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20 Questions/Statements

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 10/05/17 13:05

by Dave Mindeman

So many issues. So little time. The list that rattles around my brain....

1) How does a party that calls our national debt a disgrace - keep coming up with policy after policy of tax cuts? David Stockman, the OMB director under Ronald Reagan, says it is Republican policies that are the real culprit leading to the national debt we have now.

2) Conspiracy nuts run wild on everything else - but they won't accept the real facts on the Russia/Trump investigation.

3) Every time there is a mass shooting incident - Alex Jones and Infowars claims it is a "false flag" government conspiracy. Tin foil hats?

4) Why is it so difficult to believe that Trump is our President because of a massive propaganda campaign from Russian operatives? Especially when Trump refuses to criticize anything about the "bear"?

5) At some point, Democrats will have to realize that we need to think strategically and not just progressively.

6) Republicans have passed through so many electoral advantages without much challenge. Gerrymandering. Voter suppression. Legislative gimmicks.

7) When you promise to drain the swamp, making it worse should be a problem that is emphasized.

8) The electoral college makes for a lot of interesting political discussion - but it is an archaic method of electoral democracy.

9) Climate denial in the face of what is happening now has no place in the EPA - never did.

10) Puerto Rico's American citizens should not be treated as some kind of foreign entity worthy of only half measures. Can we please move ahead on statehood here?

11) Please remove Jared and Ivanka's security clearances.

12) There is enough evidence for an impeachment right now. But Trump is fortunate to be in a party without a spine or moral compass.

13) Cutting Medicaid and Medicare should be beyond any consideration anymore. It is the social safety net.

14) Tax cuts = debt. I will just keep saying it.

15) Cutting corporate taxes would actually mean something if corporations really paid any taxes. Few do.

16) The wealthy do not need more disposable income. The evidence lies in the amount of non-deductible political contributions they make.

17) As we move to electric car mobility in the future, are we going to make the same policy mistake propping up oil and gas, that we did with coal?

18) People deserve to have a full and complete light rail transit option in Mpls/StPaul.

19) Marijuana needs to be a legal option for pain and anxiety disorders. Period.

20) Why do seniors consistently vote for their own interest - but the poor do not?
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