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To The Pompous Liberal Class - Shut Up For One Cycle

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 12/02/17 11:26

by Dave Mindeman

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the tax bill has passed. After a few minor cosmetic changes in conference committee, this travesty will be law.

During last year's election, the most irritating comment that people (supposedly on my side) kept saying to me is "it doesn't matter, there isn't any difference between the parties."

If you would dare to say that to me today, I would turn seven shades of red, blow up and take you out with me.

There is a pompous liberal class that complains about the Democratic Party ad nauseum without seemingly having the slightest clue that Democrats are the ones holding the finger in the dyke. Well, the dyke is breaking up right now.

Susan Sarandon, a card carrying member of the pompous class, said recently that "if Hillary had been elected, we would be at war." Well, spoiler alert - we ARE at war and now the war has spread with attacks on the middle class.

I used to believe that at some point the Democratic (or liberal) party members would come together and fight the common enemy; instead of fighting among ourselves. But, even now, that doesn't seem to be happening.

2018 is an off year - but it is vital...crucial...consequential. If we do not unite the Democrats, the opposition, and the independents - this country will be changed forever. I am not kidding around here. We are in deep trouble.

If the pompous liberal class can hold off on their uppityness for one cycle, maybe, just maybe, we can put that finger back in the dyke. If we can, by some miracle, create a Democratic wave with enough force to bring back a check on all of this madness - then you can go back to your pompousity and go back to your criticisms. At least, then, you will have some elected officials who will actually choose to listen.

This is not a drill. We need to be at battle stations. And we need to be one voice. I knew that this tax scam idea would be possible with an all Republican government - but I never thought it would be this bad. To transfer wealth from the bottom to the top takes us into a country of oligarchs. The Putin governing method with the Putin puppet President.

It is time to elect Democrats at every level. If they hold office, then we can hold them accountable. But we do not have the luxury of nuance. Work to get the best possible candidates in place - but once the ballot is set....vote like your life depends on it - because it does.

Franken Situation: Now It Has To Be A Process

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 11/28/17 13:21

by Dave Mindeman

This Franken issue has become a dark rabbit hole. I can't defend Franken's actions, but this can get to a point where we have to let the process play out and stop the distracting arguments that keep us away from what we need to do.

Unlike a lot of other men being accused, Franken has volunteered to let an ethics investigation run its course. Has anyone else done that? Donald Trump is reversing the one apology he gave on the Access Hollywood tape. Roy Moore hasn't given an inch despite very credible testimony. Hollywood actors let their publicists handle the firestorm.

Now does that mean that Franken should not have to resign? No, certainly not. There comes a point where you cannot be an effective Senator if the conversation continues in this manner and there is little doubt that some uncomfortable situations did occur for several women.

But let's not let this devolve into an "I only believe her" or "I will never believe him" path. That isn't productive. Unfortunately, we have this awful tendency of going too far one way or the other. There is no question that women have been forced to suppress their discomfort and have been unable to vocalize outright criminal behavior. That is changing (and let's hope that this change continues) - but let's not lose sight of the differences in each situation.

I guess we should consider a time out on the Franken discussion. I know the Republicans will continue to make up for any reduction in sound bites from Democrats. But that is what they do. They attack Democrats and leave their own side alone. But Franken will have to deal with that if he wishes to stay on and muddle his way through this.

Given the fact that we have an agreed upon process....the Ethics Investigation.....let's allow that to play out. I hope that it will be a bipartisan process, but given the current environment, it is hard to believe that a fair and impartial procedure will occur. But so be it. We need to have some kind of public resolution and that is the avenue available.

In the meantime, the public discourse is getting a bit saturated. Every possible angle of the Franken story seems to have been examined. Even the women involved must be suffering from public fatigue on this.

I am not naive enough to believe that Senator Franken is not in for a rough time going forward. But that appears to be part of his penance.

Let's allow for a process and maybe we can find out what it takes to resolve these situations.


A Trump Christmas Story

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 11/27/17 07:09

by Dave Mindeman

And it came to pass, there went out a decree from Donicus Trumpdisgusticus that all the country should pay royalties to the emperor. And everyone was to go to the house of his lineage to sign up.

So, Joseph and Mary, descendants of Benicus Franklin, set forth on their journey to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was an arduous journey and Mary was great with child.

When they entered the city they searched for a place to stay - all the Trump hotels were filled with Trump attorneys and Russian agents, so there was no room for them in the Inn-Tel. Desperate, Joseph begged the concierge for help. He would take anything. Finally relenting, the staff found an old shed in the back that usually doubled as a money laundering facility.

There was no furniture and Joseph, the carpenter, had to fashion a manger out of excess wood and found some straw to use for bedding. And Mary brought forth a young son and named him Donald for the great emperor. But Joseph overruled her, saying he must be named Jesus - or this story has no meaning.

Meanwhile, a group of unemployed steel workers were tending to their cans of beer in a clearing just outside of town. When low and behold, Ivanka appeared before them (no one is sure why) and said..

"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of Benicus Franklin a new leader has been born to you. You will find him the lying in a manger."

The steel workers said to one another, "Let's go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which Ivanka has told us about."

And so they set out on their journey only to be stopped at the city entrance because they could not establish proper residency requirements - and they were turned away.

As nightfall came, a bright shining star, the star of the Eastern Seaboard, shone brightly above the new baby and 3 wise men in the Far East observed the phenomena with great interest. They said, "this must be a sign - let us travel afar and see what this can mean."

And so, they set out on their long journey, bearing gifts from afar of gold, frankencense and myrrh. But after traveling the ocean and arriving in Mexico, they were halted at the border by a great wall and a border check. Since they did not have proper ID or papers, they, too, were turned away and forced to go back empty handed....and yes, their gifts of gold, frankencense and myrrh were confiscated and added to the US treasury.

So, Joseph and Mary and Jesus spent a lonely night in the tool shed. Listening to the sounds of city opulence - waiting for the morning when they would offer their meager tributes to the emperor.

The End.
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