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Top 10 Reasons Romney Lost

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 11/17/12 16:51

by Dave Mindeman

The Top 10 reasons Romney lost the election....

#10 - Florida didn't count (figuratively and literally).

#9 - Hurricane Sandy (insert reason here)

#8 - Somebody tripped on the ORCA power cord and unplugged it.

#7 - Paul Ryan was in charge of campaign budget.

#6 - Romney's 47% comment was actually 4% off.

#5 - Didn't realize cars were still actually made in US.

#4 - Thought women voted whichever way their husbands say.

#3 - Assumed home state(s) were automatic in electoral college.

#2 - Was sure that Donald Trump could deliver New York.

#1 - Because he couldn't decide which Mitt Romney could win.
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DFL Legislature: An Opportunity To Be Bold

Posted: 11/17/12 15:07, Edited: 04/24/13 15:28

by Dave Mindeman

The DFL has control of the reins of state government. The first time in decades. Yet, it is almost like Democrats are more fearful of doing something with the power they now have, than they were watching the Republicans screw things up during the last two sessions.

Sure there is the possibility of overreach. But exactly what is the cautionary tale we need to heed? Does that mean doing nothing? Does it mean approach things with timidness? I don't think so.

During the election the Republicans tried to convince everyone that they did good things with the budget. They "stopped" the wild spending and balanced the budget without taxes.

But they didn't.

Property taxes went way up and we have billions of IOU's. I don't care what math you use, none of it added up.

Democrats have been given an opportunity to fix all this with real dollars and real budget numbers. If that is considered risky, then so be it. It will only be risky because we have such a back log of problems that there is the possibility that the electorate will blame the fixers and not the problem makers.

That is a risk the Democrats just have to take.

The opportunity is there for a wide reaching solution. Tax reform that includes property taxes. Education needs funding mechanisms that are secure and stable. Health care that can coordinate with the Federal programs in all its aspects....or maybe even a discussion of waivers that utilize the MN Health Care plan. A balance of business and environmental oversight that is viable for everyone.

Republicans can complain and continue their attempts at obstruction or they can contribute meaningful suggestions for reform. The difference this time is that the DFL has control of the agenda and leverage that either party seldom gets.

Governor Dayton asked the electorate to give him a DFL legislature to see what they can do.

He got it.

Now do it.

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