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Break Up that "White Male Card Game"

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 04/04/17 10:31

by Dave Mindeman

On the House floor, Minority Leader Melissa Hortman noticed something after listening to an impassioned speech from Rep. Omar about "Bloody Sunday"...

Hortman noticed that several of her male colleagues were not on the floor listening to the speech and made a "call of the House", a motion that brings members back to the floor. "I hate to break up the 100 percent white male card game in the retiring room, but I think this is an important debate."

Maybe a trace of sarcasm in there, but it rings true.

However, Rep. Dettmer found this somehow offensive and responded...

"I'm a white male. I respect everybody. But I really believe that the comments made by the Minority Leader were really not appropriate."

Really? You respect everybody but cannot seem to see the point of concern raised by your House colleague? Your white male colleagues disrespect and ignore the women on the floor...women of color...and YOU are the one that gets offended?

Oh, Rep. Dettmer, life is so tough for white male Republicans. There are so many racist comments against YOU. The House puts up a bill which, if truth be told, targets Black Lives Matter's ability to protest...and it is YOU who are offended.

Dettmer demanded an apology. Yes, an apology. But Hortman was having none of that..

"I have no intention of apologizing. I'm really tired of watching women of color in particular being ignored. So I'm not sorry."

Which prompted Dettmer to give us one of those patronizing, sexist, horsepuckey responses....

"All I know is if I would have made a comment like that, it would have probably made the front page of the newspapers. And Minority Leader, I do forgive you."

Nobody asked for your forgiveness. Nobody asked you for anything. You just volunteered your mansplaining sexist condescension...as an aside.

And then here is the kicker. Rep. Greg Davids, who had the gavel at the time, later gives his own lecture to Melissa Hortman on Twitter:

"I was greatly offended by minority leader Hortman's racist statement about white males." Said created "hostile working environment"...Rep. Greg Davids said he thinks House DFL Leader Melissa Hortman should resign for comments re: breaking up 100% white male card game.

Resign? Seriously? The "boys club" is not allowed to be criticized?

The ridiculous nature of how the GOP House Republican majority rules the House needs to be examined.

Dettmer and Davids are in the clown car.
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Mitch McConnell Is Going To Disrespect The Institution

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 04/04/17 09:50

by Dave Mindeman

Mitch McConnell's smug face has graced the talk shows giving his argument for placing Neal Gorsuch on the bench. He has gone from the "Biden rule" (which delayed a nominee with the argument that it was too close to a presidential election - but that nominee got confirmed anyway) to the "of course Neal Gorsuch is eminently qualified" to a general "it's the Democrats fault" in all things.

All of those arguments gloss over the central fact that McConnell chose to delay for over a year, the nomination of Merrick Garland as President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court.

Garland never got a hearing, he never got a vote, he never even got to meet with more than a few Democratic Senators. Merrick Garland was completely sabotaged as a candidate for pure partisan purposes.

Garland has every qualification that Gorsuch has - and he was a more bipartisan choice. Orrin Hatch praised his qualifications publicly. But all of that was foiled by a political action of Mitch McConnell.

Every single argument and rationale that Mitch McConnell makes about the nomination of Neal Gorsuch can never, ever get past the Merrick Garland travesty.

To me, it compares to a school bully browbeating a classmate to the point that he has to leave school - and then the bully gets elected to President of the student council.

You do not forget that kind of wrong. You do not gloss over that kind of judgment.

It does not matter how qualified Neal Gorsuch is for the Supreme Court. Because he CANNOT BE PLACED IN A STOLEN SEAT.

When Mitch McConnell invokes the "nuclear option" this week, and changes the advise and consent Senate rules on Supreme Court nominees forever, he will be doing this for all the wrong reasons. The 60 vote rule was established to make sure that the President would nominate someone for the court who was acceptable to both parties and could be a consensus choice. It had a noble purpose. But McConnell is anything but noble.

McConnell talks with pride of his "respect" for the institution of the Senate. How much he respects Senate rules and Senate decorum. Well, Mitch McConnell is taking his place in the annals of Senate history as the most blatantly partisan leader every given that authority.

He has changed the Senate and left his mark - and not for the better.
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