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One Apocalypse Averted....

Category: Guns
Posted: 12/21/12 15:12

by Dave Mindeman

Well we are still here. Doomsday is not happening today. Just feels like it.

The Mayans were wrong, but judging by the other things going on in the real world, apocalyptic thoughts are not out of line.

John Boehner and his fiscal cliff plan seems to have hit the apocolypse because last night it blew up. It is not just the idea that Boehner is dropping out of negotiations....it is more troubling that it looks like he doesn't even have the authority to BE negotiating. Who's in charge over there?

Obama could just as well be negotiating with the Mayans for all the good it is doing.

And the NRA holds a news conference and talks like they want an apocalypse. LaPierre says...

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Sorry. There is one other way. The bad guy can be stopped if he does not have a gun.

LaPierre talked in apocalyptic terms. He envisions our schools as armed bunkers. Guns still accessible to everyone but a vision of an armed war with good taking on evil.


One apocalyptic prediction averted - but more to come.
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NRA News Conference - More Delusion

Category: Guns
Posted: 12/21/12 11:48

by Dave Mindeman

I am begginning to wonder if the most dangerous man in America isn't Wayne LaPierre. I listened to that NRA news conference and I frankly stood there in stunned disbelief.

What I am hearing is that the NRA expects every school in America to become an armed bunker. Guns everywhere and design changes that would "deter" school assaults.

Not only is this irrational on its face, but these same people who would support such a upgrade in security will never pay for it. We can't even get Congress to agree on simple budgets -- how are we going to pay for this?

I wouldn't mind more security in the schools, but how do we protect everyone at the malls, the theatres, the workplaces. You can't just arm everyone and everything. We need to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people and that requries full and complete background checks. LaPierre didn't even mention that as a possibility.

Forget the NRA. They are obviously rejecting a reasonable place at the table.

Move on without them and make this country safer.
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