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Targeting Personal Religious Appearances

Category: Religion
Posted: 01/30/17 15:16

by Dave Mindeman

The far right politics in Europe is causing more and more discriminatory policies to be considered. Take for example, Austria:

Austria is planning to ban the Muslim face veil in public places, the centrist coalition government said today as it announced a package of policies aimed at countering the growing appeal of the far-right opposition Freedom Party (FPO).

If a Muslim woman chooses to express her faith in this way, why should there be an allowance for governmental sanction?

OK, so because a lot of people seem to take some personal offense at this visible symbol of the Islamic faith, Austria feels compelled to make a national law to ban it?

That's crazy.

That would be like a Muslim dominated country demanding that a Christian never wear a cross of any kind on their person. I would assume that a regulation like this would be offensive to evangelicals, correct? In fact, I would say that they would consider this a persecution of their faith, right?

So why should this type of persecution be tolerated against other religions. The Muslim face veil is not some kind of assault. It is not going to affect anyone else in any way.

I would hope that saner, rational people in authority would not carry this through. But then, Trump like politics are becoming the norm and so I imagine that Austria will get suckered into this. These right wing parties are using fearmongering and frankly, nonsensical ideas, to gain electoral advantage. A false advantage based on false policies.

The world is not in a good place right now and if this continues we will be headed for an even darker place in the future.

The outward trappings of any religion should be off limits to political dialogue and especially to government regulation.

We still have kind of a fence between church and state, right? Could we get Trump to build his wall there?
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Learning To Talk Like Trump

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/30/17 11:27

by Dave Mindeman

I have the best brain (not close) and use the best words (terrible description). People I know always tell me that I am so smart. (no, they don't) I graduated from the best school (in North Dakota) at the top of my class (not really).

My doctor (kind of a doctor) says that I am the healthiest person ever (if you don't include chronic conditions). That no one is in better health than I am (well, in the top 99%).

I surround myself with top people (at least they say so) who give me the best guidance (they tell me where I can go all the time) on the toughest decisions. Everybody says I have the greatest judgment (again, they don't) and that they trust me (well maybe trust is a little far) to always give them good, solid advice (again, no they don't).

When I walk into a room, it lights up (because I turn on the switch) and the electricity is palpable (again because I turned on the switch). Other people look to me (well they know I am there) for life changing advice (or not) about their new ventures (well, maybe not often).

When I seek out advice (which I never do), I turn to people who have the best backgrounds (solid YES people). They are the top people in their fields (maybe a stretch regarding top) and know exactly what to say (I agree with you) when I seek them out (if they answer the phone).

So, I just wanted to say that you can count on me (I wouldn't) to do the best thing (for me) in every case (that affects me) and that I will hold the highest ethical standard (again, highest is the goal) in any dealing (I make the best deals) I have regarding your goals (as long as they coincide with mine).

Thanks for listening. (Well, not thanks - you really had no choice).
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Republicans Failed In Their Responsibility

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/29/17 11:19

by Dave Mindeman

Donald Trump is challenging our Constitution. What he is doing with this latest executive order, flies in the face of the entire document.

And here's the problem.

Republicans won the last election. It was narrow but they won. They control the House, the Senate, the Presidency. They argue that they have a mandate, although I think many people would challenge that particular assertion.

But here is the bottom line.

If you control the government, then you have very important responsibility. You are now the defense line for Constitutional protection. And if yesterday is any indication, the Republicans have failed miserably in that regard.

The silence was deafening. Trump's order was questionable in its broad outline, but to include Green Card status and a religious test in the fine print clearly violates the Constitution in regards to due process and religious liberty.

The Republicans failed because they remained silent. They did not meet the test. They did not protect our rights and are allowing a slippery slope into authoritarianism to continue.

Remember yesterday. Do not forget.

And Democrats have to step up and challenge all of this. The grass roots came through yesterday. The ACLU did its job. Now, Democratic leadership needs to do theirs.

These are perilous times and what we do now matters.
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