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Fantasy Government Replaced By Responsible Government

Posted: 12/02/12 14:03, Edited: 04/24/13 15:28

by Dave Mindeman

Get ready for the howling. Republicans are tuning up their vocal cords so that they can get maximum decibels for their vocal outrage when Democrats key up tax hikes.

The transportation task force is recommending gas and license tab increases. Governor Dayton is looking for tax reform that will bring in new revenue. Local sales taxes, education funding, health care balancing.....it's all there and all needed.

And Republicans will stand there proudly and say, "we told you so."

But the reality is that it was all inevitable. After the 8 year tenure of Gov. Pawlenty, the GOP simply ran out of gimmicks and sleight of hand. Balancing budgets on future revenues and school shifts have run their course. We just can't do that stuff anymore.

For nearly a decade we have used credit cards to pay off other credit cards and just let the interest accumulate.

The GOP criticism has been that budgets keep growing....well, so do expenses. Cost of living increases, more people unemployed, health care increases, higher infrastructure contracts, and more needs for the cities after we slashed state aid.

Republicans keep fooling the public into believing that all these cost increases are taken care of with gimmicks and they don't have to pay a dime more for them. State costs are magical things -- they only increase on paper and we never have to increase revenue to pay them.

It's a gosh darn miracle.

Democrats are the only ones willing to deal with the reality of it all and for that they get labeled "tax and spenders". Well, find me someone's personal budget that doesn't need an increase in income or that never sees increased costs. That person does not exist. And no state government budget exists that way either....not in the real world.

So as someone once said to me.... Republicans give us fantasy government and Democrats end up fixing it....and the Democrats are looked upon as the bad guys for being the responsible ones.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we go again.
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