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Cong. John Kline: Caving In To The Lure Of Power

Category: John Kline
Posted: 07/29/12 01:01

by Dave Mindeman

After being repeatedly asked for comments about Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood witch hunt, John Kline finally spoke up the other day to say this....

?I don?t think any of us doubt that Mrs. Bachmann is concerned about national security,? Kline said. ?I think that she stepped a bit over the line when she went after individuals by name ? we need to be focusing on jobs and the economy.?

There are a number of curious things about this:

1) The statement was tenative and measured.

2) It came on an RNC conference call about the economy and Kline had Norm Coleman there to give him cover.

3) It obviously took Kline a very long time to figure out what to say and was prepared on this call knowing he could not duck it any furthur.

4. He is hoping this ends here.

Now, is that the mark of a leader?

Congressman Kline is obviously being careful in a political year in which he will be having a real contest. But in a world where Bachmann has strong ties to the Tea Party and Kline has Tea Party critics, the Congressman is trying to find ways to play politics with national security.

There was a time, early in his career, when Kline was critical of the games played in Washington. He criticized the "pork barrel" ways of Congress....at least he did when he wasn't the beneficiary.

The Congressional career of John Kline has been a slow quicksand like caving in to power. Now that Kline has secured some leadership positions, he plays the game all too well.

Ironic isn't it? Now that he has those leadership positions, he refuses to lead.

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Why The GOP Thinks We Need Photo ID

Category: Voting
Posted: 07/29/12 00:39

by Dave Mindeman

Here is the short form about why Republicans insist that we need Voter ID amendments....

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Cravaack on Almanac - Leadership? Representation? I Think Not!!

Posted: 07/27/12 23:40, Edited: 08/08/12 21:45

by Dave Mindeman

Figuring out Chip Cravaack is becoming a full time job. On Almanac tonight, the responses from the Chipster ranged from the timid to the bizzare.

He was asked about Michele Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood comments. Now that John Kline has finally figured out something to say about the matter, Cravaack gets to be the last one of the MN GOP Congressional delegation to weigh in on the matter. And after all that time and all that thought process, Cravaack's deep thought response.....

Michele Bachmann is a member of the House Intelligence Committee and I could neither confirm or deny the information presented....

That's an answer?

He was pressed again by Wurzer and he doubled down....

Let the facts go where they go...where they lead.

Good night. What facts? We are talking about Bachmann. And go where? Cravaack knows this is going to go absolutely nowhere because no Republican or Democrat will touch this thing.


Next they discussed his disagreement with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano over the funding of, what I call, guns in the cockpit. Of all the myriad of things that Chip Cravaack has wanted to cut since he went to Congress, here is a program that he thinks cannot be compromised. Training pilots in weaponry as "the last line of defense" on the plane. That, he thinks, is worth the taxpayer's money.

In my mind, if you are going to depend on a gun battle in the cockpit at 30,000 feet as part of airline safety we are all in big trouble.

Sheesh. Crazy fearmongering.

Then they talked about the FEMA assistance rejections. If you heard the interview, Cravaack is offering his "support" for the Democratic Governor and the two Democratic Senators. His "support"? The rejection is coming from budgetary concerns in Congress (let's be blunt - the House) and Cravaack is the Republican in the room and he directly represents his district. Yet, Cravaack is AWOL on pushing his caucus to do the right thing. It is HIS district, for Pete's sake.

He just got some labor endorsement because he "stands up to his party".....at least that is the theory being offered.

Well, Mr. Cravaack, your district needs some standing up. The Democratic leaders are doing their part. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Don't you think Republican House leadership could use a little prodding from the GOP House member representing the District that needs the direct help?

It's supposed to be called representing your district....isn't it?

Cravaack needs a long vacation....starting in November.

What the hell is Cravaack thinking. What kind of leadership is that?
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