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The Rationalization Of The Rural Voter

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 01/14/17 22:53

by Dave Mindeman

As we get closer to the Trump inauguration, there are a lot of stories in which reporters are talking to Trump voters. The Strib had some conversations with Mower County voters...and when you look at what they are saying, it is hard to make sense of it. For instance:

"We're the kind of people who believe in country, family and faith -- not necessarily in that order," said Dave Johnson, a semiretired cattle and hog farmer, Trump man and the table's informal alpha dog. "We're concerned about the future, and a lot of us voice it stronger than others."

OK - Country? Trump talks about Russia more than US. Family? Trump has had 3 marriages and children from 3 different wives. He is vulgar in his language and he never really participated in bringing up his children. Faith? Trump says he is Christian - but says he has never needed to ask God for forgiveness. And gives the impression that the Bible is more of a recent purchase than a trusted resource.

Rural people of faith have some interesting mental gymnastics when they say Trump represents ANY of their values. Any of them.

More of this talk....

"This day and age, everything is veering away from God as far as the government is concerned. People are seeing that, especially in the rural areas," Evans said over a cup of coffee at Sweet's. "Hillary had a record and it wasn't a good record. Trump, by any means, doesn't have the greatest values either. But he wanted to make America great again. People liked what they heard."

As far as values - I don't think Trump even compares to Hillary. All of the turmoil around the e-mail controversy seems to have fueled all of this dishonest talk, but if you listen to Trump for one day, the number of lies gets overwhelming. And "Make America Great Again", is just a slogan. It means nothing. It is Madison Ave false persuasion and it is disappointing that rural America can be so easily trapped by this bait and switch.

And as for Hillary's record? It was a fabulous record. The kind of record and experience we are going to deeply regret not having.

There was at least one person there that gets the real picture....

"To be honest with you, Trump scares the hell out of me," Payne said. "This whole Midwest area is dependent on agriculture, and if Trump goes through with what he is proposing, all these tariffs, he will kill agriculture."

Trump hasn't got a clue about farming and farmers. He still has not even appointed a Secretary of Agriculture. Probably because he doesn't understand what would be needed for that office. The closest thing Trump has come to farming is doing a parody of Green Acres at a charity event.

Farmers need foreign markets. They need to open Cuba. They need foreign trading partners. All of these things are threatened with Donald Trump. And yet they still voted for him.

Trump has not even taken office yet and he is already causing damage to our foreign policy and to our status in the world. Rural America says that we needed to shake things up. Well, that will definitely happen - I just hope the shaking doesn't turn into an earthquake of damage.
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