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Trickle Down Jason

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 12/10/17 16:24

by Alan Anderson

Jason Lewis, our representative from CD 2, has received a lot of praise and criticism these last weeks. Looks like a rocky road ahead. Some of the concern has been the way he has been voting......not quite the independent voice he ran on. And now with the Trump administration under fire with the Russia investigation, looks like his vote to shield Mr. Trump from exposing his taxes will be a controversial stand. Seems like he doesn't really want the truth to come out. Many suspect Trump is trying to hide something horrible by refusing to share his tax return (which every other presidential candidate has done for the past 50 years). But Mr. Lewis seems afraid of the truth...with good reason and refuses to share it with the American public.

Now Mr. Lewis is supporting the new Republican effort at tax reform. It includes huge tax breaks for wealthy individuals (like eliminating the estate tax....which would save Mr. Trump billions and provide the wealthiest 1% with a giant benefit) and a potential gift to corporations with more great deductions and lower tax rates.

We've seen this Republican ploy before. President Reagan did it in the 1980s and President Bush did it in the early 2000s. It's the old trickle-down economics....give big breaks to the top earners and they will spend their savings to create more jobs and stimulate the economy. All the funds lost through the tax breaks will be made up by the expanding, growing economy. Except, in those two instances of big cuts to the wealthy, the economy grew at a sluggish rate, there wasn't great job growth, and there were great additions to the national debt. Hardly a strong recommendation, but Mr. Lewis and his colleagues want it again.

So, here we go again. Give huge benefits to the wealthy and screw the middle and poor classes. Wasn't fair then and isn't fair now. And our income gap keeps growing, with the top 5% getting the bulk of the benefits from our recent economic improvement. So, thanks Mr. Lewis. Hope your votes trickles down, as well, next time.
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