the world has ever seen. And then I'll manipulate the oil price.

Q: What will you do about Planned Parenthood?

T: I'll defund Planned Parenthood's abortion actions but I'll keep the rest of their services in place. 'cause you know, I love the women.

Q: But Planned Parenthood doesn't get Federal funds for abortion now?

T: OK, well, I'll have to defund something to make it look like I don't like them...and of course, I don't, but I love the women.

Q: What about the Chinese and the devaluation of currency?

T: The Chinese love me. They want to be on the Trump bandwagon. I'll get them to play ball because they love me.

Q: Jeb Bush has said the Iraq War did some good for this country?

T: Jeb Bush is a lightweight. He is stupid.

Q: Do you think Hillary Clinton will still be the Democratic candidate?

T: It doesn't matter. They're all stupid.

Q: What will you do about climate change?

T: I won't do anything. All the climate talk comes from a bunch of lightweight scientists. And they're all stupid.

Q: What about spending at the Pentagon?

T: I am huuuuge on defense. I am totally militaristic. I will have the biggest army and defense force - nobody, but nobody will mess with me, errr, us.

Q: How will you pay for all that?

T: I'll make good deals. Have you read my book, "The Art of the Deal". Yeah, I'll do that.

Q: So, if you are elected, how will you 'Make America Great Again'?

T: America will be great because I will say it is. People love me.


Of course, Trump never answers questions in such few words. I just encapsulized things down to the essence....after you take away all the bluster, the self-agrandizement, and the puffery. When you do that, it is usually a very short answer.

Are we really ready for a President Trump? I certainly hope not.
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