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The Fix Is Worse Than the Problem

Category: Health Care
Posted: 01/24/17 12:09

by Dave Mindeman

Our House GOP friends have an interesting way of fixing things. The first thing they do with health care is to change basic coverages into optional coverages. This picture is a list of "optional" coverages under the Steve Drazkowski amendment...


We will again have to look for fine print in insurance policies. We will get more of those rejections in our bills that say, sorry, coverage denied.

Yeah, there may be reductions in premiums, but it will be far exceeded by increased bills from coverage denials.

As usual, with Republicans the fix is far more costly than the problem.
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Universal Access Is Not Universal Coverage

Category: Health Care
Posted: 01/24/17 11:59

by Dave Mindeman

The problems with the ACA are fixable. The main issue is in the individual markets, which is roughly between 2 and 5% of the population. The vast majority have health care that works. We could address the problem and find the solution, but rather than do that, the Republicans want to use this issue and extrapolate it as a symptom of Obamacare failure.

That is dishonest and to repeal the entire program is going to lead to chaotic healthcare issues in the future.

Rep. Price who is the choice to head up health and human services has been careful to say that any new program will guarantee "access" to health care for everybody. We have always had universal access. People without insurance will not be denied care at an emergency room. It is the drain on resources that result from non-insurance care that led to the ACA.

What Tom Price is talking about is a reversal on coverage. Going back to an insurance driven system where the carriers choose the conditions of coverage and the patients who most need health coverage are dumped into high risk pools that offer little in the way of basic day to day health care.

Gov. Dayton's state of the state speech (we all pray for a full recovery) offered a good alternative idea to Republican rhetoric. Expand MinnesotaCare and allow more people to buy into this state program. A public option if you will. This offers a good solution to the individual market problem and expand coverage options to more people.

But good ideas often fall on deaf ears when it comes to Republicans and health care. The truth is, they do not want to fix it. They want to continue to use the issue for electoral advantage.

Replacing the ACA is not as simple as the GOP would make it sound. Universal access is not the same as universal coverage.

Watch the wording - they use access for a reason.
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Kurt Daudt Is Just Bad At His Job - Part 2

Category: Kurt Daudt
Posted: 01/24/17 01:00

by Dave Mindeman

Kurt Daudt continues to be bad at his job. He has sent a letter to Donald Trump to discuss health care and mining - forgetting that he should be discussing all of that with our current governor first.

During the campaign, Daudt railed against the idea of one party government. That we needed to keep the House GOP in power to act as a check on those Democrats.

Well, now that he has that check plus a bonus in the Senate, he now acts like it is his perogative to simply move ahead with his own version of one party government. It is as though Dayton does not exist and that the Governor's opinion no longer matters.

If Daudt would get his health care waiver, it would seem prudent to negotiate a little with Gov. Dayton, because the waiver will mean nothing if you can't get anything past a veto.

Daudt is like Trump in that he cannot get out of campaign mode and act like someone willing to govern. He has let the Speaker position go to his head.

His arrogance and disrespect for our governor is shameful and his grandiose ideas of a Republican agenda seem to ignore the idea that 90,000 people descended upon the Capitol to say, wait a minute, you better listen to the rest of us.

Daudt and the House Republicans seem to be assuming that they have a durable majority now. That they can ride this urban/rural divide for as long as they want. Don't be too sure about that - if you are going to make all these changes to health care, you could be depriving a lot of rural hospitals and residents of things they have to come to count on....and will notice when they are gone.

Yeah, Daudt, you seem to be lost in your own rhetoric and think that the GOP is going to be riding high for a long time.

Continue to believe that - the lofty placement makes the fall that much harder.
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