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The Abedin E-Mails Appearance On Weiner's Laptop Is Puzzling

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 10/31/16 00:51

by Dave Mindeman

There is something that really bothers me about this latest e-mail revelation. And it all kind of revolves around Anthony Weiner. Here are the relevant points we know so far:

1) The laptop in question actually belongs to Anthony Weiner.

2) Huma Abedin professes that she did not use this laptop very much.

3) Yet, there are claims of over 600,000 e-mails on it, of hers.

4) Huma claims that when she turned over her electronic devices, her lawyers didn't think a shared laptop with her husband would have anything relevant - although they did not look.

5) She says she tended to work on whatever convenient device was available to her at the time she was working, but did not move any e-mails involved, into any organized folders; and did not delete them.

6) Huma Abedin has a security clearance.

7) There is a strong likelihood that the majority of these e-mails have already appeared in the recovered e-mails from the ongoing investigation.

8) Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are in the process of getting a divorce.

Now, here is what puzzles me. The discovery of these e-mails happened during the FBI investigation of Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. He is apparently in full cooperation with the FBI. This laptop was seized during this investigation.

It is Weiner's laptop. He has had it in his possession most of the time up until the FBI confiscated it. Weiner and Abedin are going to be getting into a potential messy divorce. People headed to divorce do some pretty strange things - depending on how angry and vengeful they can get.

How did this all come about? Well, you could speculate about a lot of things.....right, Anthony?
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In Senate District 57 - Let's Keep Senator Clausen

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 10/29/16 16:11

by Dave Mindeman

I was struck by some commentary at the District 57 League of Women Voters Forum in Apple Valley last night.

First, the only Republican candidate at this forum was the Senate candidate Cory Campbell, who is running against incumbent Greg Clausen for that seat. Campbell noted at the beginning that his GOP Party had recommended that he not attend any League of Women Voter forums, because, I guess, the GOP considers them some kind of left leaning group.

But Campbell was there and said a few unusual things.

1) He doesn't believe in the government setting the minimum wage. Only business can do that according to him. He not only doesn't want to raise the minimum wage, he questions why it is even there.

2) On health care, he noted that the ACA destroyed the company he worked for. While the truth about that is that his previous company only dealt in health care insurance provided they could deny coverage to less healthy people. He also wants to reinstate the MCHA (state catastrophic coverage) while neglecting to point out that the MCHA was also unable to meet the main ACA goals of eliminating coverage lifetime limits and that it maxed out at $5,000 per year.

3) Here is the real odd one. He volunteered the idea that there is some marginal ideas about confiscating guns out there. He wouldn't elaborate other than to say something about how "the Australian model did confiscate guns" and it cannot work in this country.

The Australian model DID confiscate guns. The public outcry after a particularly blood mass shooting in that country led to the most restrictive gun laws in the world. Guns had to be turned in and purchases had to meet very restrictive background checks. And, to be frank, Australia has never had a mass shooting in the country since that law was passed.

But, Campbell is just throwing out a bunch of NRA Halloween scare talk, because the Australian laws will never happen in this country - why? Because Australia does not have a 2nd Amendment in their Constitution and we do. Nobody is going to take anybody's guns away.

It was interesting that during the 2nd Amendment discussion, the three Democratic candidates all professed to own a gun. Cory Campbell, the endorsed NRA candidate, doesn't. Just one of life's little ironies.

At another point in the debate, the subject of special needs kids came up. Senator Clausen is a well known advocate in this area - and during the discussion, Cory Campbell, who has an autistic child, confessed that his wife once said that when they struggled with a government program, that maybe they should consult with Senator Clausen. Might not be a bad idea.

Cory Campbell is a likable enough person, but he clearly doesn't seem ready to become a state senator.

We have a pretty darn good one already in place. Let's keep him.
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Comey Has To Give Us More Than This

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 10/29/16 12:48

by Dave Mindeman

The Comey letter may go down in history as one of those political moments that defies reason. The FBI director can't seem to release anything publicly without giving us a bunch of cryptic puzzles - most of which have little meaning.

As near as I can tell, James Comey has e-mails that are related to the previous investigation, but....

a) Could be just simple duplication.

b) Could just be scheduling and explanatory policy notes.

c) Nothing at all.

Director Comey only relates that he knows they exist. He doesn't know what is there. He won't characterize them in any way, which leaves the door open to wild speculation. Especially when you have a Presidential candidate on the Republican side who thrives on wild speculation.

I understand Comey's desire to be thorough and unbiased. But there are a few troubling aspects of this. First, he defied the Justice Department's direct response that now was not the time to go public with an investigation area that was only beginning. Second, Comey's decision to send the letter to Congress was made by himself alone. No one joined him in signing the letter. His employees did not know about it until he sent a second letter to them on the same day.

That is a little presumptive, to put yourself in the middle of Presidential politics.

I have generally had great respect for James Comey. I doubt that he has done this with some ulterior political motive in mind. He does not seek a Trump presidency. But he is also intelligent enough to know that this action requires more factual information than what he has released.

I expect all this uncertainty will give Trump a temporary advantage over the next couple of days. But this cannot be allowed to be a deciding factor in this contest. Comey needs to give us his full reasoning, even if he cannot talk about the investigation itself.

This is too volatile to give in to wild conjecture.
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