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Facts On Truth

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 07/30/16 07:48

by Alan Anderson

With the current controversy over who is telling the truth, PolitiFact did a comparison of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on their presentations at the conventions. Anyone who believes that Mr. Trump is an honest person who always tells the truth, these numbers ought to convince you that it not true.

On the first rating, all true statements, 53 were true from Clinton, 8 for Trump. Mostly True, 67 for Clinton, 22 for Trump. On the two most negatives, simply False, 26 for Clinton, 76 for Trump. And the last rating, for horribly filled with lies, "pants on fire", Clinton had 4 and Mr. Trump had 36!

Anyone who doubts the truthfulness of Clinton, certainly compared to Mr. Trump, is essentially wrong. Trump lies or bends the truth at rates three to four times that of Mrs. Clinton. Many have called Trump a serial liar. These numbers seem to confirm these notions.

What is impressive about the Politi Fact ratings is they back up each response with the actual quotes from the candidates. These aren't lies....these are factually based conclusions.

So, when Mr. Trump claims he was just being sarcastic when he said he wanted Russian intelligence to share their files on Mrs. Clinton's email, it might be reasonable to assume he wasn't.

This is a sad time for our country when we can't even trust a presidential candidate to tell the truth 10% of the time. Hopefully, voters will come to their senses and realize Trump is a habitual liar.....he can't help it. However, because of this, we need to pray for "heaven to help us!"
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Open Letter To The "NeverHillary" Crowd

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 07/29/16 09:16

by Dave Mindeman

An open letter to Bernie's "never Hillary" crowd.

You don't like Hillary Clinton. You have made that pretty clear. It was Bernie or Bust.

Well you are not doing Bernie any favors anymore. You are hurting his cause. You are, as Sarah Silverman put it, "being ridiculous".

Bernie has had a powerful influence on the Democratic Party - even though he, himself, is not a Democrat. His issues are powerful. His ideas are masterful. He embodies the progressive agenda.

Bernie may not be the nominee, but his agenda is still very much alive. And virtually all his policy reforms are right there in the Democratic platform.

But you know and I know that the platform is just a piece of paper. It doesn't mean a thing until laws are signed by the President. A Democratic President. So the best thing, the only thing, you can do for Bernie right now is to make sure Democrats get elected - including Hillary and everybody else down the ticket.

You are disappointed. You worked hard. You think its unfair. You believe the system is corrupt. I understand, but this is not some new feeling that only you can know. We have all been there one way or another.

And by the way...this thing about the DNC being biased and "voter fraud"? I know this is shocking, but the DNC is going to be biased FOR a Democrat. I am not insinuating that what they were saying is right or wrong. Regardless of how they felt, they should have been neutral. But what was in those e-mails was not a scandal. It was private messages sent between people who have worked in the party a long time...and not acting in any official capacity. They did not "rig" the election.

Primaries are not handled by the Democratic Party. They are overseen by the Secretary of State in that state. Sometimes that is a Republican, sometimes its a Democrat. But a state election is operated by the state. Reducing precinct locations is not something done by the Party, it is a decision of the SOS - and that more often means Republicans (under the guise of saving money). Hillary Clinton won most of the primaries.

The caucuses ARE run by the Party. The state has nothing to do with that. Party officials make all the rules and operate the voting. If the system was "rigged" why did Bernie win virtually every single caucus state?

Bernie was disappointed that he did not win. But he believes in the change he seeks...and he has been around long enough to know that his change will NEVER happen under a President Trump. He was gracious in promoting Hillary as President. He has done as much as he possibly can to unite the Party. You, the "never Hillary" crowd are dissing Bernie.

But as we move forward, it is no longer just about electing Hillary. An aggressive progressive agenda is literally on the docket. It will need public support to get through Congress (and a few more Democrats in Congress would help as well). Hillary mentioned almost all of Bernie's main ideas in her speech last night. She checked them off, one by one. If they are going to move into law, then the rest of us need to hold her and elected Democrats accountable. We can't do that with Republicans holding power, it is just impossible. But we do have a say with Democrats.

And one more thing. Bernie wants you to run for office. Get in the game and move his agenda forward. First rule of politics - don't piss off half your base. If you are going to win those offices, then you need Hillary supporters to get there. That's not a threat, that's just a fact. You sure as hell aren't going to get Republican support.

I get a lot of flack for pro-Hillary posts. I get it. Some of you do not like her. But this is bigger than a bunch of hate mail. This is now a binary choice and if Hillary is not President, we end up with an authoritarian demagogue in the oval office.

If you want to protest against Hillary, then protest against Hillary the President. That is where your voice will mean something. That is where the agenda you want will get a fair hearing.

You cannot just expect change to happen because you think it should. You can't sit around and grouse if it doesn't work the first time - you have to keep working it. And when one avenue is closed off, you find the side street to get there.

End of rant.

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AAA Bond Rating Is Back

Category: Mark Dayton
Posted: 07/28/16 17:57

by Dave Mindeman

In another example of the difference between Democratic and Republican economic policies, the Fitch rating system has restored Minnesota's AAA bond rating.

We lost that rating under the Pawlenty administration.

Minnesota has prospered under Mark Dayton. Our business climate is getting national recognition. Our economy is bustling. And all of this in stark contrast to our neighbor to the east, Wisconsin.

Mark Dayton did the unthinkable - he used tax increases on the wealthy to balance the budget while working to improve the lives of the middle class.

It worked. Let me repeat. It worked.

And the Fitch rating shows us the difference. The Pawlenty administration used gimmick after gimmick to balance budgets without new revenue. It showed up in our financial stablility - and Fitch took the unprecedented step to lower our bond rating. We have paid more interest on our bonds because of that. It was fiscal malpractice.

Dayton boldly took the opposite approach and the nation has noticed. While conservative legislatures in Wisconsin and Kansas doubled down on "trickle down" economics, Minnesota stayed true to Democratic economic principles.

Fitch noticed. The country noticed.

Thank you Dayton. Thank you Democrats.

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