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AHCA Is Not A Repeal - It's An Invasive Parasite

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 03/14/17 16:40

by Dave Mindeman

There is something missing in the explanation of this GOP health care bill. It leaves out one important aspect.

This bill DOES NOT repeal the ACA (Obamacare).

I know the Trumpers won't accept this, but the procedure of reconciliation will not allow a full repeal of the bill without bringing cloture (60 Senate votes) into the equation. The Ryan/Trump/GOP health care bill can only affect the monetary aspects of the ACA and therefore cannot repeal it.

In addition, they had to make sure that the bill did not affect the deficit, because that again would affect the reconciliation process.

So what we get is an ugly bill that is essentially an amendment to the ACA.

It takes away most of the funding mechanisms and in order to not affect the deficit has to take millions of people off of Medicaid.

Hey, Trumpers. Did you vote for that?

So, if they pass this bill (by some miracle) and make it law, we are going to have a monstrous hybrid health care mechanism that will be unworkable and will solve zero problems. It will make everything worse - but hey, the rich get a massive tax break, so it's all good.

Ryan is telling us that this is only phase 1 of the changes and that when we get to phase 2 and 3, we will understand the true benefits.

Except, phase 2 and 3 will need 60 votes in the Senate. Do you really think that the Democrats are going to bail the Republicans out on this? After 6 years of obstruction and attacks on the original bill?


So, let's keep all that in mind as we hear the spin doctors promoting this parasite bill.
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MN GOP House Passes ReInsurance Bill - Gift To Insurers

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 03/14/17 14:56

by Dave Mindeman

It must be in the Republican legislative DNA to always find a way to give business and corporations extra benefits.

Case in point is the MN House GOP reinsurance bill.

First of all, what is it?

The so-called reinsurance plan would have the state share in the costliest claims....It works like this: Insurance companies that incur a subscriber's claims exceeding $50,000 and up to $250,000 would have a portion of those costs covered by a new state fund. A board would determine what percentage each payer shoulders. The theory is that cost-sharing will improve premium rates for everyone because the risk tied to those sickest patients wouldn't be borne as much by the healthier subscribers.

So, the state steps in and helps the insurer cover the costs of a contracted client. The taxpayers kick in and help out the insurer...because in theory, they will pass on this benefit in their overall premiums.

Governor Dayton foresees a problem...

Dayton wants assurances about the plan's effect on rates and their willingness to keep offering individual market insurance. It can't be just a blank check to the insurance industry, he said.

There it is. Where is there any guarantee that insurance companies won't just take the state benefit and simply add it to their bottom line calculation? What premium benefit will happen? Frankly, I am guessing none. They can say anything. They can pretend anything. All we will know is that the reinsurance money will help cover an insurance company obligation.

The House voted down the Minnesota Care buy-in amendment. This would have allowed people with bigger claims to take a public option. By far, this would have been the preferable way to do it.

If you think about it, the taxpayers pay either way. At least with the Minnesota Care buy in, we know where it is going and what it is doing.

Republicans are only giving insurers another gift.
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