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Syria: Obama's Deeper Thinking On What We Do There

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 04/10/17 23:21

by Dave Mindeman

All of this praise for Donald Trump's "attack" on Syria has been a little overextended. The problem with Trump's action is that it was probably done on impulse and not after studying the situation carefully.

In reality, it is fortunate that Trump's strike was essentially ineffectual. I know a lot of people were pleased at the message, but if he had actually done any serious damage, the many aspects that make up the Syrian situation would have come into play.

Last September, Obama did a forum with Jake Tapper and when asked about Syria, Obama outlined in clear and precise detail the consequences of taking actions like this in Syria.

It indicates how Obama analyzes a situation...how he takes into account, all of the potential reactions....and how, unlike Trump's bogus bluster of a slogan, he does think about consequences for America first.

You can tell from how clearly Obama explains the situation that he had thought long and hard about what we do in Syria. He is deeply troubled by the carnage that is ongoing, but he clearly is reluctant to make a bad situation worse.

His humanitarian actions revolve around refugees and how to support our allies, while Trump's actions are pure military for bluster and show.

Listen to Obama's answer below.

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Our Deepest Responsibility

Category: Environment
Posted: 04/10/17 00:44

by Dave Mindeman

The current counter arguments about climate change are less about facts, and more about rigid political ideology. The climate change deniers would have you believe that a 97 percent consensus on science facts is nothing more than a liberal bias of opinion. Remember, this is about facts. Scientific study. Research. Data. Painstaking analysis.

But the deniers, and the majority are conservative, refuse to accept the scientific community's studies because they are afraid that in the short term our economy will be stunted in its growth. But that is not true. When our president says we are going to have "clean coal, really clean coal," he does not seem to even realize that coal has been priced out of the energy market. Natural gas has won the competition of the market place -- and renewable energy is rapidly gaining its own market share.

We owe it to future generations to end this ridiculous challenge of fact and find ways to make the planet as equally hospitable for the next generation as it has been for ours. It is our deepest responsibility.
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