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MN Electoral College Ceremony - I Was Embarrassed

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 12/19/16 17:02, Edited: 12/19/16 17:04

by Dave Mindeman

I was at the Minnesota's Electoral College ceremony in St. Paul today (my wife was an alternate elector for the 2nd Congressional District) and frankly, as a Democrat, I was embarrassed.

Minnesota voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She earned Minnesota's 10 electoral votes. It is bad enough that we will have to endure Donald Trump over the next four years, but the Minnesota ceremony was certainly not the time and place to protest that election.

First of all, we had several protesters in the room who interrupted the ceremony repeatedly with calls for the electors to refuse to vote. It was kind of strange as they were making calls to delay the vote for an intelligence briefing or to just not vote at all in protest of the election.

Trump lost Minnesota. He was not a part of this ceremony at all. There were very few people in the room who even supported him. Yet, the protestors decided to disrupt the proceedings anyway. They wished to deny Clinton the 10 votes she would receive from this ceremony.

Stopping those 10 Clinton votes would change nothing. Trump would still get his 270 needed to win. He would still get to be President. And all that would be accomplished here would be a further embarrassment to Hillary Clinton and the DFL Party.

No thanks.

And we also had a second, even worse, embarrassment. The 5th District elector, Muhammad Abdurrahman, decided to cast a ballot with names other than Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (He says he voted for Bernie Sanders and for Tulsi Gabbard).

Apparently his goal was to seek publicity in this regard because it accomplished absolutely nothing else. It did not protest the Trump election. It did not benefit the Democratic Party. All it did was get him a number of press interviews and the title of Faithless Elector.

According to Minnesota Law his ballot had to be thrown out and he, himself, had to be removed as an elector and replaced with his alternate. She fulfilled her duty and cast the vote correctly.

In my personal opinion, Muhammad Abdurrahman should never be allowed to hold any office in the DFL Party ever again. But that is just me. I am sure that others with more say will disagree.

But it was embarrassing and wrong.

I don't like the electoral college. My wife (an alternate elector) and I both feel that it should be done away with. But I doubt that will happen. Small states feel that it gives them a voice. Fine. So be it.

But for all the talk about denying Donald Trump his 270 in the electoral college, the only "faithless electors" so far have been Democrats. The protests are supposedly about Trump as the incoming President, but it is the Democratic ceremonies that are disrupted. People are upset that the popular vote was rendered meaningless by the electoral college, but it is the Democratic Party that gets all the embarrassment and negative press.

Trump will probably have a larger margin in the electoral college than he deserves. He will still get to be President. He will still take over the reigns of power.

And what does the Democratic Party get? Disruption, embarrassment, and a public display of weakness and futility.

Yes, I was embarrassed by these events. Misdirected protests are not productive. Publicity stunts only benefit the person that does them.

The Democratic Party needs to take a harder look at its future because only more embarrassment appears on the horizon.
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Ask and Answer One Question

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 12/19/16 08:22

by Alan Anderson

With all the controversy over the Russian hacks, the corrupted election caused by fake news, FBI Director Comey's strange interference during the last days of the election, the leaked information about only Democratic candidates, and the mostly traditional Democratic voters who were systematically removed from the election rolls through voter ID laws, there continues to remain one critical issue that might shed light on the entire election. Mr. Trump has failed to reveal his tax returns, even though he said he would do so before the election.

Such returns are most likely hiding critical information, like his connection to Russia and other countries through huge loans, and his continued failure to pay federal income tax. It is very likely that Trump is in great debt to Russia and other adversaries....and that is why they wanted him to be president. In such a role he will be forced to do their biddings or potentially incur huge financial losses and more importantly, huge embarrassments that would have disqualified him from ever being a candidate.

He said failing to release taxes disqualified a person from being a candidate. He said Romney lost the election because he did release his taxes. He said that the electoral college was a "disaster for democracy." So, from these statements, it is clear Donald Trump's words mean nothing. What he says and what he does are in conflict. He should be ethical and refuse to accept the electoral college vote...if he truly believes in a democracy where the majority rules. He lost the election....he is the biggest loser. He only won the electoral college vote, a system set up at our nation's beginning to provide southern, slave-owning states, from being overwhelmed by their northern counterparts. To the remnants of slavery plague our country even 'til today.

His appointment to the presidency will make us all the biggest losers. Mr. Trump is not a normal person. He is a sociopath, a psychologically sick individual. Trying to treat him like he is rational and reasonable is foolish. Many major Republicans, like Mr. Romney, Governor Pawlenty, and Secretary of State Colin Powell all called him "unhinged and unfit to be president." They were right. Heaven help us all if he is actually appointed president.
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