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The Trump Questions Still Go Unanswered

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/02/17 18:36

by Dave Mindeman

A jack of all trades reporter put together a number of good questions on Twitter that really need answers. His name is Marcus Baram...and here is a bit of his bio...

Marcus Baram has worked as an editor at the New York Observer, The Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post. He has written and reported for the New York Daily News, ABC News, the New York Times, the New Yorker, New York magazine, and the Village Voice. He's also waited on tables, bartended, deejayed at nightclubs, driven an ice cream truck and taught elementary school.

But here is a summation of all the questions that have revolved around Trump but have never been answered. If Hillary is the "crooked" one then the "authentic", "tell it like it is", "straight forward" Trump should have no trouble giving us the "honest" answers to these questions.

1) What's in Trump's tax returns? Loans from Russian banks, smaller net worth than he's claimed, proof he pays few or no taxes?

2) Has Trump received loans from Russia's Alfa Bank and/or another Russian financial institution and/or oligarch?

3) Did VTB (A Russian Bank) or another Russian bank guarantee Trump's current loans from Deutsche Bank?

4) Did Trump know that Melania worked in US illegally without a work visa when he launched his campaign with an attack on "illegals"?

5) Will Trump sue the New York Times for publishing the accounts of two women who claim that Trump had assaulted them?

6) Why didn't ANYONE (Anonymous, Guccifer, Russians, Chinese) ever hack Trump campaign's emails?

7) Were some of those donations to Trump Foundation (over $4 million from WWE, over $500K from NBC) payments for services?

8) Did Trump meet mob boss "Fat Tony" Salerno at lawyer Roy Cohn's house in the early 1980s?

9) What did Bill Clinton really say to Trump when he called him just a few weeks before Trump launched his campaign?

10) Did Trump donate to Pam Biondi's campaign to influence her decision on fraud probe of Trump University?

11) Why was Trump really given a 1-Y medical deferment in Oct 1968 from military draft after he was classified as fit by local draft board?

12) Did Trump really ever send investigators to Hawaii in an attempt to verify the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate?

13) What were the Trump campaign's conversations with Russian officials about? What did they discuss?

All of these questions would spark an investigation under normal circumstance, but then Republicans don't investigate anything unless it involves a Clinton or an Obama.

Just the way it is.
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Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 01/02/17 13:04, Edited: 01/02/17 13:06

by Dave Mindeman

It is noteworthy that Republicans are publicly talking about how this election has given them a "mandate".

Jason Lewis is a little full of himself with this one....

"Trump shocked everybody. And again taking Democratic states. Keeping the Senate, keeping the House," (Lewis) said. "Now we've got a Republican president. That's a mandate. And so it means they've got to fulfill a mandate. They have to move on something and deliver. And that's as it should be."

Alright let's review....

1) Lewis won a previous Republican seat by only 6600 votes.

2) Trump won an electoral college victory - but he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes.

3) Republicans had a net loss of 2 seats in the Senate.

4) In the House, the GOP had a net loss of 6 seats.

How in the world is that a "mandate"?

Of course, with Republicans...if they say it, it must be true.

Yes, the GOP will try to take advantage of this surprising full control of Washington. It is what they do. But the clear pattern with the GOP is that they always, always overreach.

They think they have a "mandate" to toss out Obamacare. Yet, many of the Trump voters depend on the ACA for their health care. And, lo and behold, the GOP do not have a clue as to how to replace it. Years of complaints but never, never, never offering a viable alternative.

They think they have a "mandate" to sweep out all those pesky regulations. While apparently feigning amnesia at the near financial debacle that came from deregulating the financial industry.

This election wasn't about mandates - it was about the frustration felt by rust belt voters. They just threw up their hands and decided that anything new will do - and Trump certainly is new. He is new to government, new to foreign policy, new to actually getting something done, and new to being a popular figure amongst the lowly peasants.

C'mon Republicans. Don't insult our intelligence with "mandate" talk. You will just do what you normally do - and you will lose that "mandate" in a heartbeat.

Go ahead - make our day.
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