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Only 20% Of Americans Want Immediate ACA Repeal

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 01/06/17 15:29, Edited: 01/06/17 15:31

by Dave Mindeman

In their haste to remove Obamacare the House Republicans may have to take a step back and examine what they are doing.

Kaiser Health released a poll dealing with how they want the GOP to handle this:

Do Not Repeal...........47%

Wait on vote until
a replacement plan
has been announced.....28%

Vote to repeal
immediately, and
work out details of a
replacement plan

Only 1 in 5 want to the Republicans to do what they are currently talking about. And given the ramifications of an outright repeal, the House GOP could be treading on dangerous ground.

But that is part of the problem with Republican governance. They want to act before everyone is ready and then worry about the consequences later. This is classic overreach and Republicans are guilty of doing it time and time again.

Dismantling Obamacare may seem like rewinding the last 8 years for GOP supporters, but these last 8 years won't look so bad when your health care turns into massive chaos.

Be careful what you wish for.
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