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The Sessions Answer Was: NO

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 03/02/17 17:07

by Dave Mindeman

When it comes to Jeff Sessions, the focus has been on Al Franken's questions at the committee hearing. The video has been shown over and over.

But the most damaging aspect of Sessions response comes from the written questions provided by Patrick Leahy. Here is the verbatim:

Several of the President-Elect's nominees or senior advisers have Russian ties. Have you been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after Election Day?


That seems to be more direct. When you ask...."Have you been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election"....that is hard to dismiss. Especially when the written response is a definitive NO.

And remember this was written questions. Which means that Sessions had plenty of time to consider the question and plenty of time to think back on any of his contacts during the campaign.

Russian ambassador seems like part of the Russian government, right? Now, did he remember the ambassador visit and while thinking back decided that no campaign issues were discussed? If so, why not reveal the contact with an explanation.

The answer was NO. No explanation. Nothing to contribute.

The cloud still hovers.
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Loretta Lynch On The Tarmac vs. Jeff Sessions And Russia

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 03/02/17 07:41, Edited: 03/02/17 08:04

by Dave Mindeman

Let's put this Jeff Sessions information in full perspective.

First, let's go back to the campaign and Obama's AG Loretta Lynch sitting in her plane on a tarmac. She gets a contact from Bill Clinton who wants to say hi. She agrees to a 15 minute general conversation and the Republicans go nuts. It looks bad. Loretta Lynch, as Attorney General, has the power to filter what the FBI is doing. To decide what type of prosecutorial procedures will be undertaken. And the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation is a top story.

We don't know what that conversation was about...but Loretta Lynch had enough integrity to understand that the appearance was wrong and that she would limit her authority in Clinton matters.

That turned out to be a crucial issue in the 2016 campaign. The FBI brought forward information about a reopening of e-mail scrutiny via the Anthony Wiener investigation. Loretta Lynch could have quietly quashed anything public regarding that issue. Comey wanted to go public and Loretta Lynch, who could have stopped him, backed off and let him decide. That fateful meeting on the airport tarmac changed the dynamics of the campaign.

OK - flash forward to the story yesterday about Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador during the summer campaign. Russia is now a very hot topic. He testified during his confirmation hearings that he had NO RUSSIAN contacts. Keep in mind that anything between Russia and the Trump campaign is going to be scrutinized. And also keep in mind that no other Armed Services Committee Senator had any contact with the Russian ambassador during this period. Yet, then Senator Sessions testified that he had no Russian contacts.

At a minimum, Jeff Sessions has to be out of any investigation going forward and we need, most desperately, a special prosecutor appointed. And if all of this would be followed to its most logical conclusion, then Jeff Sessions should resign and not be there at all.

If any Republican who questioned Loretta Lynch's airport meeting is going to dismiss the more egregious error of Jeff Sessions, then they have also lost their credibility.

The comparison is stark.
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